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What is the weather, the water temperature and the rest in Malta in late October?

pogoda na Malte v oktyabre

Subtropical Mediterranean climate, which features Malta, makes an inappropriate assumption that there can be uncomfortable in some of the seasons: the change of one season, another comes, and each with its own charm.

Weather in Malta in October will delight those who do not tolerate heat very well, and the beach idleness prefers travel, excursions, active holidays.

What is the weather like in October in Malta?

pogodnyj rezhim v seredine oseni

In mid-autumn in Malta is warm and Sunny. Daytime temperatures are in the boundaries of +25-28 degrees. In the first three weeks, the temperature can reach even to the level of "30" and here is the final October days are significantly cooler – from +22 to +24 degrees.

However, if you keep in mind that in Central Russia it is the first snow, the weather in Malta is truly a Paradise.

Here, ripe olives and pomegranates, continue to bloom and fill the air with fragrance of rosemary, elecampane, Dubrovnik and exhaling the nectar of a pretty plant Kermek.

The temperature of the air and water

The temperature of the air and seawater of the Mediterranean sea at different resorts in Malta differ slightly.

Average data by results of long-term observations of meteorologists are as follows:

  • in Aura air temperature - +25,6, water +24,2;
  • in Bugibba , respectively – +25,6 +24,2;
  • in Valletta – +25,5 +24,2;
  • in Gozo – +25,6 +24,3;
  • in Comino – +25,6 +24,3;
  • in Marsaskala – +25,5 +24,2;
  • in Martha is 25.6 and 24.3;
  • in Mdina – of 25.7 and 24.3;
  • in Sochi to 23.3 and 24.3;
  • in San Julians Bay is 25.5 and 24.2;
  • in Sliema is 25.5 and 24.2.

At the end of the month in all towns of the island the temperature readings decrease by 2-3 degrees.

Other weather conditions

inye klimaticheskie usloviya

Rains in October by European standards a bit, however, this month in Malta is considered the wettest of the year, it has 144 mm of precipitation. Occasionally thunderstorms. Humidity is 68% in the daytime and 85% at night. Sometimes it's windy, the average speed of the impulses is 3.6 meters per second.

Specialists are meticulously calculated and the number of Sunny hours in October – 217, the average 7 for each day.

The delights of the October holiday

October provides vacationers in Malta choice: still relevant beaches, water sports, however, many tourists prefer to get to know an amazing country, located between Europe, Africa and Asia, and go on trips, Hiking travel:

"Forget that almost:

In October – this summer.

Sleepy haze veiled gave

And azure bays of Valletta".

Should I go?

nuzhno li priezzhat?

About the shortcomings of the October holiday in Malta can only speak in the case if the person wanted the entire holiday lain in the hot sun on the beach – and that's not happened: the sea is not like fresh milk, the temperature is not as high as we would like. Disappointments will not be if to prepare for the trip in advance and learn more about the features (including climatic) of the places where you plan to visit.

Of advantages should be called a comfortable temperature, allowing for a few hours a day on the beach and a good tan by the end of the stay, the possibility of diving, Windsurfing and other water typessports.

The October weather is ideal for those interested in rock climbing, likes excursions, sightseeing (and there are Malta very much).

By the way, holidaymakers at this time becomes smaller, leaving young people (continuing education work), so tourists of middle age becomes more comfortable.

In Malta in autumn, you can improve your health: the centers of thalassotherapy uses the healing properties of seawater and algae treatments (including aging) that are most useful in the absence of summer heat.

Also important is the financial aspect - in the middle of autumn trip (travel services, hotel booking, tickets) will cost cheaper, than in the summer.

What clothes to take?

In October a light bag, unfortunately, never goes away. In the suitcase must be things for the beach (swimsuits, trunks, shawls to protect from the sun hats, sandals, cotton skirts, shorts, pants) and for excursions, day trips, Hiking in the mountains (track pants, sneakers or comfortable boots, jackets, long sleeve shirts, sweaters).

Even if you don't consider yourself athletic, comfortable clothing for cool evenings, it is necessary to take care of. It can be wool pants, cardigans, jumpers, closed shoes.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

Every day in October in Malta can bring new experiences. Diversity – one of the mottos of the holiday at this time of year.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

If someone is not satisfied with the sea temperature of +22-23 degrees (for many Russians it is appropriate), then spending time on the beach until the last few days of the month and go home with a terrific tan.

Sandy beaches are colored: white, pink, red, gold. There are also stony and pebble, they prefer lovers of secluded relaxation.

However, in Malta, and so does not apply the trouble with many of the resort – there are many kilometers of crowded beaches, but most of the available flying the Blue flag, confirming the purity and safety of coastal waters.

What to see and do?

It is impossible to ignore the capital Valletta is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. What I see here:

  1. the Grand master's Palace (the presidential residence);
  2. palaces Castillo and Parisio;
  3. Museum of military history of the island "Refuge of Lascaris";
  4. Museum of fine arts;
  5. Hastings gardens.

Take the time to walk – you will meet wonderful nature and Medieval traces at every step: FORTS, old streets, cathedrals. By the way, the last in Malta – 365 pieces, and one of the most famous, the Cathedral of St. John in Valletta, there is a picture painted by famous Italian painter Michelangelo Caravaggio.

chto posetit?

Many interesting buildings of antiquity preserved in Mdina (4,000 years), the former capital of Malta. And in the neighbouring village of Rabat, in the Cathedral Museum you can see works of dürer.

But perhaps the most amazing on the island – the so-called megalithic temples. Experts say that the more ancient stone buildings on Earth simply does not exist. They were constructed of huge boulders, and inside structures have been discovered such wonders as turned to stone skeletons of dwarf elephants.

In addition Malta offers tourists the island of Gozo with the citadel, preserved from the XVI century, cathedrals, windmills and stunning views of the coastal caves with clear water to reveal to man the fascinating world of corals.

Incidentally, in the first decade of the month, you can make a trip to the water Park near St Julian's and Bugibba, and to visit dolphinariums in "Mediterraneo Marine Park" (it is open all year round).

Want to visit a nightclub, a casino, a chic restaurant? Then go to St Julian's, here is half (or rather 500 pieces) all Maltese institutions of this kind.

Don't forget to purchase Souvenirs to commemorate the trip. Their choice is huge, and prices for every budget. Many knick-knacks and crafts appointment: towels, table cloths, bottle openers, plates. Here is a beautiful silver, coral and pearls.

Holidays and festivals

Interesting events this month are many:

  • Folk festivaldedicated to the history of the island in the first half of October;
  • the festival "White night" in Valletta with plenty of entertainment, served on the streettables – 4 Oct;
  • in the town of Vittoriosa – the Birgufest festival, a great music program, Museum exhibitions (with good discounts) – 10-12 number;
  • sailing the Mediterranean regatta – 13-25 October;
  • rally Prix Mdina – 9-12 October;
  • the knight parade in Valletta – 1, 22, 29 Oct;
  • The festival of chocolate in Ħamrun – 18 Oct.

See in this videowhat the weather is waiting for you in Malta in October: