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Vacation in tel Aviv in November: weather and water temperature

pogoda v noyabre v Tel-Avive

Tel Aviv is one of the most visited tourist cities in Israel. Vacationers come to explore the ancient and modern attractions, as well as to dedicate a weekend to the beach, shopping, and fun nightlife.

What is the weather in November in tel Aviv?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v gorode v konce oseni?

November in tel Aviv is considered the final month of the peak season. During this period there is a favorable temperature, allowing to spend time.

The average temperature of air and water

Tel Aviv is especially convenient to visit in the last month of autumn, because in this period it is not so hot, like the summer in June, and the beautiful Sunny weather gives you the opportunity to relax by the sea with maximum comfort.

In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to a nice +21°C, and particularly hot days – up to 25 degrees.

It should be noted that by the end of this month temperature fall to 19 degrees and it becomes noticeably cooler, but not as much as we will in the following months.

Especially cold it gets at night, when the thermometer drops to +15-17 degrees. For such moments it is necessary to carry warm clothes.

The Mediterranean sea in November have not had time to fully cool down, so in warm days, tourists have the opportunity to swim or amuse themselves in active sports. The water temperature in the first half of the month is about 24 degrees, and by the end of November, it cools down to 19°C. it is important to know that the coast is found a lot of sea urchins, which cause discomfort, and in some cases injuries from needles can harm the health.

If the water temperature does not suit you, you may go to the warm sea the pond, not only of Israel but of the whole world. The water in the Red sea at this time only warmer by 1-2 degrees, but being in the water, it is very noticeable.

In November in tel Aviv, come rain, but cloudy days are not yet very noticeable. The rains come mostly in the evening hours, and an hour later from them no trace remains. The wind in this period sometimes brings discomfort to those who go on a beach holiday. In especially windy days vacationers are not comfortable getting out of the sea.

The particular weather conditions

pogodnaya specifika

Overall, November is a smart choice for travelers to tel Aviv, while in other regions of the country is warmer weather. This month is typical of the lack of heat, and these weather conditions are ideal for a varied holiday, especially for those who can't stand the scorching rays of the sun because of health problems.

Holiday in Israel

Despite the fact that in tel Aviv in November the tourist season is winding down conditions for the rest are great. The only drawback can serve as a rapidly changing weather.

How to dress better?

To stay in November in tel Aviv as comfortable as possible, you should prepare to travel light and warm clothes. For walks during daylight hours, suitable clothing short sleeve dress, shirts.

Do not forget the bathing suit, because even if I do not get to relax on the beach, it is always you can sit comfortably near the pool.

Towards evening it becomes cool, so here you cannot do without lightweight windproof jacket or a warm sweater. If the stay is planned in one of the many clubs in tel Aviv, the cool evening weather won't be a problem. On rainy days would be appropriate umbrella.

The advantages of the autumn vacation

Tel Aviv is a good choice for a stay in November, especially for those who wish to spend a vacation in a warm weather conditions. While the rest of the planet cool, sometimes even snows in this city the weather is conducive to active tourism.

At this time, the prices continue to fall, and crowds of tourists come to naught. Compared to the previous month in Novemberthe cost of booking tickets and rooms in hotels drops by 10%, but the level of comfort and a comprehensive range of services remains the same. Not many tourists like beaches, full of tourists and high prices, so November and the end of the peak season can be very helpful.

In November in tel Aviv, ripen fruits, and especially rare that it is not possible to buy in the European part of the continent. This month ends with the harvest of pitaya is delicious and incredibly useful fruit. You should definitely try the fruit civano, for which tourists flock to the legendary grocery market SHUK a Carmel.

Finally, this month in tel Aviv sales begin. In the shops and the markets are huge discounts. For this reason, modern shopping malls such as the Azrieli lot of people. A similar situation exists at the legendary Carmel market, where you can buy everything from fruit to funny gadgets.

It will not be boring

budet interesno v drevnem YAffo

Cultural life in tel Aviv does not stop even for a minute. In the city you can find many interesting attractionsto visit health resorts, and also buy on the legendary markets fun Souvenirs.

Where to go and what to see?

Tel Aviv is ideal for an active holiday, especially in November.

In this month the sea and its high waves allow for surfing, Windsurfing, sailing and other sports on the water.

A very extensive excursion program of tel Aviv. Favorable weather conditions allow to visit historical monuments located on the streets, for example, the Old city of Jaffa, the Yarkon Park or the ancient city of acre. If the weather turned bad, you can go to the museums.

The town is particularly popular:

  • Diamond Museum;
  • Museum Of The Land Of Israel;
  • Museum of the Jewish Diaspora.

In tel Aviv you will find a variety of magnificent templesbelonging to different religions. Here you can find the ancient Church of Immanuel, the incredibly beautiful Church of St. Peter the Apostle, and the mosque of al-Bahr mosque and mosque of Hassan Bek.

If you get bored, which is unlikely, it is possible to go on day trips in Nazareth or in Bethlehemwhere one of the main shrines of the country.

Holidays and festivals

In November in tel Aviv quite a lot of bright events. This month, celebrate religious and national holidays, dates of which shift constantly. November 8 is arrange a "Night marathon", and in the nearby Eilat"Eilat marathon in the desert".

Those who were on vacation in tel Aviv in November, noted that the city left a good impression. Barely once you are there, instantly fall in love with pleasant weather and plenty of entertainment.

See this video, what a beautiful weather is on the coast of tel Aviv: