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Weather of Hungary in early November and stay in hévíz

pogoda v Vengrii v noyabre

Hungary is one of the most popular tourist countries in Central Europe. Its expanse come to explore the beautiful architecture of Budapest, ride on the Danube on a cruise ship and visit the mountains. And the weather in Hungary in November, absolutely does not preclude familiarity with the country.

What is the weather like in November in Hungary?

pogodnyj rezhim v konce oseni

Hungary, its charming towns and resorts are available at any time of the year. No matter the season, tourists tend to come here even in November – the period when the sun continues to pleasantly entertain guests.

Fall vacationers especially love to visit the medicinal thermal lake Heviz.

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The air temperature

The last month of autumn attracts travelers, thanks to the mild climate and warm weather. Both day and night throughout the country is pretty nice, especially compared to European countries. This is because Hungary is protected from all sides by mountain ranges from the cold winds of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic.

temperaturnye pokazateli

In the daytime the average temperature in Hungary varies from +7 to +9 degrees. Depending on the region, these indicators are subject to change, especially in the beginning of November:

  • Budapest – +9°C afternoon 5°C at night;
  • Debrecen – +9°C afternoon 5°C at night;
  • Szeged – +10°C day, +6°C at night;
  • PECs – +8°C afternoon 4°C overnight.

In the second half of November are starting to feel the approach of winter. The air temperature in the daytime falls to 2 degrees, and at night can come frozen.

Slightly different climate of lake hévíz in November due to the warm thermal springs affect temperatures in nearby towns. During daylight hours the thermometer say to +11 degrees, at night – up to 5-6°C. the water Temperature in the reservoir reaches 28-30 degrees.

Other weather conditions

Going to Hungary in November, you can not worry about strong winds or rains. In the country the whole month, almost windless, and such a pleasant feature of the climate delivers a lot of happy moments and hours, giving the opportunity to visit many excursions.

The weather is Sunny days, low humidity and the possibility not to carry a lot of clothes.

The same goes for rain – if the rain will go, it will not last long and is not abundant. Just for November falls not more than 25 mm of precipitation.

The November holiday

osennij otpusk

Hungary an excellent opportunity to provide rich rest, starting with a visit to the attractions of the country and ending leisure activities.

Should I go: pros and cons

A trip to Hungary in November has many advantages, one of them – low prices on vacation. In comparison with previous months, the cost of booking a ticket on a plane, hotel room and excursions 30% lower but the quality remains the same.

In November available a variety of entertainment:

  1. excursions about the city;
  2. Hiking in the mountains;
  3. travel by ships along the Danube;
  4. a visit to the lakes Heviz and Balaton;
  5. familiarity with local cuisine;
  6. cultural tours in museums and showrooms;
  7. festivals, exhibitions and fairs.

Pleasant weather conditions accompanied by a fabulous vacation, so even a couple of rainy days can not be spoiled by such a journey.

How to dress?

To comfortably spend time in Hungary in November,enough to take along for the ride is a little warm clothes: sweater, jacket, shoes and pants.

This set of things will allow you to be outside during the day and at night.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

Hungary in November is ideal for those tourists who prefer to enjoy the beauty of the Golden autumn, making it from the machine, waterbus or cafe. Particularly picturesque at this time in the parks and squares of the country.


Familiarity with Hungary and its attractions should start with the country's capitalBudapest. The city has the most important architectural values of past eras – palaces, fortresses, temples, castles.

The capital city is a true tourist Paradise for those who love lush and colorful buildings.

The most relevant route passes through the following places:

  • Buda;
  • the building of the Hungarian Parliament;
  • Fisherman's Bastion;
  • shoes on the Danube embankment;
  • baths Szechenyi;
  • house of Terror;
  • the Palace Sandor.

But the best way for a short time to get acquainted with Hungary – to go on the Danube river on a river boat, along the touristic cities as Prague, Sopron and gödöllő, and also Tihany, pécs, Eger, Debrecen and Heviz.

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In November in Hungary not so many holidays and celebrations, the main one is the first. The day of remembrance of the dead – an event during which the locals revere their ancestors, going to the cemetery, and after lunch, arranging a memorable dinner at home or away.

You can watch video from vacation in Hungary in November: