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Holidays in Jordan: what is the weather and temperature at the end of October in Aqaba?

pogoda v Iordanii v oktyabre

Jordan is a very interesting country for tourists of all ages and interests, you can visit the Wellness events at the Dead sea, lie on the beach, visit the ancient Christian and Muslim Holy sites.

Weather in Jordan in October is still warm, summer without the stifling heat that makes visiting the country a more convenient and comfortable.

What is the weather like in October in Jordan?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni?

Weather conditions Jordan's dictates desert, which occupies almost 90% of the territory.

For Oct typical hot and dry, but not debilitating weather – the summer heat is slowly passing the coolness of autumn.

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The temperature of the air and water

In the first half of the month in Jordan is still very hot – the temperature rises to +31-36 degrees Celsius in the daytime and +17 to 26 degrees at night. In the second half of October, the temperature is equal to 26-30 degrees in the day and 13-18 degrees at night.

  • In Aqaba , the temperature in the first half of the month is equal to +31-6 degrees by day and 18 degrees by night. In the second half of October, the temperature is greatly reduced – in the daytime the air is heated to 26-30 degrees and at night – up to 10-13 degrees.
  • In Peter in the beginning of October, the temperature is equal to 34-40 degrees by day and 18-22 degrees at night. At the end of October in the city the air temperature drops to +24-26 degrees in the daytime and up to +8-13 C at night.
  • In the desert of Wadi Rum , the air temperature in the beginning of the month rises to +36 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night, and in the end of the month – up to 28-30 degrees during the day and 13 degrees at night.

temperaturnye pokazateli

At the beginning of month the temperature of the water in the Dead sea is +30-32 degrees, and in the end - +26-28 degrees.

In the Red sea water temperature in the beginning of the month is equal to 24-26 degrees, and by the end of the second half of October the temperature falls a little and is equal to +22-24 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

In October in Jordan, there is practically no rainfall and precipitation is minimal. Humidity supports only the fog over the sea. Winds in October are quite weak – they blow from the sea and are a welcome coolness in hot weather.

The advantages of the autumn vacation

plusy oktyabrskogo otpuska

The fall in Jordan is considered high season in this period, the weather is comfortable for outdoor and sightseeing holiday, so tours in this country are in great demand. The rest of Jordan it is difficult to call cheap, so to afford such a trip can citizens at least middle class.

Where better to relax?

In October, especially in the beginning of the month, is still quite stuffy in the main cities of the country, so the best place to stay is the coast. An ideal place for beach fun and entertainment is the city of Aqaba.

Coast of the Dead sea offers visitors not only entertainment, but also health – here everyone can improve the function of your body.

For lovers of antiquities and Christian Holy places will certainly need to visit the city of Petra is the ancient capital of the Nabataean Kingdom.

How to dress?

Due to the sudden drop in temperature during the day in Jordan need to take things like summer heat and relaxing on the beach and evening chill. Other than a swimsuit and t-shirts in a suitcase is better to put at least one pair of closed shoes and a light jacket.

What to do at this time?

Dry and warm weather Jordan October allows visitors to engageany kind of recreation, whether swimming in the sea, excursion program or activity.

Beach vacation

Dry and Sunny weather Oct allows tourists to have a rest freely on the beaches of the country. Special popular uses of the coast of the Dead sea – here he may not even swim and stay afloat without any effort. This is because too high a salinity as it pushes the human body to the surface.

otdyh na poberezhe

The Dead sea and the fact that it is sparsely populated, making it quiet and peaceful.

The coast of the red sea is filled with sandy beaches and coral reefs. This sea is more densely populated and filled with three-, four - and five-star hotels. The red sea in most cases is becoming the choice of couples with children and diving enthusiasts.

Excursions and entertainment

Jordan many tourists visit not only for sandy beaches, but also for pilgrimage and visiting the local attractions. To this end, the tourists visit the ancient city of Petra, where you can see:

  1. the ruins of the Palace of Herod the Great;
  2. the place of the baptism of Christ;
  3. the hill of St. Elijah the Prophet and others.

In Madaba is one of the most beautiful Christian churches – the Church of St. George. The ancient city of Jerash, the preserved ruins of a Roman city, excavated only in the mid-twentieth century.

Among the attractions it is possible to allocate visits to the Museum and entertainment complex "Kan Zaman". For children in the country has numerous water parks and entertainment centers for children.

There is also Marine science center, where everyone can enjoy the marine life in their natural waters. Popular entertainment is a trip through scenic countryside of Jordan in a balloon.

What is the weather in Jordan in October, you can see in this video: