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Weather and temperature in Spain in October

Pogoda v Ispanii v oktyabre

The desire to relax can appear at any time, it is possible that this moment may come in the fall. Anybody is able to take a vacation exclusively at this time, some just like to relax in October.

If during the October holidays you want to visit Spain, there are no obstacles, however, such tourism involves individual characteristics, which we now narrate.

The middle of autumn in Spain is the closing period of the tourist season, at this time there are still warm air, and conducive to bathing water temperature.

In October of felting on the beach you can make interesting trips around the country, learning the local culture and flavor.

Particularly attractive Spain in October is for those who love the rhythm of life and wants to spend a holiday in peace and relaxation mode.

In the autumn, here are a few people, so you can stroll along the streets, enjoy the prevailing atmosphere and truly relax body and soul.

Visit the Canary Islands or Ibiza, there you will see many beautiful and breathtaking at any time of the year.

Resort towns of Spain can boast of many attractions, near which by the way you can take pictures to leave a memory of this wonderful holiday.

Many consider autumn the best time for a vacation. Most people at this time already working on the job, and you can afford to go to Spain for a week or two.

October weather and temperature

The temperature in Spain in mid-autumn with 20-25 degrees, water temperature — 20-22 degrees.

In the Northern and southern regions of the country gradually reduced the number of Sunny days, it is increasingly becoming overcast, but the temperature is almost not affected.

As for the center of Spain, then in the autumn the possible rainy weather. Before you leave, look at what forecasters predict to relax on the beach and not in the walls of the hotel.

If you are visiting Canary Islands, you should know the water temperature is kept at the mark of 22 degrees, and the temperature in Oct usually reaches 26 degrees.

In this period of high popularity of the Ibiza, which is included in the fee Balearic Islands.

Oktyabrskaya pogoda i temperatura

Where and how to relax in Spain?

Autumn holiday in Spain is a great opportunity to extend your summer.

Going to the Islands of the Canary archipelago, you can not only great to relax and get the pleasure of seeing the local scenery, but also enjoy water sports like scuba diving or kayaking on mountain rivers.

Here you have the opportunity to try out parachuting. After such vacation you will return home not just refreshed, but still in great shape.

Autumn weather is ideal for walking the streets, sitting in cozy cafes and of course this time is great for photo shoots.

Once on the Iberian Peninsula, you must visit city, which is hiding the essence of the history of Spain.

The Capital Madrid. Here you will see a lot of luxury and chic. The Royal palaces are impressive for its architecture, parks emerald surprise beautiful landscapes, local museums are a delight rich collections of different Antiques.

You will see here also the large stadiums, where in the autumn you can still watch football matches.

South Of Seville. If you are a fan of Oriental motifs, you will surely love. The atmosphere South of Seville attracts with its mystery, I want to stay here longer.

Resort Barcelona. Unusual architectural masterpieces here on each step. Each building enthralls with its beauty.

Also, this place is rich in fountains of all shapes and sizes, there are many parks where you can spend time, make new friends or even just read a book in the beautiful surroundings.

Central Toledo. This place is impressive located here in a huge number of temples, castles, palaces, mosques.

It is here that you can best delve into the historythe whole of Spain, to learn more about this wonderful country.

Each year, the above mentioned South of Seville is the flamenco festival. So much expression you can not see anywhere else. Filled with sensitivity and passion, the festival attracts thousands of tourists.

Gde i kak otdohnut v Ispanii?

The perfect beach vacation

If you have sensitive skin, autumn is the perfect time to holiday at sea: lying on the beach and walks through the streets of Spanish cities.

In October there is almost impossible to get sunburn, to be under the sun more than usual without any fear. You will return home with a beautiful, smooth Golden tan.

For many tourists the most attractive place in Spain is Madrid. In the summer months not crowded, on the streets of Madrid in the intense heat, besides the cost of housing and food is very high.

By autumn, the heat subsides, stay in a hotel or private sector for much less money, and people at times less. The only danger, which can spoil your sightseeing plans, it's raining.

In Catalonia, the probability of Sunny weather in October higher order, so if you are afraid of high humidity, go there. This place will please you with its beautiful nature and amazing sunsets.

How to have fun?

Sunbathing on the beach and going on trips is, of course, great, but if you want a truly memorable stay, then you must visit at least one holiday or festival here.

12 October, Spanish people have two holidays: Dia de La Ispania and the feast of the virgin Pilar. These events will give you the opportunity to deeply feel the atmosphere of Spain.

All state agencies October 12, here closed. On this day 1492, Christopher Columbus, who was sent to swim the kings of Spain, discovered America.

For the Spaniards this holiday is of great importance, and therefore part in the celebration include. On this day you will not get bored, it is considered a day of Spanish culture.

October is rich for various events in Spain. Most often, a holiday can get, being in Barcelona, there are various film festivals.

Kak razvlechsya?

What to bring?

If you go to Spain in the fall, make sure that in addition to shorts and t-shirts brought with them things like a couple of sweaters and jeans.

The autumn evenings here are pretty cool, so if you are planning to go to the hotel as soon as it gets dark, put things into a suitcase warmer. It will not hurt to put back the umbrella.

Heading to the Northern part of the country, take your cloak, in October, he you here.

In the clothes you take with you on autumn vacation, comfort is very important, especially for shoes. It is not necessary to torture the feet with the heels, going on a tour of a particular city in Spain, it is much better suited ballet shoes or sneakers.

By the way, again for fun, bring a backpack, you can fit more things than the bag, and it is much easier to carry.

Autumn in Valencia, Spain.

Fees for recreation

Since we are talking about closing the beach season, housing prices, food and even Souvenirs here fall.

The same applies to permits in October, they can be purchased at a much nicer price than in the peak summer season.

Very important at this time to buy last-minute trips, which may be quite a lot, look for travel agencies in your city.

You may be able to settle in a comfortable hotel with all the amenities without overpaying for it. Also, autumn in Spain is a time of discounts on different entertainment, sightseeing trips, etc.

Prices trips to the Canary Islands decreased by a third and become much more attractive to tourists. If we are talking about average numbers, then a one-week stay here will cost you 800-1000 euros.

Relax in Spain in autumn is great. Few people, warm water, lots of beautiful places and happy holidays — this holiday you will remember for a lifetime.