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What Thailand in October: weather and climate in Phuket, Pattaya, Samui

pogoda v Tajlande v oktyabre

For Thailand October is one of the most mild weather periods. Tropical countries don't like tourists excessive heat or periods of rain.

In this respect October is the optimum period, as the rains no longer of concern, but heat is not observed, although the country is filled with warmth and Sunny rays.

The abundance of monsoon provides no heat. Sometimes there is a refreshing coolness, mostly on the coast. In General, autumn in Thailand is the warm and clear Russian summer, so many tend to go in this country to enjoy swimming and beach holiday.

Than the typical October climate: temperature of air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

Sometimes October Thailand is characterized by high rainy and somewhere you can observe the indication of the abundance of rain and similar weather. Of course, you should see what the weather is predicted by meteorologists, but in reality , even near Sukhothai rains occur 2-4 times in October. Heavy rains and high humidity can be observed sometimes in Bangkok.

In General, the dynamics of temperatures is practically not observed during the Oct. In early October the average day temperature is around 30 degrees, and the evening – about 24 degrees. Closer to November, the average temperature may be reduced by only 1-2 degrees and this difference is almost not felt.

A more tangible factor is the periodic downpours. In General, the trend is that the closer you get to November, the less rain and closer to September felt the echoes of the rainy season. Accordingly, for the rest it is better to choose the period from the second third of October.

temperatura i klimat v Tajlande v oktyabre

Water almost everywhere is heated to 27 degrees during the day. October provides excellent conditions for swimming, although you should consider some details.

In particular, the rains and the monsoons can create the conditions. High waves are more like surfers than swimmers. While sunbathing on the beach is almost always nice and the beams are soft enough light cream so as not to scorch.

Features guests at this time

The main advantage of rest in this period is heat and no heat.

Of course, excursion programs advise you to move to the afternoon when not so hot, and the day to pay attention to a variety of water sports.

Here everyone can choose for themselves the exciting opportunities and interests:

  • yachting;
  • snorkeling;
  • diving;
  • bathing;
  • surfing;
  • just a beach holiday.

What clothes to bring?

As a rule, tourists prefer to relax in the Central and Northern regions of Thailand. There is rain in October, almost not observed, accordingly, it is necessary to take only light clothing.

If you travel closer to the South of Thailand, you should consider the possibility of rain, that is to take some kind of waterproof light jacket, sweater or something like that, although it is possible these items of clothing would be needed.

odezhda na otdyh v Tajlande a oktyabre

From actual clothing need to be noted:

  • easy pair of shoes: sneakers and sandals;
  • comfortable and ventilated outerwear.

In addition, take sun cream and beach accessories.

What to do?

If you want to do something interesting, pay attention to the following activities:

  • the festival of the locks in wax, which is an interesting cultural event with lots of entertainment and, of course, exhibition of the beautiful wax castles;
  • boat procession, which is a commemoration of the Lenten period in the country, basically the procession is carried out in the North-Eastern region of the country;
  • the annual Lotus festival on the territory of Bang phli;
  • festival of vegetarians in Phuket and in Pattaya in the second half of October, with Grand processions of ascetics;
  • jazz festival in Koh Samui andvarious other festivals throughout the country;
  • festival in Nong Khai, dedicated to the mystical tradition about the fire balls that appear close to the Mekong river in the full moon period.

Seasonal fruit

If you want exotic and explore the culture of the country, the fruits are quite interesting. In October you can try starfruit or carambola – yellow-green elongated fruits with plenty of vitamin C.

Of vitamin fruits should be encouraged and longkong, which is a lot of vitamins and useful components.

sezonnye frukty na otdyhe v Tajlande v etom mesyace

In addition in October last season pomelo and Sapodilla. You should try the pineapple, which is available throughout the year in Thailand offers diverse varieties. Try a papaya with no additives and in the famous somtam salad with shrimps, garlic and chili pepper.

Weather "painting" in the popular resorts

In the South-East of the country there is an optimal weather for a beach holiday. In particular in the territory of Phuket and Krabi, the average daytime temperature is around 30 degrees, and at night the temperature drops to 24 degrees.

Overall is quite comfortable to day to sunbathe and swim, and in the evening to perform exercise and to enjoy the light coolness.

A similar pattern is observed in Koh Samui, where 1-2 degrees warmer days and evenings. It should be noted , Pattaya and Bangkok, where pretty hot and the thermometer in the afternoon may indicate 33 degrees, and in the evening about 27. At the same time in cities (e.g. Bangkok) day, as a rule, more heat is felt when you are not relaxing on the beach.

If you choose the most comfortable conditions for your Spa holiday, you should look at such options as:

  • Samui;
  • Ko Tao;
  • Phangan.

There is an optimal combination of warmth, lack of rain and coolness.

Weather in October in Phuket - in the following video:

Tourist memo

  1. The main advicethat I would give to tourists who are planning a trip to Thailand in October, if you want comfortable and fun to relax, October is the best option. This period allows interested to enjoy and excursions program, and beach holiday.
  2. Now let's say about the more practical aspects of the holiday. Before the trip, bring dollars in large denominations. Exchange dollars major denomination in Thailand is cheaper compared to exchange small bills for local Thai money.
  3. Don't worry about the fees at the airports. Such service charges are levied from citizens and non-residents, although the cost of maintenance is relatively small – no more than ten dollars.
  4. Culture of Thailand in a certain way different from the culture of other countries and should know the peculiarities of the country.

    pamyatka turistam po otdyhu v Tajlande v oktyabre

    In order to feel comfortable in the company of the Thai people should not learn the language of the country. You only one word Wai, which is a respectful greeting, like the Indian Namaste.

    In addition, the company Thais do not specify anywhere the feet and stepping on objects or something like that. Feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body and in the understanding of the Thai people, pointing somewhere down, you defile that which indicate, Express disrespect.

  5. Unlike the legs, the head is considered a clean part of the body and therefore you should not touch the heads of Thais nothing at all.

  6. While in Thailand in October, you can be somewhere to enjoy a relatively free beaches, this period starts on travel period. Therefore, you should purchase apartments in the hotel.