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What is the weather and temperature in Venice in early November and is it worth to go?

pogoda v Venecii v noyabre

Venice – romantic city. It is situated on 118 Islands in the Venetian lagoon of the Adriatic sea and partly on the mainland.

Weather in Venice in November is the last opportunity to wander around the city in warm days before winter. Architectural uniqueness of the historic center create 150 canals and channels through which airlifted about 400 bridges.

What is the weather in October in Venice?

temperaturnyj rezhim v konce oseni

Venice is almost on the latitude of the Crimea. This means that in November there is still quite warm.

The temperature of the air and water

  • The average temperature in the afternoon - +11°C;
  • The average temperature in the night - +4°C;
  • The temperature of water is +16°C.

In the beginning of the month is warmer at this time in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +15°C, and at night - +10°C.

By the end of November, the temperature falls to +8°C by day and +3°C at night.

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Other weather conditions

In November in Venice starts the rainy season, as well as a special natural phenomenon that only happens here and is called "Aqua Alta". In translation this means "high water". This is not a flood in the sense we used to understand. Just at high tide the sea water floods part of the city, peaking at the middle of the day, by evening, the water recedes again becomes dry.

About the "Aqua Alta" warning sirens. This continues for several days, and tourists specially come to the Piazza San Marco, to receive bright impressions. For them it is a kind of attraction, although for the city, of course, a global problem.

prochie klimaticheskie yavleniya

It is clear that one of the items needed for a trip to Venice in November, are high rubber boots.

You can, of course, buy the special Shoe, but they are expensive and not durable.

It rains often, sometimes last a couple of hours, sometimes linger for a few days, however, with small breaks in clear weather. Almost constantly blowing cold wind.

Stay ahead of winter - photo

Venice in November - the city for lovers and romantics. They do not see any flaws, but will appreciate the benefits of his journey.

Should I go?

potrebnost v poezdke

November falls in the tourist season, and this fact makes the trip to Venice special:

  1. on the streets much less tourists, allowing you to comfortably see the sights;
  2. significantly reduced prices on hotels and air tickets;
  3. weather allows you to slightly extend the warm days of autumn, but do not suffer from the grueling summer heat;
  4. you can see this unusual phenomenon as "Aqua Alta";
  5. the beauty of Venice in November is quite different, no extra decorations and tinsel, not coincidentally, at this time loved to come here the poet Joseph Brodsky, who dedicated the city wonderful a-line.

What clothes to take with you?

The British say that there is no bad weather but only bad clothing. Collecting a suitcase in November in Venice, you must follow that principle, we have to be prepared to all the surprises of nature. For this you will need:

  • waterproof and windproof jacket;
  • hats, scarves and gloves;
  • pants;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • raincoat;
  • high rubber boots.

Appropriate outfit will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the city behind the haze of rain seems mysterious.

Whatto do in the meantime?

chem zanyatsya?

Venice one of the most famous cultural centers of Europe. The city has many museums, theatres, concert halls. Come here to be celebrities.

What to see?

At the end of November begins the Opera and theatre season, concert halls are open year-round. Among the most known is such theatresas:

  1. The Phoenix (La Fenice), it is popular among tourists, as there are celebrities, it is the third largest theatre in Italy;
  2. La Biennale gave the name to the International theatre festival;
  3. Theatre Goldoni;
  4. Theatre Murat known for experimental productions;
  5. Del Parco takes year-round music festivals;
  6. The Malibran theatre, where they play classics and are the world stars.

Museums of the city tell about the different types of human activity and represent different types of art. And the city itself is a Museum under the open sky.

Holidays and festivals

In Italy love holidays and festivals, is not far behind in this respect and Venice. Once you are there in November, can become the witnesses and participants of the following events:

  • November 1 – Feast of all saints;
  • November 2 – the Commemoration of the dead;
  • 11 November – St. Martin's Day, on this day, bake rolls, of St.;
  • November 12 – Feast of mushrooms-truffles in San Miniato. The auctions are held and master classes for visitors;
  • 21 Nov – Feast in the temple in honor of the Madonna della Salute, delivered the city from plague. This holiday commemorates the Parade of Gondoliers.

November weather will not prevent to enjoy the pleasure of a meeting with one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Venice.

See in this video, what weather conditions can be in November in Venice: