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The Netherlands: what is the weather in Holland, Amsterdam at the beginning of the end of October?

pogoda v Amsterdame v oktyabre

Weather in Amsterdam in October, real autumn – often fogs and drizzling rains, but the number of clear and warm days enough.

Despite the frequent rains of tourists in the Netherlands this time of year quite a lot – the temperature is favorable for sightseeing and walking around Amsterdam.

October in the Netherlands

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October in the Netherlands is considered the season of heavy rains , the humidity in this time of year reaches the maximum.

Despite the abundance of rainy days, the weather in the Netherlands in October remains warm.

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The overall Outlook for the country

For Oct typical sudden changes of the temperature of the air during the day. The temperature may be equal to +16-20 degrees Celsius and at night drop to zero. Therefore, in the night-time frequent frosts and morning fogs.

Cloudy weather prevails most of the month, and even when no rains fall, the sun rarely appears.

In the beginning of the month, temperatures across the country is equal to 21-23 degrees during the day and +14-15 degrees at night. In the middle and the end of October the day temperature is +16-13 degrees.

Weather and temperature in Amsterdam

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In the first half of the month in North Holland and Amsterdam reigns with quite warm weather – air temperature is equal to +15-17 degrees by day and 7-9 degrees at night. In the second half of October the temperature is markedly reduced and is +10-12 degrees during the day and +2-4 degrees at night.

In October in Amsterdam is very changeable weather – one day it is possible to observe and cloudy, rainy weather, and clear, and Sunny. According to statistics, in October in Amsterdam is about 7 days of sunshine.

For Oct also characterized by piercing winds, morning fogs and high humidity.

Possible autumn vacation?

Changeable weather capital of the Netherlands discourages travellers in October, the streets of Amsterdam is still filled with tourists. The rest fall in Amsterdam has some of the features that every self-respecting traveler should learn before crossing the border of the Netherlands.

The pros and cons

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Among the advantages of a holiday in Amsterdam in October are the following:

  • comfortable for walking and sightseeing air temperature;
  • the decrease in the number of tourists compared to the summer period;
  • reduction of prices for tourist services and housing;
  • the opportunity to visit cultural and historical sights to until it gets too cold;
  • colourful night life, which is in October, still not time to fade.

Among the disadvantages of visiting the capital of the Netherlands in October are the following:

  1. changeable weather, high humidity, which can cause discomfort;
  2. queues at the ticket counter of cultural institutions and public cafes – despite the fact that the number of tourists has decreased significantly, they have not disappeared altogether, and there are often queues for popular theatres or museums.

How to dress?

If you are going to visit Amsterdam in October, it is first necessary to take care of your health and comfort. For this you need to put in the suitcase waterproof pair of shoes (rubber boots will be most welcome), raincoat or umbrella, the jacket of waterproof fabric and at least one sweater.

Really hot days inOctober is not worth the wait, so it is better to refuse from t-shirts and outdoor jackets. From the wind practical tourist will save light scarf or stole.

What to do at this time?

chto posmotret?

Autumn surely comes into its own, but the city still leads a busy life.

Day anyone can visit the sights and participate in special events and night to explore the nightlife of the "city of freedom".

What to see and do?

A popular pastime in Amsterdam is Cycling. The Netherlands is a democratic country, so the bikes here ride everything from the Minister to the plumbing. Bike rental is possible on almost any corner for a nominal sum.

Amsterdam – city of canals with many bridges, around which it is simply impossible. On the channels of the obtained scenic images and love the people here will be able to create a real romantic atmosphere.

As for cultural attractions, in Amsterdam you can visit:

  • the famous Madame Tussaud;
  • van Gogh Museum;
  • Royal Palace;
  • The old Church with the grave of the wife of Rembrandt;
  • the house-Museum of Anne Frank;
  • scandalous Red light district.

You can also try to swallow salt herring entirely, as the locals do. Perhaps the first attempt does not work, but it helps to feel the spirit of the country. And after herring to try a glass of local beer, of which there are about three dozen varieties.

On weekends often hosts fairs or competitions on roller skates or skateboards. For lovers of night life in Amsterdam there are a large number of night clubs and bars.

Holidays and festivals

In October in Amsterdam arranged a Festival of dancethat lasts at least five days. Professionals and Amateurs trying their hand at more than 80 venues throughout the city. During the festival, loud music, and all the spectators the opportunity to witness a truly awesome sight.

On the eve of All Saints Day the streets of Amsterdam are filled with young people dressed in costumes of evil spirits and other frightening characters. In mid-October for festivals of Japanese and African cultures, and child and beer festivals.

See in this videowhat the weather can be in Amsterdam in October: