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Vacation in Croatia: what is the weather and temperature in October?

pogoda v Horvatii v oktyabre

Croatia is an interesting destination for those who prefer to combine culture and beach tourism. Resort warm weather in Croatia in October enables you to have fun in the small towns on the South coast or visit the historic attractions in the Northern part of the country.

What is the weather like in October in Croatia?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v seredine oseni?

Due to the fact that Croatia has a warm climate, rich and interesting vacation in this country is possible at any time of the year including in October.

The average temperature of air and water

Despite the fact that in October in Croatia closes the tourist season, tourists are still not in a hurry to leave the country.

In some resort areas weather throughout the month allows you to have a great time.

The temperature of the air and water drops on the tan and swimming may not be considered. But this time, perfect for long excursions without tiring heat.

The average temperature in the daytime reaches +20°C, and at night the thermometer drops to +15 degrees. The water is cooled to +17°C, and by the end of the month to +15°C. But even low temperatures do not bother the tourists, some continue to visit the seaside and swim in the waters of the Adriatic sea.

Warmest holiday regions in October are the Islands of brac and Hvar. Here, in the daytime air temperature reaches +22°C and water 20 degrees. At night, it gets a little cooler – up to 17°C. Due to the fact that the rains in this part of the country is rare, the tourists have the opportunity to swim and sunbathe, but do it carefully.

temperaturnye pokazateli

Cool and overcast in the continental part of the country. In such popular cities like Dubrovnik and Split, the temperature is kept at around 20 degrees, and in Zagreb and Rijeka is 18 degrees.

With such cool weather uncomfortable to sunbathe, as the sun warms and the sea with the wind blowing cool.

Other resorts in Croatia in October the temperature of air and water the following:

  • Rovinj – day +21°C, night 15°C, water 21°C;
  • Zadar – during the day +20°C, at night +17°C, water +18°C;
  • Plat – the day +22°C, night 16°C, water +22°C.

On the coast of Istria in Pula cool – air temperature is +18 degrees in the afternoon, +16 at night. The water is still holding at +20°C, but by the end of the month, the figure drops to +17°C.

The particular weather conditions

The first half of October in Croatia remains warm and pleasant to stay, especially if you plan on long excursions.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

But in the second part of the month on Sunny weather you can forget. The sky gradually begins to drawn by clouds, and it rains more often. Total for the entire month there is about 7-8 cloudy days with showers and thunderstorms.

The wind from the Adriatic sea brings cool. Often the sea is a storm. For this reason, in the small resort towns close cafes, hotels and clubs, and the flow of tourists decreases significantly.

Autumn holidays in Central Europe

Tourism in Croatia is popular at any time of year, but in October this country is suitable for those who prefer to relax without worrying about heat.

The pros and cons

Tourists does not stop the fact that the weather in Croatia is not suitable for a beach holiday. This country is able to offer a lot of entertainment, and low prices for the whole stay will be a pleasant bonus. On average, the cost of travel vouchers 30% lowerthan in the summer months and 15% lower than in href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/pogoda-v-horvatii-v-sentyabre/">September.

The only difficulty is to find a hotel on the Adriatic coast, because in this month most of the hotels are closed. Therefore, when planning a trip, is to go to the Islands of brač and Hvar or the resorts of Split and Sibenik.

In this part of Croatia even in bad weather a chance to swim in the pool.

How to dress?

If the trip is planned for October, should you pack in suitcase plenty of warm clothessuch as sweater, jeans or pants, jacket, windbreaker. If in the daytime it's warm, then at night becomes noticeably cooler.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

Weather in October brings pleasure to those who do not have time to enjoy a beach holiday and sun. In the southern part of the country is still Sunny and nice, and precipitation do not bother. So you can have a good time in Croatia.

Beach vacation

Real velvet season can be found in the southern part of Croatia. Among them are known and loved by tourists the resorts of Split and Sibenik. But it is worth remembering that the rest of the coast is relevant only in the first half of the month. Refreshing ocean waves and sea breezes may not please fans of beach tourism.

In October, you can cheerfully spend time on the Croatian coast, riding on yachts, fishing across the sea, water skiing or just strolling the beaches. The pool is a great alternative for those who do not nakupalis plenty.

Entertainment and excursions

Natural and historical attractions of Croatia deserve the attention of many tourists.

The most striking sights are located in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and small authentic villages.

The main attractions of the country:

  1. ancient monasteries;
  2. ancient palaces;
  3. the majestic fortress;
  4. Roman relics.

The most convenient way to explore the Croatiarent a car and drive the whole family around the country.

Holidays and festivals

In Croatia held a lot of events in October.

On the island of Krk is fair culinary dishes of olives where you can taste the most unusual and tasty varieties.

This month you can also attend the film festival in Zagreb, to visit the jazz festival or to arrange a tasting of chestnuts in Lovran.

In this video you will be able to assess weather conditions in Croatia in October: