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Rest in Gelendzhik in October: what the weather and water temperature?

pogoda v Gelendzhike v oktyabre

The most beautiful resort of the Krasnodar territory for a long time attracted tourists a great opportunity to spend long-awaited vacation, enjoying the well-equipped beaches, amenities and exciting excursions.


Klimat Gelendzhika

Due to its location in a unique area of the black sea coast, Sochi has a wonderful climate that belongs to the dry and mild subtropics. This allows the luxurious resort of Russia to take tourists on holiday for six months.

In Gelendzhik are always a lot of sun, and the largest number of clear and warm days during the period from mid-March to late October.

In the summer on the coast the average temperature is 24 degrees. While precipitation is rare and refreshing sea breezes soften the heat of summer. It often happens that a favourable climate lasts until the New Year, and frosts are only felt in January.

The weather observed at numerous resorts of Gelendzhik:

  • Dzhankhot;
  • Arkhipo-Osipovka;
  • Betta;
  • Praskoveevka;
  • Kabardinka;
  • Krynica;
  • Divnomorskoye.

Special influence on the weather in Noumea has a microclimate of the Black sea, through which prevents sudden temperature fluctuations. It softens the heat in summer days, and gives the coast its warm in the winter. The sea temperature even in winter does not drop below the level of +6 degrees.

What is the weather like in October?

Gelendzhik is a popular resort on the black sea coast, where autumn comes later, allowing you to spend your vacation here with maximum comfort.

pogoda na kurorte v oktyabre

The temperature of the air and water

The temperature of the air and water varies throughout the month. An important question that interests most of the October tourists: "Can you swim in the sea?". The answer you'll find below.

To know exactly what are the weather conditions in October, enough to divide the month into two halves.

In the first half until exactly the 15th of October the average daily temperature pleases indicators 23 degrees and above, the sky is always clean, and the sun's rays continue to give easy and safe tan.

In the second half of the month the situation changes significantly. The thermometer drops to 16 degrees, the air felt a little cooler and rainy or just cloudy days becomes more and more every day. If you're lucky, these weather conditions can be caught only in the last week of October.

Thus, in the first half of the month, the water temperature is still very acceptable for swimming and relaxing on the beach, as its temperature is 20 degrees, at that time, as in the second half of October is better to stay away from water activities due to the indicators in 15 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

Favorable and often windless weather in Noumea due to the fact that most of the time the mountains, which are located close enough to the coastal zone, protect the resort from cold winds, coming here from the northeast.

How to dress?

In the first half of October on vacation in Gelendzhik it is possible to take warm clothes – shorts and t-shirts, but do not forget about the umbrella.

It is desirable to pack in the suitcase warm sweater, because in the evening it is cool enough, especially if you go for a walk along the promenade.

If the trip is planned after the 15th day, it is better to take more warm clothes – trousers, jeans and a sweater.


In October in Gelendzhik is still ongoing "Indian" summer – autumn days are incredibly warm and Sunny and rain is almost absent.

Otdyh osenu

Advantages of a holiday in October

October in Noumea is a greatthe opportunity to go for treatmentoffered by local resorts. Mild autumn climate paired with the lack of scorching heat allow the fight against diseases and to have time to catch the remnants of summer.

The wonderful climate of the Oct favors to take walks and enjoy the air, saturated with volatile production and air ions Pitsunda pine, which allows to restore and strengthen their health.

Also, vacationers, nothing prevents to go on excursions to local natural attractions, while enjoying low prices for tours and hotels booking.

Beach vacation

Due to the fact that the beach season in Gelendzhik closes one of the last, those who would go to this resort, there is a great opportunity to cheer in sea water with absolute calm.

If the weather is not lucky, on the coast there are many recreational opportunities such as sailing trips or water sports.

What to do this month?

We can safely say that in Gelendzhik there is a maximum for recreation in any season.

Entertainment and excursions

Razvlecheniya v akvaparke

In Gelendzhik is the longest embankment in Russia, as well as an extensive resort area. To services of vacationers a lot of places for active rest, among which the most famous are:

  1. The Aquapark "Begemot";
  2. Water Park "Dolphin";
  3. Water Park "Golden Bay";
  4. Safari Park;
  5. Cable car;
  6. Large-scale aquarium.

Also in Gelendzhik, a lot of different historical, cultural and natural attractions.

If you have a desire to touch the antiquities, you can also visit the Museum of history and Ethnography , or visit the Old Park, where a unique architectural works from different eras.

Fans of excursions are available:

  • Yachting;
  • Diving;
  • Paragliding;
  • Canyoning;
  • Rafting;
  • Jeeping.

All these unusual names modern types of entertainment are hidden excellent conditions for recreation.

Holidays and festivals

In October in Gelendzhik lot of dramatic eventsthat would vacationers.

In the first days of the month there are the results of the contest for children "the Golden Fleece"and a little later (first Friday of the month) arranged the ceremony "the Resort Olympus Noumea", where the awarding of the leaders of the tour.industry.

This autumn month in Gelendzhik is perfect for travelers who choose to enjoy the sea and a good rest on one of the best black sea resorts.

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