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Holidays in Belek: what is the weather, temperature of air and water in October?

pogoda v Beleke v oktyabre

Belek is the most fashionable tourist resort on the Antalya coast of Turkey. Tourists come here to enjoy a luxurious vacation on the sandy beaches as well as amenities and infrastructure, ensuring that your vacation will be unforgettable.

What is the weather like in October in Belek?

While other resorts of the Mediterranean reigns this autumn in Belek is great weather, allowing you to swim, sunbathe and stroll along the iconic Turkish attractions.

The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and at the end of the month

oktyabrskaya temperatura vozduha i vody

October in Belek – this is the continuation of the velvet season, during which the resort reigns perfect weather.

The difference from the previous month there is only that can suddenly go the rains that do not last long.

Otherwise, the resort is beautiful weather, a relaxed beach holiday – the main reason tourists visit Turkey.

Weather in the first half of the month is so warm that more closely resembles the heat of the summer resorts of Russia. The sun bakes already not as much as in the summer months, but in the resort there are all conditions in order to swim and sunbathe.

The temperature in Belek day warms up to 24-31°C, and that in the court of autumn, reminiscent of intermittent showers and storms, which are only two or three times a month or less. At night it becomes not very cool. The thermometer drops to the level of 17-23 degrees.

The sea still comes to bathing. The average water temperature is +25 degrees, and during the month it is cooled by only one or two degrees. Thanks to these figures, the autumn holidays in Belek favorable to travel with children.

In the second half of October the situation changed, but not much. In the afternoon the streets became a little cooler, the air warms up to +26 degrees. At night the temperature falls to the level of 15 degrees, and at this time it becomes noticeably cooler.

The temperature of the water in the second half of October approaching 23 degrees, but if the water and become a bit cool, you always have the opportunity to book hotelin which guests provide their own pool with heated water.

The particular weather conditions

Osobennosti pogody na kurorte

Overall, weather conditions in October are perfect for a complete beach holiday in Belek, as the nice weather here lasts until November.

Due to high temperature readings, as well as the refreshing wind and a short rain, this allows you to spend time at the resort.


Despite the fact that Belek is only 25 kilometers from Antalya, the climate of the resort is much softer and nicer, and according to statistics, over the last couple of years the number of clear and cloudy days has made 100% and 0%, respectively.

The advantages of visiting this time

October is a great time to vacation in October. This month here is not so hotas in summer but not so cold as expected in the following months. Velvet season in full swing, so tourists get to enjoy all the benefits of sun, warm sea and clean air.

Unlike previous months, the cost of tours, and the price of booking flights and rooms in hotels becomes much cheaper. However, the service for tourists continues to be on the same level.

Book rooms in hotels of Turkey with the search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


In the daytime, there are many sightseeing tours, cafes with national cuisine and there are various fairs. In the evening and till the morning in Belek opened clubs and discos.

What clothes to bring?

kakie predmety odezhdy brat?

Since October heralds the hot weather, the Turkish resort is sure to bring a swimsuit and a headdress.

Of everyday things will be useful for t-shirts, light dresses and shoes and shorts.

In the second half of the month the trip will be useful for little more than warm clothing for cool evenings, such as pants and light sweater.

What to do?

Holidays in Belek are incredibly interesting in any season, starting with beach activities and ending with exciting excursions. If this gets boring, you always have the opportunity to go to a neighboring city – Antalya or side.

Entertainment and excursions

razvlecheniya v akvaparke

Belek is a relatively young resort, but even for a short time he managed to win the hearts of tourists. There are no historical attractions, but vacationers in the first place, the impressive nature of this place and the sandy beaches.

Tourists who prefer active rest, go to Belek to go mountain climbing, riding or Golf.

The city is the beauty of eucalyptus, cedar and pine forests of the Park is "köprülü Canyon", which is inhabited by rare species of animals and birds. Here are regularly organized excursions.

Among the variety of entertainment in Belek incredibly popular:

  • Water Park "Troy" on the territory of the hotel "Rixos Premium Belek";
  • Rafting on a mountain river Koprucay;
  • Diving to the mysterious caves and mysterious shipwrecks;
  • Reserve with giant eggs turtles Caretta-Caretta.

Nearest historical attractions are located close to Belek. Enough only half an hour drive to get among the ruins of the ancient city of Perge, side or Aspendos. Here is preserved the atmosphere of Antiquity and Greco-Roman remains of cities Dating from the X century BC.

Holidays and festivals

prazdnovanie dnya respubliki

During the month of October in Belek quietly enough. Weekend hosts various fairs.

The end of the month is accompanied by a striking event on a national scale. Turkey celebrates October 29 Republic day. This holiday was founded in 1923, when the country officially became the Republic of Turkey.

The main feature of the holiday, national flags everywhere as well as colorful processions and parades. In the evening, in every city, including Belek, organize festive concerts and fireworks.

Belek is an excellent choice for a holiday in October. This young resort has all the, what used to tourists choosing Turkey. Here wonderful nature, luxurious sandy beaches and a perfect climate for a successful holiday in the autumn.

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