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Vacation on the island of Crete in October: what the weather and water temperature?

pogoda na Krite v oktyabre

Thanks to the southern location, the Greek island of Crete is extremely popular among the travelers as it has excellent climate, allowing you to relax here, even in autumn season.


Klimat Krita

The resort island has a very large size, so it covers two climate zones. In the Northern part of the island there is the typical Mediterranean weather, South – North African climate.

In mountain regions it is always cool and in winter it regularly snows. This feature of Crete creates a perfect mild climate that is ideal for long stay and residence.

If the North coast of Crete looked through the clouds and the wind is blowing, then you can safely go on the South coast of the island. On the southern half of the island is warmer and sunnierthan in the North because of the mountains, stretching from East to West, create a natural barrier that keeps wind and rain to get to the southern part of Crete.

Weather in Crete is characterized by dry and hot summer – in the hottest months can reach temperatures up to 30 degrees. Winter on the island is mild, windy and rainy, the sea is often possible to observe a storm. The snow on the Spa site does not fall, since the average winter temperature on the coast about 15 degrees. Similar weather conditions begin in November and continue until March.

Weather in October

Autumn in Crete still continues to delight visitors to the island a pleasant climate, called here "the velvet season".

Most of October in Crete is a real autumn season, which is still Sunny weather and perfect conditions to stay on the beach, swimming and getting a great tan. Even a couple of rainy days will not spoil the experience of staying on the island.

Compared to the previous month, in October, in Crete, 2-3 degrees cooler day time temperature is around 24 degrees and at night drops to +17 degrees, so it becomes noticeably cooler.

The sea temperature in October is still ideal for swimming, because pleasing performance of +23 degrees on the coast. However, in the Northern part of the island sometimes there's a cool wind, which creates an unpleasant sensation when coming out of the water. For this reason, many tourists choose to stay the South coast of Crete.

This video will tell you in detail about the weather in October in Greece:

The particular weather conditions

Osobennosti pogody na poberezhe

Mid-October in Crete is not so warm as in the beginning of the month, so the second half is more suitable for long excursions. Weather conditions during this period hampered a beach holiday, but are still comfortable for active leisure, because it rains quite rarely.

To get a beautiful tan, it is best to come to Crete in the first two weeks of October, because toward the end of the month when the wind increases, frequent rains, the sea becomes turbulent, and the overall temperature of water and air is markedly reduced.

Such changes are most noticeable in the Northern and Western part of the island, at that time, as in the southern and Eastern part of the weather remains wonderful and the rest is noticeable more comfortable.

Stay at this time

October if the climate is not ideal for a beach holiday, the island offers many opportunities for entertainment of all kinds.


The main advantage of travelling to Crete in October – the lowest price for servicesranging from rental of hotel rooms and ending with the price for the excursion program. It is believed that this month closed season.

For those who still want to catch a piece of the warm summer with an extremely pleasant and mild climate, to get a tan, while relaxing under thethe warm rays of the sun, to get acquainted with the sights of Greece on one of its main Islands, and also with the life of people, October is the perfect time.

What fruits go in October in Crete?

Fruits in Crete grow almost all year round, and thanks to the beautiful environment, favorable climate and fertile soil, to use them not only useful, but also safe.

In October, the island is ripe:

  1. Sweet and fragrant oranges and lemons;
  2. The best Greek varieties of dark grapes;
  3. Fresh figs;
  4. Garnets of bright red;
  5. Juicy apples and pears.

The Greeks themselves believe that visiting the island is always worth eating only seasonal fruits and not those that are grown in greenhouses and greenhouses.

What clothes to bring?

Kakuu odezhdu vzyat na ostrov?

In addition to swimwear and light clothing, should be Packed in a suitcase a jacket and an umbrella, as the hot sun at one moment may be replaced by torrential rain. If you plan to tour uphill, you should stock up on warm footwear and jeans.

What to do?

Weather in October in Crete favorable for excursions, Wellness treatments, outdoor sports and shopping.


Greece boasts on its largest island large number of attractions for connoisseurs of ancient history and culture.

Here was born one of the first civilizations – the Minoan. Still on the island are the excavations of the ancient buildings, erected during the reign of Minos.

Crete can offer an unforgettable introduction attractions:

  • The Palace of Knossos is the most impressive monument of the Cretan architecture;
  • The Kournas lake is the largest lake on the island of Crete in a scenic location;
  • The monastery the monastery of Kera kardiotissa is a functioning monastery in a quiet and peaceful place;
  • Cave of Zeus – a place with giant stalactites where, according to legend, Zeus was born;
  • Kourtaliotiko gorge is a beautiful natural monument with waterfalls;
  • The island of Spinalonga – an island with a Fort and abandoned houses, which before the earthquake were part of Crete;
  • The monastery of the Dormition of the virgin Mary – a historic resort, surrounded by lush gardens.

If Crete island and its attractions bored, travelers always have the opportunity to go on a cruise to the neighbouring island of Dia and Santorini.


Razvlekatelnoe safari

October is a special month during which on Crete are bright and interesting traditional holidays such as the feast of "Oohs", the fish festival and the chestnut festival, the day of the harvest of olives and grapes.

In those days, the people on the island have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes, prepared with olive oil, to taste fresh Cretan wine and grape juice, and treat themselves to roasted chestnuts.

On the streets lay the tables for guests on holiday, everywhere are fair, and the menu of any cafe is always present gamopilafo – rice porridge with chicken or mutton broth.

Among the popular entertainments of the autumn in Crete:

  • Cretaquarium;
  • Safari in the mountains of Crete;
  • Safari Lassithi;
  • Cruises along the coast;
  • Tours of the night the island;
  • Trips to the farm olive oil.

For those who love to bask in the sun, diving or other active sports, opened the urban beach of Rethymno, as well as: Red beach, Elafonisi, the palm beach of Vai, Georgioupoli, Amadora.

In the major cities of Crete – Rethymno, Heraklion, Lasithi and Chania are seasonal discounts, so shopping in October on the island promises to be a fascinating and incredibly profitable.

October in Crete is wonderful because at this time the weather is fine and warm long days, warm sea water, as well as affordable prices for leisure, because the cost of permits at this time is reduced to 50%.