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Weather and temperature in Antalya in the beginning and the end of October

pogoda v oktyabre v Antalii

Antalya is one of the most popular resorts of Turkey, where hundreds of travelers from all over the world come to relax and have fun. It is especially popular tourist destination in autumn when the first cold spell encouraged to think about the rest in warm countries.

Weather in October in Antalya is very comfortable for a visit to this Mediterranean resort.

Weather in October in Antalya

pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni

Weather conditions in Antalya are very different from those we know at home, so before you travel with them worth knowing.

The average temperature of air and water

Weather in Antalya in October, pleases extraordinary warmth: in the afternoon the thermometer rises to an average of +28,3°C and at night drops only slightly – to the level of 20.2°C.

The maximum recorded air temperature was 32°C and the minimum value is equal to 18°C.

The average water temperature in the Mediterranean is equal to +25.4°C, but there may be minor variations in the range 23 to 26°C. At the end of October the temperature readings of both air and water are gradually falling: in the afternoon the street was not more than +24°C, and swim in the sea will have at +20-22°C. at night in the last week of the month is getting pretty cool up to +13°C, so warm clothes could be very good.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti temperaturnogo rezhima

In October in Antalya are usually quite Sunny, but you should be prepared for the fact that overcast and cloudy days is not uncommon. The average rainfall for the month is 41.1 mm, and the force of the wind remains at 2.5 m/s. the Number of Sunny hours per day is 10.

In the first half of October generally is very warm, clear and windless weather, however, towards the end of the month possible hurricane storm and rain, accompanied by a small cold. The average number of rainy days per month is equal to 5-7.

Autumn rest

If you can make a vacation only in autumn, should not vary: a trip to Antalya in October is a great way to extend summer, swim, sunbathe and just relax.


Those who doubt whether to spend the money on a trip to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in October, you should not hesitate. To make the right decision will help the following list of advantages of this holiday:

  • The lack of extreme heat and heatwhen it is so easy to be badly burned or get sun stroke;
  • Comfortable temperature of water and air will suit absolutely everyone, even small children, if you are planning a family vacation;
  • The lowest prices on tickets and rooms in hotel: beach season ends and the guests of Antalya will be offered very nice discounts;
  • The absence of crowds of tourists on the beaches, in hotels and on the streets, that will certainly appeal to those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle.

To spoil the holiday in October, can only be rain, but in this case the situation can save indoor entertainment complexes, swimming pools and much more.

How to dress?

chto vzyat s soboj?

In case of a sudden looked out of an active sun does not hurt to take sunglasses, sunscreen and umbrella. However, by mid-October, the coolness makes itself felt, so that in the suitcase is to pack a warm sweater, a jacket, a vest or jacket, sneakers, pants or jeans, and a raincoat in case of rain.

If you are going to tan, be sure to bring your swimsuit and beach Slippers.


What to do this month?

Some travellers beach holidays boring very quickly. Therefore, in order not to be bored at the hotel, you should look for other entertainment.

In October in Antalya, besides visiting the beach you will be able to do the following:

  1. Just take a stroll along the seaside, enjoying the silence and the sound of the surf;
  2. To visit the attractions of the city such as the clock tower Saat Kulesi, mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasha mosque and Iskele, the ancient Hadrian's gate and the ruins of the fortress walls, Kesik minaret and other interesting monuments of the city. You can take a tour with a guide, to learn more about the city;
  3. To attend the International film festival "Golden orange", which is held here in October. At the festival you will be able to see the latest movie made by filmmakers from around the world that show in movie theaters and outdoor sites;
  4. Play Golf on one of the best courses in the world, which belongs to the tourist complex Lykia World Antalya;
  5. To go to the famous markets with the most affordable prices for gifts and Souvenirs.

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