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Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh- where the best rest and what is the weather like in October?

pogoda v Hurgade v oktyabre

Egyptian resort of Hurghada is especially popular with tourists who prefer comfortable conditions for a beach holiday, long walks through the beautiful and well-groomed coast and fascinating excursions. Weather Hurghada in October suits for all of these opportunities.

What is the weather like in October?

pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni

Despite the fact that locals consider October is a cool month, the flow of tourists in this period is not reduced.

This happens due to the fact that the intense heat abated, but the sea and air temperatures remain pleasant for the rest.

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The average temperature of air and water

The holiday season in Hurghada lasts and at the beginning and at the end of October – in this period the street is excellent weather. Daytime temperature reaches +27-31 degrees, but the heat is not so strongly marked, as in previous months. In the evening the air cools down to 24 degrees, but a significant drop in temperature and the chill is not felt.

These weather conditions are ideal for family tourism. Since the morning on the street comfortable, so you can diversify the rest stay on the coast, long walks or excursions. Children tolerate the temperature, but do not forget that during lunch hours the sun is particularly dangerous and it is better to protect yourself with protective agents.

temperaturnye pokazateli

The water in the Red sea is still perfect for a long stay in it, especially for young tourists. She continues to remind the"fresh milk" – its temperature is around 26-27 degrees. To be at sea you can spend hours getting from swimming, diving and water sports a real pleasure.

The particular weather conditions

The lack of strong heat in Hurghada due to the fact that in October here come the strong wind. They blow for several days, but bring no coolness, and comfort.

It is due to the high winds the temperature is almost not felt this month.

The rainy season will come a month later, and now in October in Hurghada, the amount of precipitation does not exceed 2 mm. Over the entire period the rain can go only 2-3 times, delighting vacationers of freshness. An hour later, this event has nothing to recall.

In General, the lack of rain, pleasant temperatures and a brisk wind are great for tourism in October on the coast of Hurghada. The possibility of overheating is minimized, so you can more vacation time to spend on the beaches. For tourists, vacationers in this period, provides a variety of entertainment, both during the day and at night.

specifika klimaticheskogo rezhima

In Egypt as elsewhere, there are daily tides:

  1. In the beginning of the month (01.10) first the tide will begin at 4:15 and the next tide is at 14:50. The first low tide will start at 9:45, and the next low tide at 21:40;
  2. In mid - October (15.10) the first rush starts at 3:45, and the next tide is at 15:25. The first low tide will start at 9:50 am and the next low tide at 21:35;
  3. At the end of the month (31.10) the first rush starts at 3:20, and the next tide is at 15:35. The first low tide will start at 9:55 am and the next low tide at 21:30.

As each day time of the tides varies depending on sunrise and sunset the moon, it is best to learn more about how much will occur, these phenomena, once you learn the exact dates of stay at the resort.

October vacation

While relaxing in the resorts of Hurghada, tourists are provided with positive emotions. During this period, the length of daylight is 12 hours, so it is possible to diversify your vacation.

The pros and cons

The main advantage of the vacation in October – beautiful weather. It is great for those who can't stand the heat, but wants to spend time at sea. The lack of high temperature and pleasantthe temperature of the sea is ideal for safe beach recreation.

For tourists during this period is available all the most interesting activities such as diving and desert trips. This resort has been around for quite a long time, so here at any time you can find something to your liking. But in October you can not worry about overheating as a refreshing breeze from the sea will do the trick.

The only negative is the popularity of this resort in October. During this period, it attracts a lot of tourists, so you can relax in peace will not work.

In addition, a large demand triggers high prices, so you should pre-book tours.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu brat?

During your vacation in Hurghada in October forget about warm things. This period will be useful for swimwear, lightweight summer clothes with long sleeves, comfortable lightweight shoes and sunglasses attributes sunglasses, hat and cream.

Where better than in October – Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

Planning a vacation in Egypt in October, many tourists prefer the resorts of Sharm El-Sheikh, although temperature indicators the difference between the resorts is minor. In the daytime at the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula air and water a couple of degrees warmer, but the lack of winds and minimal chance of precipitation makes the stay more acceptable.

The only drawback can be the high prices for the tours. During this period, the cost of travel to Sharm El-Sheikh is 20% higher compared to a Hurghada holiday. But at the same time in both resorts are available all of the same entertainment, the hotels of different categories, and all a beach vacation.

What to do this month?

Many tourists make their choice in favor of Hurghada is not just Egyptian resort is ready to offer its visitors numerous attractions, clean and well-groomed beaches and the most interesting events.

Beach vacation

In October in Hurghada, sure to please fans of beach rest. This month you can sunbathe or swim in the sea, explore the underwater world or ride a surfboard. The resort itself is famous for its beaches.

All the beaches are sandy with shallow sea, and differ only in the infrastructure, dimensions and number of tourists.

otdyh na poberezhe

The most popular beaches for holidays in October:

  • Dream Beach;
  • Mahmeya;
  • Mojito;
  • Old Vic;
  • Paradise Beach.

It is worth noting that this month the sea is warm and calm, and despite the wind, in this weather no strong waves.

Entertainment and excursions

Those who choose Hurghada for the autumn vacation, get a wide range of entertainment. At this time you can not only relax on the beaches, but also visit exciting tours to historic places. The most popular tours in October are trips to the monastery of SV. Anthony, the Central mosque of Hurghada, Karnak temple and the Palace of the 1001 nights.

Many tourists do not refuse the pleasure to go on a long Safari in jeeps into the desert. This trip includes not only race in the desert, but a visit to the village of Bedouins, familiarity with their way of life, sample local cuisine and admiring the sunset.

Sightseeing trips can be just Hurghada. For tourists there are tours with a visit to the legendary Giza, Cairo, Alexandria and other historically important settlements in Egypt.

Fans of water sports and active holiday will be delighted by the fact that so many can offer them this resort. Leaving the beaches, you can ride on water types of transport, to take the mask, to learn scuba diving or surfing. At hotels often are the instructors, so beginners hold introductory classes.

On the coast of Hurghada has its own water Park and Dolphinarium. From visiting these places will delight children.

After sunset, the active life of the resort ends. For tourists, the Nightclubs, discos and bars, national show and night tour.

From this video you will learn what is the weather like in October in Hurghada: