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Photos of Vienna at the beginning and the end of November: what is the weather, temperature, and shopping?

pogoda v Vene v noyabre

Vienna - beautiful, mysterious, ancient European city. Walking on it, it's like you go back in time. Full of mysteries and inexplicable romance, the city of Vienna is good at any time of the year. And the weather Vienna in November will be no exception.

What is the weather in Vienna at the beginning and the end of November?

pogodnyj rezhim v konce oseni

The month of November is not warm in Europe, autumn is almost over, slush and dirt on the streets, it ruins the mood. What kind of weather awaits you in Vienna?

The air temperature

When it comes to specific temperature conditions in November, many residents of Vienna are lost. Of course, in November the city air is getting colder, the leaves fall from the trees, and the clouds piled. Temperatures in early November can be equal to +14-17°C.

There were even cases, when the temperature in Vienna was showing +20-21 degrees.

At the end of the month the average temperature drops to +6-10°C. there Are rare cases when the end of November, pleases residents and guests of the capital with the temperature of 12-14 degrees.

Other weather conditions

Alas, those who choose the time of their holidays in Vienna November, be prepared for a very unpleasant cold wind, which practically does not abate. Even if you are lucky and the weather will be clear and Sunny, the wind will not enjoy the sunshine. Due to its promezhnosti would seem that the street is much colder than it really is.

About the rain hard to say. November in Vienna can please all of the sun, and to disappoint cloudy and rainy days. There is no need to rely on the case and to be ready for anything. By the end of November may fall and snow.

A November vacation in the Austrian capital - photo

osennij otpusk v stolice Avstrii

This unusual timing for a trip to Vienna, of course, must be well justified. Read the reviews of other travelers and decide for yourself: is it worth it or not.

You need to weigh all the pros and cons of this trip to get maximum enjoyment and minimum frustration.

The pros and cons

The advantages of stay in Vienna in November:

  • The first and most significant advantage you need to call the financial component of the trip. November is one of the least popular months for a holiday in Vienna and Austria in General. Hotel prices will be much lower, and the choice of places to stay, correspondingly greater. Prices in cafes and restaurants will fall significantly, because the influx of tourists the verse already in October;
  • preimushestva i nedostatki

  • If you are not a fan of noisy crowds of tourists, Vienna in November will be the best choice. You can fully enjoy the beauty of the architecture of this historic Austrian city, not afraid to be knocked down by another Italian with a camera. And the charm of late autumn, only emphasize the beauty of such a choice of leisure time;
  • One of the advantages we can consider the fact that in November in Vienna to spend the feast of St. Martin. These days in restaurants all over Vienna are preparing the goose for a special old recipe. For foodies it will be a godsend;
  • The cold weather will help you to appreciate the abundance of cosy little Viennese cafe. When the window will rage the storm, you'll be sitting and sipping hot delicious coffee. Romance and only.

From disadvantages can be mentioned the following:

  • The first and main disadvantage here is called, of course, the weather. Any of your tour can suddenly be interrupted by a cold shower with a biting wind. It is fraught not simply ripped off with a walk, but possible colds;
  • Forthose who love the abundance of entertainment programs, November is not a very good month to travel to Vienna;
  • Tourists are almost never at this time, and many travel programs are also not functioning.

  • Another disadvantage that can be associated with the weather is a large number of clothes, which you'll have to carry with them. Clothing here is really necessary on all occasions, so you should think in advance what you will take, and how it all lucky.

How to dress?

chto iz odezhdy vzyat?

To give a specific list of things that should be Packed in a suitcase, it will be difficult, because each individual. Keep in mind that the weather in Vienna in November really autumn, so autumn shoes, warm sweaters, jackets or coats must be unconditionally.

If you are going to attend some formal events, such as theatres or concerts, then you can not do without the parade and weekend outfits.

What to do at this time?

If you are coming to Vienna for the first time, that is, of course, to plan in advance your travel itinerary to get the most pleasant impressions from the trip. Despite the late autumn, approaching winter and cool, you will definitely find something to do in this beautiful city.

Excursions and entertainment

Of course, the richest in sights would be the center of the city. Here you will be able to see the wonderful Vienna Opera and the famous Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral). If you go a little further you will arrive at the square Am Hof, where you can see the Palace, Collalto, Civil Arsenal, the Column of Mary.

If you love long walks, I suggest you go through the three most famous Viennese streets: Graben, kärntnerstraße and Kohlmarkt. These streets are also called "Golden U".

You can't visit Vienna and visit the Hofburg Palace and the Vienna ring Boulevard the Ringstrasse. On the Boulevard are houses of Parliament, stock exchange, University and city hall.

Vienna also attracts a stream of tourists to sales. Although the season of shopping in the capital of Austria lasts from January to March, in November, too, can plunge into the world of discounts - things are world famous brands, Souvenirs, food - you'll find it in the many Viennese shops.

A little about the holidays and festivals

prazdnichnye meropriyatiya

If you are tired of long walks and contemplation of the beautiful architecture that Vienna has to offer a list of November festivals:

  1. Classical music concerts in the Vienna Kursalon. These activities will interest all lovers of the classics. Concerts are held daily, so you won't miss an episode;
  2. At concerts you can hear the sounds of the music of Strauss, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven - all, you do not wish sophisticated soul.

  3. The Ball Of The Vienna Red Cross. This ball is organized annually in the local town Hall. If you want to experience vintage evening prom, then this is definitely for you. A prerequisite is a dress code: ladies should be in evening dresses, gentlemen in dress coats, tuxedos or dark suits;
  4. St. Martin's Day. This festival is held every year on 11 November throughout Austria. It is also called Machinehandel. This day is remarkable that in all restaurants, cafes and homes are preparing the goose for a special Austrian recipe with red cabbage, potato dumplings and chestnut trees.

    Also on the day of Martinicensis every restaurant starts serving wine from the new harvest. This tradition started long ago and is associated with the feast day of St. Martin;

  5. The Vienna Christmas market. Perhaps the most famous Viennese festival was and remains the Christmas market. It open around the middle of November, on the square near the town Hall.

    Here set the main Christmas tree of the country, an increase of about 27 meters. She adorns herself with various toys and a half thousand light bulbs.

    Around the Christmas tree traditionally are of various pavilions, kiosks and stalls that sell Christmas decorations, Viennese specialities and Souvenirs. For children there is a large variety of attractions and entertainment. The main entrance to the Bazaar is decorated with a huge Christmas wreath with a diameter of about 12 meters.

Variety of products at the Christmas market in Vienna you can see in this video: