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Holidays in Abkhazia: the weather and water temperature in Sukhumi and other cities in October

pogoda v oktyabre v Abhazii

October in Abkhazia is one of the most unpredictable periods. Therefore, to say exactly what will be weather in a given year difficult. While there are certain trends that should be noted.

Largely October Abkhazia similar to may, but may be more stable in terms of weather. In October in Abkhazia velvet season, that is quite comfortable for Hiking, but the days are not so hot and sometimes compelling alternative to a beach holiday are walks and excursions.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

October, is essentially the first month of autumn in Sunny Abkhazia. If at the beginning of the month still shines warmly caressing sun and warm sea, then gradually, the weather started to deteriorate. By the end of October in Abkhazia autumn comes.

In the beginning of the month daytime temperatures are around 23-25 degrees but the air can easily and warm up to 27 degrees.

While the mornings and evenings can become cool, particularly after mid-October.

From this period the temperature gradually decreases to 20-22 degrees in the middle and to Nov is about twenty degrees.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Abhazii

Water temperature a couple of degrees colder than the air temperature. Thus in the beginning the water is closer to 22-23 degrees. In the middle of the set temperature of the water is about 20 degrees in November is reduced to 17-19.

The most popular resorts in the country are Gagra, Sukhum and New Athos. In General, the average temperature in October is about 20 degrees, only in Gagra is a bit colder, but this fact is caused by the sea winds.

Features guests at this time

As stated earlier, the October in Abkhazia changeable. Therefore, before traveling it is advisable to look at what information is provided by the meteorologists for this year.

osobennosti otdyha v oktyabre

Bathing period

However, in General, this period is quite pleasant for relaxation and for a comfortable relaxing holiday October Abkhazia is a quite interesting option.

The sea at this time of year it is not strange quite warm, even warmer than in early summer as well accumulates heat during the hot season.

The average sea temperature is about twenty-one degrees Celsius, but in early October, usually more. The swimming period is completed only at the beginning of November.

mozhno li kupatsya v eto vremya?

In order not to miscalculate with a beach holiday, the best to choose areas warm. In Abkhazia this:

  • Sukhumi;
  • Kyndyg;
  • Heivani;
  • Gechripsh;
  • Ochamchira.

What clothes to bring?

Daytime temperatures in October average is in the range of 17-25 degrees Celsius, night temperatures drop to eleven degrees.

So in the evening, you need to have for heating warm clothes and shoes, and to sleep better with the heater on.

chto vzyat s soboj v Abhaziu?

If summer rains are mainly held as short showers, autumn rain is drizzling prolonged precipitation. Tourists at this time will need umbrellas and rainwear.

Seasonal fruit

October will appreciate the excellent local vegetables and fruit – in the beginning of the month will be the first persimmons, and after it starts to keep pace with citrus and other fruits, particularly tangerines and oranges. In addition, you can treat yourself with fresh kiwi and feijoa.

frukty v oktyabre

What to do?

The autumn weather in Abkhazia is different from the summer not only by lowering the air temperature. A qualitative change of precipitation. Unfortunately clear at this time, strong winds and stormy weather, don't always have to swim in the open sea. So staying on the beach, you can opt for a mountain tour to the waterfalls, trekking andBicycle touring. At this time, the rains will not wash away roads and not too hot.

chem zanyatsya v Abhazii v oktyabre?

It should be noted the opportunity to go to new Athos monastery and Blue lake. There are amazing natural beauty. Of course, it is interesting to stroll through the warm Sukhumi – a city with a history spanning nearly two thousand years.

In October across the country gather grapes, and this fact provides you an excellent opportunity to enjoy not only fresh fruit but also young wine.

For this it is best to go to the festival, which takes place in the Gudauta district in the village of Lykhny, and if you do not have time to go there, you can find similar action in the East of the country on the territory of the Ochamchire district.

What is the weather in Pitsunda in October, see this video: