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Vacation in Israel in October: how's the weather, the holidays, where better to relax?

Vacation in Israel in October for you if you don't like the heat. This month is considered the beginning of autumn and the end of the holiday season. Nevertheless, the weather will still allow you to relax. Don't be afraid that you will be bored and nothing to see in October in time comes the time of festivals and celebrations.

The temperature of the air and water in October

In the afternoon the air temperature ranges from 26.5°C to +30.1°C, night +20.6°C and +24.0°C. water Temperature in the sea +26.4°C to 29.7°C.

In October the rains, which will last until April, so you should take an umbrella.

October ends the summer season in Israel. With the onset of this month, autumn arrives, but tourists are not getting smaller. The temperature of the air and water during the first two weeks will allow you to relax and swim in the sea.

Sredizemnoe more v oktyabre

Features leisure this month

The Oct is included in the holiday season in Israel, but this month is already becoming much cooler, especially at night. In resorts which are very close near the sea is best felt the arrival of autumn.

The day is not so hotand the sun beats down less, but this does not mean that you can forget about sunscreen, its use is still mandatory, also do not forget about the headdress.

In the workplace, when there are few who dare to go to the beach this month, tickets cheap, half-empty beaches, excellent weather and fresh sea air.

If you can't tolerate the heat, stay in Israel in October will suit you perfectly. The sun did not fry, but the sea is warm and suitable for swimming. If you want to sunbathe, but I'm afraid that this month it will fail, do not worry, for the first two weeks you will be able to soak up the rays of the sun.

Otdyh v Tel-Avive

What is the weather like in the popular resorts?

Tel Aviv is the city located on the Mediterranean sea. Night on the coast is very cold and there is a strong wind. The day temperature is +28°C at night +22°C, the sea water warms up to +26.5°C.

The Mediterranean sea is ideal for swimming, there is almost no jellyfish.

Jerusalem is located between the Dead sea and the Mediterranean. One of the oldest cities in the world. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to 26.5°C at night up to 20.9°C, the water temperature in the sea reaches +29.1°C. the Climate on the shores of the Dead sea very similar to the climate of the Mediterranean sea.


The resort town of Eilat is considered the most popular among the resorts located on the Red sea. The climate in October is the most favorable. The day temperature does not exceed +28°C, and at +21°C, water temperature about +25°C. the nights can be quite cool, so you should take care of warm clothes.

Things to do on vacation?

This month you can attend a holiday called the day of judgment. People who celebrate usually observe lent, talk about their actions. You cannot eat and drink the dayand also wear leather shoes and use of makeup. On this day people leave their cars and ride bikes, the streets fill with cyclists.

You can also become a participant of love parade and visit the festival of Sukkot, during which people remember their ancestors and pray about a generous harvest.

All the brightest of holidays and festivals, which are very attract tourists who are in Israel in October.

In October takes place the festival of fire and balloons, film festival and documentary film festival. In the 20 days of October in Netanii passes festival of classical guitar, and in tel Aviv the festival of cyclists.

In the evening you can relax in the restaurants or walking by the sea, breathing in clean sea air.

Prazdniki v Izraile

It will be interesting to visit the places of pilgrimage in Jerusalem, which attracts representatives of the three religions from around the world and admire the architecture of this ancient city.

Weather will allow you to visit a variety of tours and see the area where you rest.

Choose the city you want to visit and go book a hotel and buy tickets.

And to find suitable in all respects, the hotel will help the service. It is enough to specify city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

In this video you will see what the weather on the coast of Israel in October: