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Recreation, weather and temperature in Sochi in November: what to do and where to go?

pogoda v Sochi v noyabre

Sochi is one of the most famous and prestigious resorts in Russia. It is visited by tourists at any time of the year, in summer swimming in the sea and enjoying a beach vacation, and in winter riding with snow-covered slopes of the mountains. Weather in Sochi in November will help to improve your health or to get acquainted with the history and culture of the city.

What is the weather like in November in Sochi?

kakie pogodnye usloviya byvaut v konce oseni?

While the southern resort of Sochi is characterized mild climate. Summer on the coast is hot and Sunny, and winter is a pleasant and almost snowless.

Fall season still does not stop, as the weather in November is relatively warm.

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The average temperature of air and water

In the last month of autumn in the resort of Sochi comes truly fall weather. Those who hoped for a beach holiday, you will not be able to enjoy the scorching sun, gentle waves and hot days. But before fans of leisure and educational tourism had great potential.

The temperature on the coast of Sochi in the beginning of the month in the daytime can drop to +15°C, but these figures are not permanent. In a particularly clear and Sunny days, the air in the seaside resort warms up to around +17°C. at Night it becomes really chilly immediately after sunset, the thermometer shows +5-7 degrees.

In the middle of the month the temperature starts to drop a couple of degrees, and at the end of November and all reaches +10°C.

srednie temperaturnye pokazateli

The water in the Black sea is unsuitable for bathing, and and being on the coast is not always comfortable. The sea temperature off the coast is 14 degrees, but within a month it is gradually reduced to the level of +12°C. November is set to high humidity, therefore close to being in the water creates a feeling of coldness and coolness.

In Krasnaya Polyana is set to the coldest weather for November. This month it's starting to snow, and the air cools to 7 degrees. The nights are already quite cold – down to 0°C.

The particular weather conditions

A stay in November has its pleasant side. According to reviews of tourists, during this period vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy warm days and fresh sea air on the coast and sunbathe on the beach. Although the number of clear days is noticeably less than in October, but to catch them is possible.

However, on cloudy days the temperature in Sochi varies considerably. The sea starts to blow the cool wind, and the temperature readings do not correspond to sensations while in the resorts.

Due to high humidity, which increases for the winter season and with the rains, it seems that the street is much colder.

Rainy days in November becomes much more and they are accompanied by gusty winds. Total for the entire month happens to be 14 days, when a drop of heavy precipitation. The sun is visible for only about 4 hours a day and sunset on the coast comes at 17:00.

Autumn vacation

noyabrskij otdyh

Despite the low temperature, in November, the tourists do not refuse trips to Sochi, and it has many causes.

The pros and cons

Rest in Sochi in November – this is a great opportunity to catch warm and Sunny weather and also to spend time on the coast, enjoying the lack of crowds of tourists. Many of those who do not like the resort bustle, come to the resorts this month. What is especially nice – almost all the hotels continue to operate during this period, offering their guests the same servicesattractive prices.

Among other benefits of a stay in November worth noting:

  • Significant cost reduction on services, including hotels and restaurants;
  • A lot of vacant places in trains, planes and Wellness centers;
  • The opportunity to go on excursion programs and Hiking trails;
  • Activity in terms of holidays and festivals is not reduced compared to summer.

In addition, tourists hoping to spend time by the water, there is a great opportunity to book a hotel with a pool. In modern conditions almost all Sochi hotels offer guests pools filled with sea water. This holiday will not only be enjoyable but also health.

How to dress?

Weather in November is not predictable, so visitors will need very impressive suitcase. If daytime is possible to walk along the coast in a light shirt and a jacket with short sleeves, and as the evening becomes cool enough.

For walks on a cool evening is perfect warm sweater and windproof stuff.

For relaxing by the pool and Wellness should take a swimsuit, and for exciting excursions and explore the region's nature – comfortable and durable shoesthat will provide comfortable movement.

Should I go?

est li smysl ehat?

In November in Sochi, a beach holiday no longer available, but this period is quite a lot of other opportunities for tourism. Beach vacation perfect substitute for the relaxing by the pool.

During this period, quite a popular recreation. On the coast Sochi are resorts and sanatoriums, where guests can undergo a treatment course. But even a simple stroll along the coast will bring health benefits, as the sea air filled with nutrients and have a positive impact on health.

Weather allows you to travel around the area of Sochi and nearby resorts, to participate in active sports and just enjoy the holiday, so to go to the coast this month, really worth. It is possible to find a wide abundance of fresh fruit – mandarins, persimmons, feijoas and pears.

The opening of the season in the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana depends on the intensity of precipitation and may fall at the end of November. If the ski season is not open, it is possible to get on the track in test mode.

What to do this month and where to relax?

Despite the fact that November in Sochi in the off-season, tourists do not miss during the trip. They are beach activities, and many interesting entertainment programs and excursions.

Beach vacation - what to do on the coast?

If in October, tourists can still swim in the Black sea, in November only the rare brave souls are able to repeat this feat. Cool water temperatures will not enjoy the sea and the swimming will have to wait until spring.

A great alternative to serve swimming pools with sea water in hotels or in special complexes.

But to get a light tan on the beach is still possible, on the clearest days. The air temperature in the shade and in the sun can differ by a good 10 degrees.

Where to go and what to see photo

kuda sezdit i chto posmotret?

The most popular attraction of all tourists is the Sochi arboretum. In this invaluable Treasury represented by trees and plants from all over the world.

Once here, tourists have the opportunity to admire the lush and lush greenery. In the end of November is here in full bloom, many varieties of roses.

Besides, in Sochi there are still enough places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, for example, you can go to:

  1. The yew-boxwood grove in Khosta;
  2. Park "Southern Culture" in Adler;
  3. "Berendeevo Kingdom" in Lazarevskoye.

For travelers with children in Sochi available and other entertainment. Throughout the year the resort opened the largest Oceanarium is an amazing place, where it will be equally interesting and informative for adults and children. Young tourists will be interested to visit the Park "Riviera", "Waters" and "Sea star" – parks and dolphinariums where you can see performances of marine animals.

And, of course, especially interested kids will be in Sochi-Park - themed amusement Park, located in the Adler district near the Olympic venues.

In recent years, gaining popularity visit the sky Park – the place where all the brave can walk on the suspension bridge over aksterskim gorge or jump from a height of 207 or 69 meters. The bridge stands at a height of 207 meters, and itsthe length is 440 meters.

Holidays and festivals

The cultural life of the resort does not stop with the onset of November. This month on the coast for tourists entertainment, starting with the city Day (the last Saturday of November) and ending with performances of pop stars.

See in this video, what kind of weather happens in Sochi in early November: