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Vacation in the Dominican Republic: what's the weather like, temperature of water and fruit in October?

pogoda v Dominikane v oktyabre

The Dominican Republic is an all – encompassing serenity, surrounded by pristine Caribbean sea, pearly beaches with swaying coconut trees and old buildings with a slight touch of exciting stories.


Klimat v Dominikane

No wonder the Dominican Republic is called Paradise, where there is endless summer. Due to its location and climate, this country, no matter the season, sun. There are no sweltering heat, typical of the tropical resorts. Sea breezes and trade winds make it very easy to carry it, and the daytime temperature is 25 degrees creates a unique microclimate.

Tropical and humid climate of the Dominican Republic prevails almost all year round, but like everywhere, there are some differences between summer and winter.

Starting from November until April in the whole country reigns the"high season", which is characterized by low humidity and cool refreshing evenings.

In the resort area (near the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean) the day temperature reaches +28 degrees, and in the evening +20°C. sea Temperature at this time is still two degrees above the daily indicators, as ocean water temperatures are cooler.

The summer wet seasonthat can hardly be called "low", starts in may and lasts until October. During this period the average daytime temperature rises to 31°C and at night drops to +22°C. the Distinctive feature of the hot season is high humidity, where high temperature are much greater, and moving it becomes more difficult.

Tropical storms, typical for this period over as quickly as it began. After half an hour after it began, a feeling that rain was not – everything around is also Sunny and dry.

Relaxing in the summer time ruining stormsthat can move through a particular region, as well as strong hurricanes, characteristic of countries located in the Caribbean. The greatest activity they achieve in August and September.

In the mountainous regions of the Dominican Republic the climate is cooler, and on the high slopes of the temperature show a mark below zero. In addition, on the slopes much more rain falls than on the plains and in the coastal zone.

What is the temperature in October?

Temperatura vozduha i vody v oktyabre

October is a transitional month from low season to high, so it has unstable weather. However, you can go on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

October is unpredictable and quite changeable, but this does not prevent travelers to spend their holidays here.

The beginning of the month is characterized by hot weather conditions, but starting from the middle of October the temperature decreases and rains occur less often.

In the first half of October can still feel the influence of the rainy season. The temperature in the day rises to +31°C, and at night drops to +22 degrees. During this period seawater temperature warms up to +29 degrees. Still, the probability that it will suddenly rain.

Precipitation in October in the Dominican Republic falls mainly in the morning or in the afternoon. For example, at 8 in the morning can be Sunny weather, and in 10 hours dramatically rain. Often thunderstorms occur in the Caribbean. In the resorts of the Atlantic ocean during this period, less humid.

The second half of October is becoming more favourable for rest, as the weather starts to improve, particularly after the twentieth of. Mostly, this happens due to the lack of rainfall. The day temperature remains the same – 31°C at night, +22 degrees. Sea water remains comfortable for swimming, pleasing indicators in 29 degrees.

See in this video, what's the weather like in October in the Dominican Republic:


The particular weather conditions

Regardless of the temperature and precipitation, October is a welcome month for tourists, thanks to the stable temperature of air and water. Unlike other resorts in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic does not suffer from hurricanes, but torrential rain can go only occasionally.

The first couple of days of increased humidity can be felt, but it is easy to get used to, because the discomfort "bath Ghost" the sound is muffled. However, people with heart disease or respiratory system the weather is contraindicated.

How to dress?

Hardly on vacation in the Dominican Republic in October will be useful for warm clothing, because here is never cool even when it rains or at night. But we should take an umbrella – it would not be amiss in the journey. Also do not forget about the hats, despite the fact that the sun is not so aggressive as in previous months.

Going to this resort, is to put a suitcase in swimsuit and sunscreen. Mid – autumn is not the best period for excursions or boating, but to swim here in this period is very comfortable.

What fruits grow in that time?

Kakie frukty guanabana rastut?

In the Dominican Republic grows a great variety of fruits, starting with the beloved orange and zapote ending unknown. They perfectly replace the desserts, because they have a pleasant sweet taste and delicate aroma.

A holiday in the Caribbean in October will not be without the traditional coconuts, bananas and pineapples. Always abound:

  • Mango;
  • Passion fruit;
  • Avocado;
  • Mamon;
  • Caimito;
  • Nispero;
  • Soursop.

The fresh ones are sold in local markets.


The Dominican Republic is the leader among Caribbean countries, thanks to the mild climate, modern infrastructure and opportunities to rest safely. The climatic conditions of the resort perfect for sunbathing, the long-awaited swimming, scuba diving or any other active sports.

Advantages of a holiday in October

The main advantage of rest in the middle of autumn in a country where eternal summer reigns, this is the perfect Dominican climate. While in the European countries keeps the cool autumn weather in the Dominican Republic seawater pleases indicators in 29 degrees, and the difference between being on the shore and in the water almost non-existent.

Because of windless weather, tourists can enjoy a long diving in the Caribbean or surfing in the Atlantic ocean.

The low season is a great opportunity to save on a tourist trip, but not as comfortable. Trips to the Dominican Republic in October are a bit more expensive than September, but much cheaper than December. During this period to buy a plane ticket and rent a room at the hotel at a very attractive cost. Despite the low prices, the Dominicans are trying to provide travelers a high world-class service.

The offseason is great for fans of secluded and quiet, as in the Dominican Republic at this time there is not so many tourists. Half-empty hotels and beaches will be a definite plus. In addition, this resort is so popular the "high" season that in order to get here in December , many are beginning to book hotel rooms since the summer. Thus, in October to be here much easier.

What better resort to relax?

Kakoj kurort vybrat dlya otdyha?

Planning a vacation in the Dominican Republic, it is worth remembering that the high humidity felt in the capital of the country – Santo Domingo, less so in La Romana and almost not noticeable in Monte Cristo. This is due to the fact that the resorts located along the Caribbean sea is more exposed to precipitation, in contrast to those that are on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

For the rest it is better to choose:

  • Punta Cana is the ideal place for family or romantic holiday;
  • Puerto Plata – a complex of three resorts – Cabarete, Sosua and Playa Dorada;
  • Samana is the most mysterious and quiet resort, reminiscent of a desert island.

As can be seen, even in the offseason you can find a wonderful resort in the Dominican Republic where you can excellent time.

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What to do?

The main reason why many tourists choose the Dominican Republic – beach rest and diving, but in addition to these opportunities, there is a lot of interesting entertainment.

Beach vacation

Despite the possibility of rain, temperature of water and air to a long stay in the luxurious Dominican beaches. The water here warms up so that there is no feeling that it is "refreshing" when you come inher. This condition is very like relaxing on the coast.

The most suitable for a beach holiday are the beaches of Puerto Plata:

  1. Playa Grande;
  2. Playa Dorada;
  3. Cabarete;
  4. Bay Of Cofresi;
  5. Amber shore;
  6. Sosua;
  7. Luperon.

For a beach holiday is better to choose hotels, which are located near the coast in case if suddenly the rain starts and will have to quickly get away from him. In the extreme case, all the hotels have private swimming pools.

To choose a suitable hotel will help you this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Entertainment and excursions

Vacation in the Dominican Republic are always bright impressions and emotions. Always warm water allows for a long time to immerse, to explore the so-called "Dominican Bahamas". In the area of Puerto Plata has sunk many pirate ships, so there is something to see.

If the weather permits (especially in the second half of October), you can go on excursions on luxury and primitive national parks and reserves of the country, such as Armando bermúdez, Los ITunes or Jaragua.

Very interesting is a trip to the capital Santo Domingo, where there is the opportunity to enjoy the historic architecture of the city, and visit several museums, hiding them from the heat.

Holidays and festivals


Once in the Dominican Republic in October, travelers will be lucky enough to be at the Jazz festival, which lasts the entire month. This festival is arranged in Sosua and Cabarete – the most favorable areas for vacation in the offseason.

In this country love and honor of Columbus, so Columbus Day or the Discovery of America very noisy and colorfully celebrated on 12 October.

From year to year, Dominicans celebrate the food festival, during which locals of all acquainted with traditional cuisine. In Santo Domingo and nearby cities everywhere delicious flavors.

Despite the unstable weather, beach and entertainment holiday in the Dominican Republic in October promises to be unforgettable.