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Weather and temperature in October in Greece

Pogoda v Grecii v oktyabre

October in Greece — special. Travelers are much less, many beaches already quite empty.

In the small taverns on the shore you can often see only the local regulars, and some cafes are already preparing for the closure.

A small tourist teplohodike depart from the docks half empty. This is the time when all of Greece at your disposal.

The end of the season, but October in Greece a month wonderful: empty beaches, although the sea is still by our standards is very warm, in hotels, big discounts, no fuss, the sun at noon was hot, but not burning, and numerous monuments, museums can be viewed quietly, no fuss and jostling.

What is the weather and temperature in October?

October in Greece is unpredictable: there is still the autumn season, and the temperature differs little from September, but at any time may pour torrential rains and radically change the weather.

Immediately after them, it becomes noticeably cooler, and the heat have to wait a few days.

In mid-October, it rains often, and about a good tan to speak is not even the tourist season is slowly disappearing.

In Northern Greece it is only 15 degrees during the day and at night quite cool: + 12. But in the South and on the Islands the temperature was still +24.

And the sea, progresses over the summer, did not have time to cool downand to swim fairly comfortably, the water temperature kept in the range 21-23 degrees.

But when leaving the sea have to wrap up in a towel: cool winds start to blow constantly, make themselves known. Yes, and it gets dark much earlier.

Kakaya pogoda v oktyabre?

Where to spend time?

In Greece, simply no free time. There are so many places where it is necessary to visit.


October is the perfect time to thoroughly get acquainted with sights, of which there is in Greece very much.

The Acropolis Of Athens. Several temples built around the 5th century BC, dedicated to the ancient gods, called the Acropolis.

Here is the famous Parthenon. You can get there through the beautiful gate, the Propylaea. There are many statues, but it's all copy, the authentic sculptures of the Athenian necropolis are in different museums around the world.

The Palace of Knossos. The Palace is 10 km from Heraklion. He, according to legend, belonged to king Minos and had 1500 rooms. It was built in 1900 and then repeatedly rebuilt.

It is this place linked to the famous myth of the Minotaur, which was won by Theseus.

The Meteora Monasteries. On the tops of bare rocks, formed about 60 million years ago, in the 10th century began to settle Orthodox monks seeking solitude, some of them staged skits, except where they lived their spiritual disciples and companions, in the Meteora, as they call these rocks, was founded monasteries.

To our days there were 6 monasteries, and they are all valid.

Gde provesti vremya?

The Palace of the Grand masters on Rhodes. Was built in the 14th century by the knights of St John. In the Palace set rare statues, floors covered with Oriental carpets, the walls decorated with mosaics, in all quarters is antique furniture.

The building has 158 rooms, including the Ballroom, the Hall of icons, Hall of jellyfish.

Avenue of the knights. Here in Rhodes preserved street Avenue of the knights, leading from the port to the Palace of the Grand masters. Here dwelt the noble knights, then they built the hospital, the Catholic Cathedral, the Arsenal.

The national archaeological Museum. Archaeological collections are placed in the temple of Hephaestus in Athens, built in the year 449 BC out of marble.

From 12 to 19 century there was an Orthodox Church and then a Museum.

The Venetian harbour. The port was built in Chania during the Venetian rule in the 14th century. Here was built the house of the Venetian Firka fortress.

Now in the fortress, Maritime Museum of Crete. In its preserved lighthouse and a mosque built in 1645.

The monasteries of mount Athos. It is the only monastic Republic in the world, which consists of 20 Orthodox monasteries and numerous sketes and detached cells.

On the mountain you can not rise women, but they cantake a boat ride close to the mountain, and the Athonite monks also on boats brought Athos shrines to women, too, could worship.


The main festival at this time — Ochi Day, the Day of memory of the Italian occupation, it is celebrated on October 28.

On this day, parades, various processions, fireworks and fireworks. Ochi day is celebrated widely.

At the end of October in Greece is another significant event — the Athens marathon.

Greece, October, Patras.

What to do?

October is the best time to travel around the country.


The Village Of Lindos. To see the real Greece, you have to visit Lindos. Here you can sample Greek cuisine, stroll through the narrow streets, immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of provincial Greece.

Bay AmoudiBay. It is located near the village of Oia, which is only accessible by a staircase. Here is a very clean water, many tourists jumping into the sea with steep cliffs.

After dives you can organize a donkey ride and admire the unique nature of the island of Santorini.

National Park of Parnitha. It is located near Athens in a mountainous area. Here is Karbala is the highest mountain in Attica and other famous peaks.

And the main attraction — the cave with reliefs of antiquity.

Mineral lake Vouliagmeni. Located 20 km from Athens. This is former giant cave, which in the Middle ages collapsed arch.

The lake has a lot of small fish, they will quickly relieve a person from the old skin on the feet.

Rodini Park. It is a landscaped Park with a petting zoo on the island of Rhodes. The Park was built in the period when the island was ruled by the Romans.

Here is preserved the tomb of Ptolemy, around it is 21 Doric column.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Beach vacation

In Greece, beaches, great variety. Each is good in its own way.

Some is fine soft sand, the other with azure water, while others became famous for the rare turtles that lay their eggs directly on the beach, the fourth is surrounded by a magnificent landscape, on the fifth till the morning of the fun of young people, on the sixth room is ideal for rest with children. On some and all you need to sail on the boat.

The Balos Lagoon, Crete. Here merge the three seas, and the water has 12 ever-changing colors. The water is clean, sand is soft, the beaches are well equipped.

It was here he spent his honeymoon Diana and Prince Charles.

Sarakiniko, the island of Elafonisos. This beach has few tourists, generally visited the Greeks themselves. The beach is uncrowded, sandy entrance to the sea flat.

Navagio, Zakynthos. It can be reached only by boat. In the center of the beach is an old ship, and it makes it very colorful.

The beach is very popular and always full of tourists. That is his picture constantly flashes on the advertising production of travel agencies.

But the beach is really very beautiful, quite clean, sandy, with a good entry into the sea. But no achievements of civilization here. Rather, it is a sightseeing object.

Elafonisos, Crete. The sand is slightly pink, the sea is shallow, clean. On the beach there is all necessary for comfortable rest, but the prices here are expensive. The beach is in the national Park area.

Egremni, Lefkada. This beach has few tourists. It is located at the foot of the mountain, and to get here you must go first down and then up almost a thousand steps. But it's worth it.

Perfectly clear turquoise water, large white sand. Of course, there is almost no usual beach equipment.

Plyazhnyj otdyh

Myrtos, Kefalonia. Clean well-maintained beach with crystal clear water. Narrow, the sand is mixed with pebbles. Equipped with everything you need for a beach lifeguard. Around amazing nature.

Plaka, Naxos. Very long beach within the town limits, so there are no problems with the food, on the waterfront near a large number of small cafes.

However, here are quite crowded in season, but in October, people very little.

The Bay Of Haraki, Rhodes. Here pebble beaches turn into sandy. The place is ideal for diving. For lovers of antiquity next to the castle of Feraklos.

Paradise, KOs. Convenient beach, where there is always a gentle breeze blowing, raising small waves and on the shore of the inflated air bubbles.

The beach has toilets, showers, hire of sun loungers and a bar.

Looking for relaxation in solitude or with family can appreciate a holiday in Greece in October.

And those who come here for the antiquities and the amazing Greek nature, it is difficult to find the most appropriate time.