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Stay in Kaliningrad: what is the weather and water temperature in the sea in October?

pogoda v Kaliningrade v oktyabre

Kaliningrad is a unique settlement on the border with Europe, attracting many tourists a variety of opportunities for an eventful holiday. Tourists coming to this city and surrounding area, get an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the sights, enjoy the unspoilt beaches and the magnificent nature.

What is the weather like in October in Kaliningrad?

Kakie pogodnye usloviya v gorode v seredine oseni?

Because Kaliningrad is located a few kilometers from the Baltic sea, the weather in the city of paramount is the impact of the Maritime continental climate.

Maritime continental climate evident in the erratic weather, especially in autumn.

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The temperature of the air and water within a month

Weather in Kaliningrad in October unstable. If early in the morning might rain, and the street will be a cool, great is the chance that during the day the clouds are gone, and in their place will come the sun. In the beginning of the month clear days – still no exception, but by the end of October is set to cloudy and rainy weather, and the day temperature does not exceed +10 degrees.

In October in Kaliningrad come the first frost. At the beginning of the month, the temperature at night drops to +7 degrees. By the end of October, the air cools to +3°C, and in some cases the thermometer drops to 0°C. For all time falls not more than 70 mm of rain – the rainy days no more than 10 per month.

The water in the sea off the coast of the Kaliningrad region in the day time warms up to +12 degrees, clear days to +14°C. At such high rates is influenced by the Gulf stream, which brings warm water from the Atlantic.

The particular weather conditions

Despite the fact that with the arrival of autumn in Kaliningrad is getting a lot of rainy days, and the air never heats up even in clear weather, to a comfortable temperature, this period still perfectly located for sightseeing and treatment programs.


oktyabrskij otdyh

Kaliningrad is perfect for travel at any time of the year and mid - autumn is no exception.

During this period the climatic conditions do not prevent to enjoy the opportunities offered by the most Western city of Russia.

The pros and cons

Stay in Kaliningrad in October has a lot of advantages, but the main one is the ability to inexpensively relax in therapeutic boarding schools. This month, prices in these institutions have not the summer but the services remain on top.

Almost the entire month is cool, but clear weather that allows you to organize walks through the Kaliningrad with a tour of the main attractions or excursions outside of the city to the coast of the Baltic sea and its picturesque parks with curative air.

How to dress and what to bring?

To comfortably spend time on vacation in Kaliningrad, in October, enough to bring a minimal set of warm clothes, such as a windproof jacket, a warm sweater and waterproof shoes. Don't forget about the umbrella, gloves and hat because the weather in the city may require the wearing of these garment attributes.

What to see?

Many tourists come to Kaliningrad in the fall to explore the main attractions of the city are unusually beautiful and unusually sophisticated for Russia "Prussian" architecture and amber.

The tour includes the following sights:

  • District Amalienau;
  • Brandenburg gate;
  • Sackheim gate;
  • Cathedral;
  • Königsberg castle;
  • Church of the Holy family;
  • Quarter Maraunenhof.

Verypopular and in demand in the Kaliningrad amber Museum and the Museum of the Ocean – the best storage values in the region.

Travellers staying in Kaliningrad for tourism, not limited to visiting only one city, choosing to stay coastal towns of Baltiysk, Svetlogorsk, Amber or Zelenogradsk. There the weather is usually colder capital by 2-3 degrees.

Kaliningrad is one of the most interesting Russian cities, which blends European culture and Russian traditions. Arrive here many travelers regardless of the season.

Watch the video of what it looks like Kaliningrad in autumn: