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What is the weather and temperature in Vietnam in November: Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc island

Pogoda vo Vetname v noyabre

The November trip to Vietnam is a wonderful way to discover all the exotic, but also familiar with the traditions and culture of the country. Colorful place, beautiful nature and local residents will appeal to any tourist.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning to the end of the month

It is worth noting that the last month of autumn in Vietnam is located on the border between the wet and dry season. Some places can catch the rains, but, in General, dominated by dry weather. The temperature ranges from +25 to +30°C, the water warms up to an average of 26°C.

While weather conditions in Vietnam have significant differences in the Northern and southern parts.

This is especially true for the winter months, the first of which is November. And if the South tropical rains give place to the dry weather, the North feels the closeness of winter.

Thus, in the South of Vietnam in the first half of November are generally rainy and the temperature on some days can be in the range of 20-25 degrees. Further, in the second half of November rains in the South of Vietnam is smaller and the days get warmer, temperatures can reach 30 degrees some days.

Temperatura v noyabre vo Vetname

In the North in early November, about 25-27 degrees, and then each day there is a gradual decrease to 22-24 degrees.

Colder just in the mountainous areas of Sapa. Even during the day the temperature rarely exceeds 20 degrees. Well, the nights are even cooler.

In Hanoi and ha long is not so cold, but the sweltering heat here is already there – the temperature is a comfortable 26 degrees. At times in Hanoi, you come to typhoons that bring heavy rains, but this is quite rare.

In General you should consider the November holidays in Vietnam and temperature of water and air for each resort separately, this aspect will cover in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Trip to the sea at this time

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Beach holidays, the country's traditional, in November, eroding almost everywhere the swimming season is completed. Exception – the province of Nghe an and ha Tinh. However, at this time of year very pleased to be here – Sunny, cloudless sky, light haze, no wind.

The water in the ocean in November are pretty cool, because in the first place is excursion tourism.

Here many attractions and amazing routes for travel. Therefore, the November Vietnam is more suitable for those who are attracted to not the opportunity to lie in the sun and splash in the warm waves, and to learn something new and informative about Vietnam.

What clothes to bring?

In order to relax comfortably you will need a couple of warm sweaters or jacket. Sometimes you will need a raincoat, though often rainy and a bit chilly days of November give way to glorious warm weather. So take light clothing: shorts, sneakers t-shirts.

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Seasonal fruit

It should be noted the opportunity to eat delicious fruits in November, as a lot fills the shelves of the Vietnamese markets until November and beyond. Of course, some seasonal instances you can discover, for example mango and passion fruit supply only in the summer.

However, you can enjoy a variety of citrus, which markets throughout the year. And it's not only about the usual oranges-mandarins (which, by the way there is much tastier) but about interesting fruits such as kumquat, tangerine and pomelo.

In addition to the markets a lot of melons and watermelons, papayas, eat cempedak (it happens in the markets till December) and jackfruit, Sapodilla (an interesting fruit that is available throughout the year, I advise you to try).

frukty Vetnama

What to do?

November weather is perfect for water sports and outdoor activities. Nice surfing, swimming and to organize a friendly outing on a yacht, which will give a lot of impressions from the beautiful landscape.

And also, to comprehensively improve your health and to "restore" the beauty in the beautiful Spa centersare present in almost every resort.

Besides beach and sun treatments, should pay attention to the interesting excursion routes, which offers a hospitable Vietnam.

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For example, a trip to Halong Bay, which enchants with the beauty of nature and harmony of the Islands. Or a visit to the intriguing and ancient town, which is located near Haiphong city. And also, to visit the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi, contrast, and the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh city.

In Vietnam in the days of November holds many national feasts and noisy festivals. One of the most interesting festivals is "OK Om Bok". It starts in the town of SOC Trang, which is located near Ho Chi Minh city.

The main highlight of the festival is the startup process in the open sky a huge number of different lanterns out of paper. The action takes place in a positive emotional attitude, as all the people who gathered on this occasion, at the same time involved in the process. It is very brings them on a psychological level.

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Such pleasant memories and sentiments will be remembered for a long time!

Where better to relax?

Land of Vietnam have an elongated shape. Throughout the year, here you can find a wonderful place to stay. Weather differs from North, Central or South Lee area of the country.

Beach vacations are provided for tourists, because each region has its own resorts.

Northern Vietnam is known to the hon Gai, Hai Phong and Hanoi. Here is a very interesting tour, rich nature and great beaches. Da Nang, da lat, hue is a famous tourism Central of Vietnam. Well, in South Vietnam to visit Ho Chi Minh city, Saigon, Phu Quoc island or Nha Trang resorts and Fanthiet.

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The southern part

Let's begin on the southern part, which is most favourable to beach tourism.

For those who like to November to luxuriate under the hot sun it is better to visit on the South coast.

The temperature of the water plus 29. South Vietnam will delight tourists with beautiful beaches. There will also be exciting tours and trips in the region. Southern Vietnam is dominated by Sunny weather without precipitation. Occasionally there are typhoons.

Those who are afraid of typhoons and similar natural phenomena should advise Nha Trang, as this area is protected by rocks from the winds, is far from volcanic activity and is not subject to typhoons. In early November, can be observed rainy (the rainiest November in the year) days, but in General often have the opportunity to swim and bask under the warm rays.

otdyh v Nyanchange

Phu Quoc island will enjoy a dry climate. The day the sky cloudless. Night occasionally the possibility of rain. The thermometer shows 30 degrees Celsius.

In Phan Thiet warmer compared to Nha Trang and the water often warms up to 27 degrees. Completely cloudless days, about four and about eight rainy in November. However, if you continue to compare with Trang, then, according to the meteorologists, there is less rain in the quantitative measurement.

The center and North

In November, the Central regions of Vietnam are not encouraging good weather. At this time, frequent cyclones with strong wind and rain cause floods. As a rule, the Central part of Vietnam, tourists visit often. Therefore, the price of permits in this region is low.

In Hoi an and hue in November, very rainy. The air warms up to 27 degrees. The water temperature in the sea is +26. If you don't need a Typhoon, you can enjoy a swim.

Plus 26.5 degrees. The temperature in da Nang. Water is heated to near 27 degrees. But, the weather conditions unfavorable for frequent travelers. Sea water in this region of the turbid, very frequent rainfall.

otdyh v Danangge

Clear and windless in Ho Chi Minh city. In the daytime the air temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. Night 24, 5. Cloudy and rainy days are very few. Only 5 per month.

Not sultry resort of Dalat. In the afternoon the thermometer shows + 22, night to + 17.

What to choose?

In fact, you are able to make these conclusions for themselves from the foregoing. If you want to save and ride on trips, it can choose the Central regions and in some days to go to the coast. If you want to swim and sunbathe, you should find a resort in the South.

Also see the video about the weather in Vietnam in November: