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North Goa on the map of India: photos, hotels, beach, day market in Anjuna

plyazh Andzhuna v Goa

There is in North Goa a unique place is the embodiment of celebration and fun. A village located on the shores of the Indian ocean, has become the center of attraction for everyone who loves fiery rest. It is famous all over the India resort and Anjuna beach in Goa. In Anjuna will not be able to meditate, but the explosion of emotions will provided to any tourist.

Anjuna on the map of India North Goa

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In Anjuna suit one of a kind of full moon party, which attracts tourists from all over the world. In addition, there are party trance (Goa Trance Party).

The subcultures in Anjuna brand loyal, so there is always a lot of young people.

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Anjuna is in the North of Goa, 18 km from state capital Panaji, 50 kms from Dabolim airport, 6 km to the North of Kalakuta, and 2.5 km East of Mapusa. Adjacent to the beaches of Baga and Vagator.

The Anjuna beach is small, not more than 2 km, but this does not prevent him to be considered as party-goers at the iconic venue.

How to get there?

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The easiest way to go from Dabolim airport to taxi. If to go by bus, direct access can not do: from Dabolim to go to the bus station at the intersection of Vasco da Gama, then to Panjim then to Mapusa and from there to Anjuna. By train take the train to the station Thivim to Mapusa and then back at taxi.

Relax from the bustle of Anjuna and being quiet can be, for example, in neighboring Sochi.

Distance between Anjuna beach and the Arambol is around 20 km. It's best to get there by taxi.

Photos and description of the resort

The Anjuna beach is interesting because there is less likely of bathers in the usual sense of the word. Come here for meetings and entertainment, and not to relax in the sun loungers. Private beach is not very convenient, and in the bays many reefs. At these beaches I love to relax only the melancholy of the local cows.

General data

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Anjuna began to take prominence in the middle of the last century, when it chose to stay a hippie. Once the representatives of this subculture from different countries have agreed to meet here at Christmas. They both liked this town, the meetings have become regular. The growth in the number of informal town overgrown with infrastructure, and today the level of development is not inferior to their neighbors on the coast.

In the village a lot of old houses in the Portuguese style – a legacy of the colonial past, when the Goa belonged to Portugal. In these houses like a hippie.

The Indians in the vast majority speak Konkani. In the second place the language of Marathi. However, in Anjuna everywhere sounds English, but with the 90-ies and the Russian language.


Tropical summer here starts from October to March, but December-January, the temperature never rises above 33 degrees, and this is the most favorable time for vacation. Summer is the rainy season and very high waves.

During the rainy season, the resort gets quieter but there are fans and this weather. But at this time you can admire the flowering jungle.

In high season the sea is calm, but during low tide they often open volcanic rocks. To the North of the Flea market sand gradually gives way to red rocks. This place is a trailer Park, there are bars and stalls.


Being essentially just a big village, Anjuna, nevertheless, has all the necessaryfor life. There are even mail. To move around the city by bus or rickshaw but it is best to rent a scooter. For trips to the famous markets of Goa is to take a taxi.

As the beach and the village offers many different restaurants and cafes. Many in the open air, representing just a Palapa, under which is placed the tables. The food everywhere is awesome. On the beach you can buy fruits from the local.

Tourists often choose the Oasis restaurant or restaurant at hotel Laguna Anjuna, serves alcohol, distilled of the fresh fruit and coconuts. In the evenings there is live music. Many restaurants arrange a party.


  • Bar Curlie's for fans of trance music. You can find it on the outskirts of the town beach.
  • Shiva Valley bar is on the beach. Here you can visit a party under the open sky.
  • Bar Hippie's - trendy reggae bar.

Among the attractions of Anjuna palm is sure to have a flea market the Wednesday Flea Market (Wednesday flea market). It is the largest daytime market in North coast. In the past there have traded hippies who sold their belongings to buy a ticket home. Market with time has grown and today covers a huge area of several hectares.

Range Wednesday Flea Market is so huge that you can buy literally everything.

Tour of the flea market will occupy the whole day, but the experience will last a lifetime. Here you can buy not only gold jewelry and Souvenirs, but also made unique things that nowhere else in the world. To bargain it is imperative. And even if you do not buy, just to have fun, listen to music, get a tattoo.

For entertainment buyers on the market give interesting little performances and concerts. If you have in your pocket a hundred rupees, it is possible to be a seller and to sell something, rent a place.

gorodskaya struktura

Works flea market only on Wednesdays. Open from 11 am.

Not less popular with tourists The Saturday Night Market or Ingos Saturday Nite Bazaar – night market. The range is about the same as at flea market, but most of the European sellers, and it is therefore considered that the quality of the product above. Opening hours: on Saturdays, from four to eleven PM in high season. Located between Angounou and Aroroy.

If the market in Arpora is closed, you can go to Mackie''s night market in Baga. Open in the evening as night market of Arpora. Has a reputation as a respectable alternative to Saturday market.


Stay in Anjuna will appeal to those who like new and unusual, who goes to travel for emotions, open-minded. The city energizes the atmosphere of eternal carnival.


Anjuna beach in Goa is not only sand and sea, but also a number of cafes and restaurants, down to the sea, or standing directly on the piles. Here all day plays music, and can meet the most incredible characters. For families with children this place is hardly suitable. In addition, the strip of sand is narrow and the water not too clean.

If dancing is not enough, on the beach you can enjoy diving and at the same time to take a closer look of marine fish. Even across the island.

There is always very noisy, as the partygoers gather in Anjuna from around the world. Eternal fun and eternal parties can not come to peace.

To retire here will be difficult, but you can make many new acquaintances.



Anjuna provides a huge choice of accommodation options ranging from luxury hotels and ending with the most modest accommodation, a few kilometers from the sea, with minimal furnishings. Affordable housing makes sense to look for near the Church of St. Anthony.

Offer to host even a Bungalow right on the beach. In the season to reserve a seat in advance. Can be rented luxury villas and modest houses. Bargaining is not only possible but even necessary.

One of the best recognized hotels with three star Spazio Leisure Resort. It is 1.8 km from Anjuna beach, away from the noise. Comfortable rooms, impeccable staff. For the guests of the feast. The beach is unsuitable for swimming, but there is a large swimming pool.

Marked by the guests as very decent hotels:

  1. Casa Anjuna;
  2. The Tamarind Hotel;
  3. The Banyan Soul;
  4. Annapurna Vishram Dhaam;
  5. Laguna Anjuna.

Hotel reservations can be performed using this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.



This beach young and active. Anjuna called the pulse of life of Goa. It's not a respectable place, there still lives the freedom of "flower children".

Those who are tired of office routine and want to remember the spontaneity of youth, it is imperative to go here.

The beach is legendary Shore Bar, where you can watch the fabulous Goan sunsets. And when the sun sets on the beach start a trance night – an unforgettable sight!


To find out where to have fun and dance, not difficult. On the Vagator beach all night open Guru Bar and primrose. More calm music you can listen to Temptations – there on Mondays organize performances with dancers. Located near the intersection of Starko.

The biggest club Paradiso is built inside a real cave. It is open from 23 o'clock in the evening until five in the morning. In high season there are the best DJs of the country. This club enjoys the support of the government of India.

Attractions: what to see?

You can explore the sights in Old Goa, which preserved houses and churches of the Portuguese era. You can visit the Fort Anguana and lighthouse.

In Anjuna there is the Church of St. Michael, which is almost four hundred years – a legacy of Portuguese colonization.

Which is better, Anjuna or Arambol?

In Arambol, too, can meet hippies and all freaks, but here is much quieterthan Anjuna, and a more comfortable beach. Beautiful exotic vegetation. Here you can practice yoga on the shores of the warm sea. In the Northern part of Arambol is a freshwater lake.

So everyone decides for himself that he is closer - noisy and crazy parties, or fairly developed, but less eccentric resort.

See the overview of Anjuna beach in this video: