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Holidays in the Czech Republic: what is the weather and temperature in Prague in late October?

pogoda v CHehii v oktyabre

Weather in October in the Czech Republic is the period of the off-season. This time attracts tourists due to low prices for tours and accommodation and even some of the vagaries of the weather will not scare curious travelers.

What is the weather like in October in the Czech Republic?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni?

Weather in October in the Czech Republic is quite changeable – if at the beginning of the month the weather can delight the residents and guests of the Sunny days, just a couple of weeks things can change dramatically for the worse.

For the end of October in the Czech Republic characteristic penetrating winds and heavy rains.

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The average temperature

The average temperature in October on resorts of the country is +8-12 degrees Celsius. In the beginning of the month the temperature rises to 20 degrees in Prague and in Brno and in Hradec králové is a bit warmer – the temperature rises to 25 degrees.

By mid-month, the average temperature in the country drops to +10 degrees in Prague, the average temperature is +12 degrees, in Karlovy vary - 8 degrees. By the end of the month, the temperature falls to +4-6 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

For the month of October in the Czech Republic is characterized by abundant precipitation, gusts of chilly wind, the alternation of cloudy and Sunny days.

At the end of the month in the country shed a lot of rain that last for long.

The October holiday

It October is considered the best time for rest in Czech Republic. Why? Let's face it.

The pros and cons

Among the advantages of visiting the Czech Republic in the second month of autumn include:

  • low price tours and rental housing, discounts on Souvenirs and things;
  • rich excursion program, many scenic historic and cultural attractions that are worth visiting;
  • comfortable weather for traveling – not too warm and not too cold;
  • the possibility of active rest and recovery of body at health resorts;
  • the opportunity to try the famous Czech beer.

preimushestva i nedostatki

Among the disadvantages of rest include:

  1. the lack of night life – most of the schools closed 22-23 hours;
  2. the dirt on the streets away from the historic centre;
  3. a lot of Russian speech.

Whatever it was, but the advantages of visiting the Czech Republic is still more than minuses.

How to dress?

Clothing in Czech Republic is better to take as comfortable as possible. Shoes better to choose a model without heels and with thick soles – after all, tourists have to walk on the stone pavement.

Of clothing is best to choose casual and comfortable, don't forget to put in the suitcase a light sweater or light jacket and a compact umbrella.

What to do in the country this month?

In October in the Czech Republic to any traveler open to several ways of spending time is to visit the architectural and cultural monuments, admiring natural landscapes, visits to outlets and showrooms, visits to museums and tasting of national dishes and drinks.

Excursions and entertainment

dostoprimechatelnosti i razvlecheniya

Czech Republic is rich in its architectural creations and Gothic castles. Basic tours are held in the historic centres of Brno andPrague.

For her health, there are health resorts – the famous Karlovy vary, Marianske Lazne and others.

For children it will be interesting to visit the Prague zoo, a French garden and a ride on the funicular. Adults will be curious to visit the Franz Kafka Museum, Mucha Museum.

Popular among tourists and dancing fountains show, which runs until the end of October. In addition, the Czech Republic is famous for its shopping – in the midst of autumn here, huge discounts on many interesting models.

But the best entertainment is walking on the cobblestone streets of Prague, Brno and other attractions of Czech towns.

Holidays and festivals

In October in the whole Czech Republic celebrated the Feast of the wine - tasting beverage the best manufacturers of the country. Events are held across the country, in Prague this is happening near the Chateau.

In late October in the Czech Republic held the international festival of jazz music. The main scenes are in Prague.

On 28 October the country celebrates the feast Day of the Republic, accompanied by processions, marches and folk songs, gatherings at local restaurants and pubs.

See in this videowhat the weather is in the Czech Republic in October: