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Stay with the child in Sochi: where to go and what to see, entertainment in the winter

kuda shodit s rebenkom v Sochi?

Sochi has long been the one of the best resort cities of Russia. Here every year attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.

First, compared to foreign resorts Sochi relatively inexpensive city. Secondly, there is the famous Black sea. Parents take children to have a good rest. Where to go in London with your child? For good rest this issue should be solved in advance.

Fun for kids - top best places

  1. Park Riviera. This place is a must visit for any tourist. Moreover, regardless of whether he comes with or without children. Here almost every day working sixty rides. The smallest will be interesting to ride on the carousel, which is in the Park very much.
  2. Sochi Park. Second place in popularity families with children. There are five lands, each of which is furnished under its own theme.

    Also rides, Sochi Park you can see circus performances, participate in games and quests to enjoy the spectacle of the puppet theatre.

    Three times a day there are interesting programs at the Dolphinarium which is very popular with children.

  3. top luchshih mest dlya otdyha v Sochi s detmi

  4. Marine zoo. In this place you can see all the details of how the fed, for example, Hippo. These animals are used for close views and do not pay any attention to them. In addition, there are other – crocodiles, sea lions, penguins, walruses.
  5. Arboretum. If the child interesting plant life, it is necessary to bring to this Park.
  6. Collected here are such plants and trees that one cannot see simultaneously in any other place. In addition, you can see the ostriches and fishes in the pond.

  7. Apery. This is the only place in Russia where there live hundreds of species of monkeys. Among them you can find hamadryas, macaques, green monkeys and baboons. It is not forbidden to treat animals with tasty food.
  8. Madagascar. Under this name lies a children's entertainment complex. Here you can find all the amusement rides for all ages, even for the youngest children. If you wish to eat in a local café.

Park Riviera is in the following video:

Family vacation: where to go and what to visit?

If you are traveling with a child in Sochi in the summer, then be sure to visit the local beaches. Otherwise, the rest will be defective. But it is worth rememberingthat during the tourist season, the beaches clogged, and you have to try to find a free place.

For parents with children on the beaches have special requirements. It concerns, basically, the official territories. On the wild beaches there are no rules, but security is greatly reduced. But they become every year less, since replaced by recreation. So stay on most of the beaches of Sochi – paid.

Best beaches for vacation with their children:

  • Lighthouse – it has a gentle entry into the sea, the depth increases gradually;
  • Seaside – today has the status of a very well-kept and clean;
  • Swallow – the entrance to the water is very comfortable underfoot, only a small pebble;
  • Pearl – the most comfortable, and, as a consequence, the most expensive beach in Sochi. But the security here is top notch, so for the child, parents worry is not necessary.

Also in Sochi and the Olympic Park, which was dubbed a snapshot of the local Disneyland. This is not surprising, as there will find something fun to not only children but also adults.

kuda eshe pojti s rebenkom v Sochi?

In the Sochi Disneyland, you can see all the Russian fairy-tale characters, familiar from childhood:

  • Koshchey Immortal;
  • The Firebird;
  • Baba Yaga;
  • Dragon;
  • The three heroes, and many others.

In addition, here the territory is divided into specific themes:

  • Ecological village;
  • Alley lights;
  • Enchanted forest;
  • A land of heroes;
  • Edge science fiction and science.

There are in the Olympic Park and attractions. Among them are roller coasters, carousel for children, Playground for games, mazes, and towns. In addition, regular laser show that will not leave anyone indifferent child.

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What else can you do in the summer in Sochi with your children? Options are possible

  1. Enjoy a stay in the centre Happylon for the whole family. The total area of the institution is about 4.5 square kilometers. On-site fit rides, videosimulyatory, slot machines, carousels, exciting mazes, and many other interesting places.
  2. Relax in the entertainment center Jung. There are also all that the children spent the vacation in benefit. This task implements a fun and professional animators. In the entertainment center, all decorated in a nautical style.
  3. Spend time in JuniorStars. For kids there are pools with balls, rides, trampolines, arcade games and more.
  4. To have fun in the games room "Jungle". This place can be found in the entertainment center atrium. Children here ride a rollercoaster, take part in sports, playing in the pool with balls. Also in the "Jungle" watching the latest cartoons, draw or simply play with each other.
  5. Visit the games room "Island Rio" at the Mall "Melody". Parents can leave their children with professional animators and babysitters. These people will provide every child a fun and exciting holiday.

What to do in the resort city in the winter?

chto delat v Sochi s detmi zimoj?

Is it possible to go to Sochi with a child in the winter and what is there to do? The answer is Yes! Winter holidays are no less spectacular than the summer. So, what you can do:

  • Ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. If the child is not able to stay on the piste, then it will help highly qualified instructor. You can also ride the lifts. They are on the rose farm.
  • To celebrate new year's eve. In winter, in Sochi, the parents walk with the kids and participate in mass games and competitions.
  • For a child this holiday gives you the opportunity to meet other children and fill my life with new emotions.

  • To go on themed tours. For example, visit the aquarium or admire the Olympic venues. In the evenings, parks with fountains with light and music.

Thus, a vacation in Sochi with children will remember for a long time. And no matter what time of the year, because in the city you can find entertainment always. Homecoming will be marked by a burst of energy and new emotions.