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Weather and temperature in Cyprus in October

Pogoda na Kipre v oktyabre

October in Cyprus – the flowering season.

This month, island travel, appreciating autumn expanse of beaches and a gentle, warm summer sun and the water.

The cost of permits at this time of year is traditionally reduced, but the stay in October in Cyprus promises to be no less exciting than in the hot summer months.

What is the weather like in October?

In October in Cyprus remains warm, dry weather – the average temperature in this month is 25 degrees. At night the thermometer rarely falls below the mark of 20 degrees.

However, no precipitation October is not complete – according to statistics, this month I have about 9 rainy days. This can be quite a little rain and quite a heavy downpour with gusty winds.

From year to year temperature changes, and to predict what will be the October Cyprus, this time, is quite difficult. So going to the island in the middle of autumn, bring warm clothes – for example, a lightweight jacket or cardigan.

During the month the temperature varies but slightly. So, in the first week of October held at the September high temperature: the day the sun heats the air up to 28-29 degrees at night the temperature drops to 23-24 degrees.

The water is very warm – around 27 degrees.

The middle of the month is marked by a slight cold: in the afternoon the temperature only gets up to 26-27 degrees at night – to 20-23 degrees. The water temperature is maintained at 25-26 degrees.

In late October, Cyprus is beginning to prepare for winter. The sun gives its last rays, so during the day you can still catch good weather – from 22 to 24 degrees.

The night becomes much colder – from 15 to 20 degrees. The water temperature is still suitable for swimming and is 24 degrees.

Kakaya pogoda v oktyabre?

You need to see?

In October, the life in Cyprus does not stop. The fall open for visits all the major sights, and in the big cities are festivals and festivals.

Arriving on the island, be sure to take the rental car – to get as many interesting.


October is the best time for sightseeing. Leisurely walks through the famous places of Cyprus will not prevent nor summer heat, nor winter wind.

Connoisseurs of architectural monuments to visit:

  • close to Ayia NAPA monastery of the XV century and the rock tombs of Makronissos;
  • near Limassol is the ancient city of Amathus;
  • in the vicinity of Larnaca is the ancient city of Kition;
  • in Kyrenia, the picturesque castles and the ancient monastery of SV.Macarius on the edge of a cliff;
  • near Paphos – tombs of the kings, castle, Forty colon , and the mysterious catacombs of Agia solomoni;
  • in Nicosia, the Venetian ruins of the XVI century, the Archbishop's Palace and the Famagusta gate.

If you want to be inspired by spectacular views of the Cypriot nature, head to Cape Greco – the most famous place of the island.

Near the village of Platres is the largest waterfall in Cyprus, the Millomeris. It is located on the mountain range of Troodos, which is loved by photographers.

Stunning views, lush vegetation and variety of wildlife will delight those who want to make spectacular shots.

CHto nuzhno uvidet: dostoprimechatelnosti

Holidays and festivals

In October in Cyprus do not stop national holidays and festivals. On the first day of the month the inhabitants of the island is noisy and colorfully celebrate the independence Day.

In the state capital, Nicosia, this celebration is especially spectacular. Tourists can see military parades, costume shows, show programs, participate in contests and enjoy the fireworks.

In October continues a large-scale arts festival "putain by CYPRIA", which began in September. Festive activities cover several major cities: Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Larnaca.

"Cipria" attracts world-famous actors and famous musicians, foundations crowded performances and concerts.

In Limassol this month is the most important sport event of the fall – Lamezia. This is a sports competition duration of 10 days involving dancers, runners, boxers, cyclists andarrow.

The end of October is marked for the inhabitants of Cyprus a memorable date – the day of "Oxx". The event takes place on 28 October and is dedicated to the events of 1940 when the island was bombed.

In addition, traditionally in October are spectacular theatrical performances on the water, the main characters which become boats and ships. These spectacular views for a long time remain in the memory of tourists.

Prazdniki i festivali

The best entertainment

October Cyprus will appeal to fans of a leisurely beach holiday. This month, the pace of life slows down, many tourists go home, and see the remaining campers appear spacious beaches and clear water.

The autumn sun falls softly and evenly, so the fall season is especially recommended for families with young children.

In October, still available water sports. On most beaches offer diving and Windsurfing. Demand for night fishing – you will have to bring warm clothes.

And off the coast of the Akamas Peninsula you can swim with giant turtles.

Those who are tired of lazy holidays on the beach, offers plenty of organized excursions. If time allows, it is necessary to see:

  • The Ghost town of Famagusta;
  • Cat's Monastery;
  • The birthplace of Aphrodite;
  • Church.Lazarus;
  • The Temple Of Aphrodite;
  • Olympus – the highest mountain of Cyprus.

Luchshie razvlecheniya

Autumn in major cities continues night life. In October, the young people flock to the clubs of Ayia NAPA, which is called the second Ibiza.

Tourists with children spend their days at the water parks, finally free after the departure of students. Largest water parks is located Limassol and Ayia NAPA.

In small villages offer to ride donkeys and camels – from this entertainment will be delighted both adults and children.

After an active walking a must to dine at local restaurants: in October, prices fall significantly, so there's a chance to enjoy the local delicacies for mere pennies.

Thus, October is a great time to take a vacation in Cyprus: the beautiful sea, still warm sun and the lack of large tourist crowds create ideal conditions for a relaxing and leisurely holiday.

Cyprus is the perfect place for relaxation and fun