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Weather and temperature in October in Turkey: Kemer, Alanya

Pogoda v Turcii v oktyabre

In Turkey the autumn season and the tourist boom are officially closing in October. Gradually decreasing the temperature and the weather reminds of autumn.

Frequent guests of the autumn Turkey be plentiful and the rains, which by the end of the month contribute to a tangible cooling of the water temperature and air.

What is the weather and temperature in October?

The beginning of October in Turkey is conducive to an active beach holiday. The day temperature in the first week or two kept at around 26-28⁰C, night – 18-19⁰S. The water warms up to 24-25⁰S.

Gradually, with the advent of the rainy season, the temperature is reduced (21-23⁰S day, 16-17⁰S night, 23-24⁰S water) and by the end of month set day 19-20⁰S, 13-15⁰S night and 22-23⁰S water temperature.

Pogoda i temperatura

Where to spend time?

One of the advantages of a holiday in October – is a reduction in the flow of tourists, which contributes to lower prices for accommodation.

There is no doubt, in a fabulous Turkey in autumn is not only beautiful, but also you can find entertainment to their liking.


Weather in Turkey in October is favorable for trips. You can take a journey through the mysterious placesin the country quite a lot: the mystical Troy and the valley of Cappadocia, an ancient Konya, where she was born Paraskeva Pyatnitsa and the ruins of Miletus.

Of particular interest are the ruins of the Temple of Artemis in ancient Ephesus, in Ephesus, completed his earthly journey the virgin Mary.

The Eastern part of Turkey also attracts attractions in the fall. Near lake van, mount Nemrut here were erected the temples and tombs are surrounded by huge sculptures of Oriental and Greek gods.

The lake itself is shrouded in mysticism – believed in him dwells the unknown creature that was able to remove the Japanese carriers in 1997.

The pearl of Turkey is the city of Istanbul, not just a city, but the Museum under the open sky, breathing a long history.

Of particular value here are the Blue mosque – a unique architectural structure, the Hagia Sophia – a symbol of greatness of the Byzantine Empire and the example of the architecture of this power, as well as Sultanahmet – Istanbul's historic centre and its main square.

You can hardly see anywhere else such a number of attractions within one area – the ancient Greek column, obelisk of Theodosius, the elegant fountain and much more.

Gde provesti vremya: dostoprimechatelnosti

Festivals and celebrations

Holidays and festivals in Turkey are divided into religious and secular. 15 October annually celebrate the New year at Hige. This is the first day of the Holy month in which you want to perform pious activities, special ritual dances and chants.

For 10 night this month, on 24 October, comes the feast of Ashura. In the Turkish Republic this celebration is not official, but it is widely celebrated by the Shiite alawites and the Sunnis.

On the occasion to prepare a special sweet pudding of nuts, raisins and cereals, which is also called Ashura.

Throughout the country every year October 29 is Republic Day – the date when there was the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and Turkey became a Republic.

The evening of the 28th begins the solemn events, and a day of celebration in the streets of festive processions and events.

Despite the fact that festivals and exhibitions in October is carried out infrequently, tourists are not bored. In Turkey a huge number of zoos, water parks and dolphinariums, which will give a lot of positive emotions.

Festivali i prazdniki

What to do?


The imagination of the tourists are striking excursions to the antique cities and places with amazing natural phenomena. October is the perfect timeto fully enjoy the fascinating trips to these parts of Turkey.

Pamukkale – "Cotton castle". According to the legend, snow rock is the cotton crop, harvested mythical titans. Here is the entrance to the underworld.

Hot springsthis amazing place have no analogues in the world. With a hiss of volcanic plateaus erupting hot streams of water, enriched with calcium, and rolling down snow-covered rocks. This fantastic landscape makes an incredible impression.

On top of the mountain in Pamukkale there is still a Cleopatra bath, known for its rejuvenating and healing properties.

Kekova. The tour of this island is on the boat over the sunken ancient city of Simena, where the Board through the water you can enjoy a rare sight – the ruins of the underwater city.

Cappadocia. Place, which has no analogues in the world. The landscape of the area is amazing, the rocks are reminiscent of mythical creatures and heroes.

The phenomenon is that it is a unique natural formation, the creation of which there has been a human hand.

Phaselis. A fascinating tour at the foot of mount Olympus according to ancient monuments and ruins of ancient civilizations. One of the legends says that Alexander the great is buried here.

The ruins of the temple of Athena, where, according to legend, was the spear of Achilles, is still preserved in this place.

The mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Conceived as the tomb of Mausolus, the mausoleum became one of the wonders of the world. To our days it has not been preserved, but even the ruins of produce for tourists a special experience.

Konya. Only the ancient city, where life never stopped. Here you can see the ancient structures as they were created by outstanding architects. In the integrity and security.

It is believed that in this city is buried the great Plato.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Relax on the beach

On a beach holiday in the last days of the velvet seasons you need to go to the resorts of the Mediterranean coast. In autumn the temperature is higher than the Aegean sea, windless weather, soft sun and calm sea.

In October the beach season gradually nearing completion, there is a great influx of tourists, wild life resorts ends.

A vacation with children to better plan for the beginning of the month, because at the end of October water for bathing is quite cool, and children's programs are becoming rare.

Turkey in October is amazing. At this time, you can not only enjoy a beach holiday, but also to get acquainted with the amazing and unique attractions of the time of the ancient civilizations.

Mild autumn weather not only will not spoil the rest, but will fill it with coziness and comfort.

A holiday in Turkey.