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Weather and temperature in Kislovodsk in October

Pogoda v Kislovodske v oktyabre

Kislovodsk is one of the sunniest cities in Russia. Its name he received from the mineral spring "sour" water.

Vacationers come here year round because this region is always good, and there are plenty of opportunities for both summer and share winter holiday.

And autumn Kislovodsk are waiting for lovers of quiet walks and interesting excursions.

What is the weather like in October?

Kislovodsk — South of the Caucasian mineral waters, there is always warmer than in other resort towns. His ring surround Ginalski Borgustanskaya and ridges, creating an especially mild microclimate.

What is the weather forecast for the month of October? Autumn is warm, Sunny and dry. In early October rains a little, the beds are still in full bloom South of the plant, but through the green slip yellow leaves.

The day temperature rarely drops below 17 degrees, usually stays within 20-22 degrees. And could jump to 28 and then it seems that summer came back.

The breath of autumn is felt only at night when the thermometer can display only 8 degrees.

The sun did not bake, but only stroked the soft rays. At night the sky seems deep and black, the stars bright and low.

By the end of the month the weather becomes more changeable, it rains a little more often, increasing the number of cloudy days, the temperature becomes lower. In the morning, falls over the city fog.

The temperature changes constantly: one day can be warm, almost hot, to 18 or 20 degrees, and the next day the thermometer drops almost to 0. The night can happen and light frosts.

Kakaya pogoda v oktyabre?

Where to spend time?

Although Kislovodsk and not a seaside town, but here is the Dolphin. The performances involved dolphins, fur seals and sea lions. For those who came here not for one day, held sessions of Dolphin therapy.


Literary and musical Museum "Dacha Shalyapin". This mansion is impossible not to pay attention. It is decorated with turrets and stained-glass Windows.

It was built in the art Nouveau style by the order of the merchant M. Ushakova, who first opened a cheap house and then sold the house to General Abrasivo.

It had rented a mansion Feodor Chaliapin. Here he spent with his family the summer of 1917. Now it is a Museum where you store notes, books, musical instruments, a soundtrack with the voice of Chaliapin and his personal belongings.

Preserved and the interiors of the times singer, wall paintings by Konstantin Korovin, and fireplace in living room built drawings N. Roerich. The Museum often hosts literary and musical evenings, concerts of classical music.

Museum-estate of the artist N..Yaroshenko. The Museum is housed on the estate belonging to the family Yaroshenko, is a preserved house, buildings, garden and Park.

The Museum contains the largest collection of paintings by the Wanderers in the South of Russia. Most of the paintings donated to the Museum by collectors from different cities of Russia.

In the main building of the manor house is an art gallery, which exhibited paintings, written in the 19th century and early 20th, the work of contemporary artists.

Historical Museum "Fortress". The fortress of Kislovodsk was built in 1807 during the period of the Caucasian wars. And unlike the other numerous fortresses erected in these places, well preserved.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

Currently, tourists can explore the gates, towers, barracks. The fortress marked the beginning of the city.

Opened in 1965, the Museum tells the history of the local Cossacks, famous people who lived here, about the participants of the world wars.

In the halls housed a collection of Kislovodsk porcelain and exhibition of the life and work of Zander, scientist, devoted his life to the development of Astronautics.

Interesting and the open air Museum — Lapidarium.

Svyato-Nikolsky Cathedral. The main Orthodox temple of the city, built in 1888 on the site of a wooden Church. In the years of struggle with the Church the Church was blown up and recovered in 2008, according to the old drawings.

Philharmonic. The building was built in the late 19th century in imitation of the architecture of the Renaissance.

It houses the Museum of theatrical and musical culture of the Caucasus. The exhibition tells about the stay in Kislovodsk Glinka, Alyabyev, Rakhmaninov, Prokofiev.

In a separate room are exhibited materials on the activities of pianist Vladimir Safonov, it was on his initiative was created by the Philharmonic society, and opened in the Caucasus children's music schools.

Two rooms dedicated to F. Shalyapin and the history of the local Symphony orchestra. InPhilharmonic hall hosts regular concerts.

Old Kislovodsk.

What to do?

In the vicinity of Kislovodsk is home to many unique natural monuments that you can visit both independently and with tours.


Castle of treachery and love. This group of rocks, resembling the ruins of a castle. In the rock cut steps to facilitate the ascent. The slopes are densely covered with picturesque vegetation.

To the right of the mountains, beautiful gorge, where is a spring and flowing stream. The rocks are located just six kilometers from Kislovodsk, which allows you to take a walking tour to places you can reach by car.

In the gorge there is a small restaurant where you can relax before your journey back.

Honey falls. This natural monument is located in the Nut member, which is a walk along the banks of the river Alikonovki about 9 kilometers on the highway a little further is 16 kilometres away.

Beam overgrown with hazel, who is constantly cut down. Around the waterfalls in the meadows grow many melliferous herbs, hence the name of the waterfalls.

Only two of them. One is called Small and is formed on a tributary of the river, he falls with vosemnadtsatimetrovoy height from the cliff, blocking the path of the tributary. The second was formed in the fall from the cliffs to the river, he split the rock ledges into two streams.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Lermontov rock. It is easily accessible on foot, moving on the right coast of the river Olkhovka, it is necessary to overcome a little more than three kilometers from Central Park.

The rock itself is a huge block of stone hanging from densely overgrown with bushes of the hillside. The place was described by Lermontov's novel "Hero of our time".

According to legend, it was here the battle took place between Sanaa and the giant Narcom. Sana won and the enemies have not entered the city. And the source of mineral water was called "Artsana".

Lermontov waterfall. Located near the town on the river Olkhovka. It is easily reached on foot. Fans Lermontov believe that it is next to this waterfall Pechorin was feeding his horse in the episode of the novel "Hero of our time".

Mount The Ring. This is a rare phenomenon of nature: the mountain has formed almost a perfect ring. It was formed as a result of thousands of years of wind and water.

About this mountain wrote Lermontov. He loved this place and come here often.

Resort Park. This place is most popular among tourists in Kislovodsk. There is a kind of Museum of plants. Many of them brought specially for the Park from other countries.

Since the Park has been more than 200 years, trees and shrubs have grown, creating numerous shady trees and paths.

People walking in the Park, feed the squirrels, they are completely manual. Lermontov, too, loved the Park and described it in story "Princess Mary".

Through the Park flows the river Olkhovka, on the river created an artificial waterfall, constructed bridges. Here is equipped with six Hiking trails of different difficulty levels.

The Valley Of Roses. This unique rose garden area of 3 hectares, where it grows up to 30 varieties of roses, is located in the centre of the Park.

Flower beds surrounded by green lawn. If you go up by cable car, it will be seen that flowerbeds merge to form a large rose.

Ostrich farmstead. On the outskirts of Kislovodsk, there is an ostrich farm, where in the spacious aviaries live these birds. Here you can hold eggs of ostriches and take pictures in a special area with a stuffed ostrich.

Mineral water

Narzan baths. The building was erected in 1903 in the Moorish style. The work was overseen by architect Clapin. Inside it is decorated with mosaic, laid Vrubel.

Mineralnye vody

First there were two large tubs, now 89 baths, where daily taking treatments, bathing in mineral water, hundreds of tourists. Water temperature selected individually for each. Such swimming help for many diseases.

Rest in Kislovodsk in October is the opportunity to relax from the bustle of big cities, enough to breath pure mountain air, Hiking in beautiful places, make a therapeutic mineral bath.