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Weather in October in Montenegro: climate, temperature, holidays in Tivat and Budva

pogoda v oktyabre v CHernogorii

Montenegroa surprisingly beautiful country, where almost no industry, and mountains, canyons, rivers and coast clean sea attract tourists at any time of the year.

And although, as a rule, the holiday season lasts about six months, not one month, it is not necessary to exclude from the possible periods of stay in this country, should only know and take into account the seasonal characteristics of the weather.

The climate of the country at this time - what is it?

Climatic conditions in this country differ in different parts: on the Adriatic coast, on the flat part of the country with the capital Podgorica and in mountainous areas.

  • In the Northern part of the temperate continental climate;
  • on the coast - the sea, with hot summers and plenty of precipitation;
  • in the Central part of the temperate climate is transitional between continental and Maritime.

In October the number of rainy days in coastal resorts increased. Precipitation may fall for weeks, as the relief of the coast with picturesque coves, bays and mountain ranges conducive to clouds and lots of rain. In the plains at this time can be Sunny and windless weather.

klimat CHernogorii v oktyabre

The temperature of the air and water in Tivat, Budva and other popular resorts

In early October, still warm, although the summer heat anymore. In the sea you can swim until late October and even into mid-November - the sea water is still warm, + 20 ...+ 21 °C only 6-7 degrees below the maximum temperature level of sea water (26 °C).

The resort of Tivat , the average day temperature of 21°C, in Budva in the afternoon 21°C, in the capital Podgorica – in the afternoon +19...+21°C, night anywhere from 11 to 13°C.

The first week of the month is traditionally a warm - in Bar and Budva day +26...+27 °C, at night temperature drops to +13...+15 °C From mid-October, the temperature in the popular Budva day +21°C, night 13 °C.

In Kotor the weather conditions are similar, here in the afternoon about +20.5 °C, and at night +11,2°C. the Bar in the afternoon to +21,3 °C at night +14,8 °C. there Are more cool days.

In Herceg Novi, located in the southern part of the Adriatic, in mid-October is rainy, thunderstorm, frequent fogs and clouds. The range of mean daytime temperature is in the range between 13℃ and 20℃. The water temperature ranges from +21 to +22 degrees. The first week of October is usually the warmest. The fresh cool wind – a frequent occurrence in this area.

Weather on the beach of Montenegro in Budva in October 2015 - in the following video:

Features vacation in this month

The second month of autumn completes the hot beach season. In the resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Montenegro is still warm, but in mountainous areas are colder than coastal.

Fans of the "velvet" holiday still catch in the first half of the month fine weather, but it depends on the case.

What distinguishes a stay in October:

  • Every day it becomes colder, the winds stronger, start storms, more overcast days.
  • A feature of holidays in October is the silence and solitude resorts. Part of cafes and restaurants from mid-October closing.
  • In different cities in October 20 to 25 days of sunshine. The rest of the time overcast and raining.
  • The most rainy places in Bar, Budva and Kotor. At the Bar drop the most rainfall is about 140 mm.
  • On rainy days it is good to take tours, visit museums, organize trips and explore the sights.

Those who decided to vacation in Montenegro in October, please bring warm clothes , windbreaker, jacket, jumpers. Women help out in the evenings and warm lightweight shawl. Umbrella to take necessary as the likely rainy weather, and on the coast there are even showers. Useful waterproof comfortable shoes.

In October continues the fruit season. In abundance in the markets offer gifts of autumn melons andwatermelons, figs, kiwi, persimmons. On the verandas of houses in big clusters grow kiwifruit, there are pomegranate trees, citrus and grapes. Figs and grapes are very tasty, they are environmentally friendly, tasty and healthy.

osobennosti otdyha v CHernogorii v eto vremya

What to do in the vacation?

Weather conditions in October are quite suitable in order to have time to sunbathe and swim in the sea. As soon as the weather will begin to deteriorate, can be fun to spend time on excursions and festivals. Worth a walk on foot, wander the streets of ancient cities.

Soft cool features movable to an active cognitive rest, so October is the best time to learn the history and features of the country, its traditions and culture. Have the opportunity to visit neighboring countries - Albania, Croatia or Macedonia


In Montenegro, the guide has something to tell the tourists is the country with a charming romantic citiesthat are located quite close to each other. When there is no heat, it's nice to walk through the cobbled streets, explore museums, castles and monuments.

In the town of Herceg-Novi, you must visit on the tour in a huge Botanical garden: here are just some of the thousands of exotic plants. In the Botanical garden hosts flower shows and festivals.

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Montenegro in October – a kind of territory with numerous holidays. The end of the holiday season here it is accepted to celebrate live entertainment, concerts, fancy-dress processions. On such holidays offer local beer and wine, fish dishes.

chem zanyatsya v otpuske v CHernogorii v oktyabre - prazdniki

In the last days of the month in Budva, you can see costumed celebration "witch's night". Everyone has the opportunity to come to the event in costume and win a prize.


More than half a century held the festival in Budva - Siron. The festival is dedicated to seafood – fish Chiron. This is a fun delicious treat, with a rich cultural and entertainment program, and tasting special holiday meals. All passers-by are treated to grilled fish on the street. Date of the festival depends on the weather, usually the first or second week of October.

Regularly the Podgorica-based marathon competition, marathon international class. In the framework of the race is the race for 5 km, to participate in which can be anyone.

October in Montenegro – any month to expand your horizons, have fun on the holidays and maybe catch enough to sunbathe and swim.