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Spain: weather and temperatures in Costa Brava in October

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Fall season beach vacation in Spain is coming to completion — the sun doesn't fry, as in July, and begins the rainy season and tours offered is becoming less.

But for those who have a vacation falls at this time of year, and there is a desire not only to see the sights, but also to bask in the sun and take a dip in the salty Spanish sea, suitable weather in Costa Brava in October.

What is the weather in October on the Costa Brava?

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Of course, in October you should not rely on the summer heat, especially if to speak about the North coast of Spain, but this time the weather allows tourists to enjoy a beach holiday.

The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature of the second autumn month, the day usually is 22.2°C, and in the night of 16.4°C which, in principle, still allows you to enjoy swimming in salt water, however, much depends on the weather.

Water temperature of the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Costa Brava varies from 21°C to 19°C.

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Precipitation and other weather phenomena

Despite the fact that the rainfall in October increases of rainy days is still considerably less compared to other Spanish resorts.

On average, in October there are only four or five rainy days. The number of Sunny days is slightly reduced. Rainstorms, though rare, but become more intense.

Features holiday on the Spanish coast

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Fans of the hot sun, high temperature and hot seawater will have to choose another month to rest, as the scorching sun this time of year is definitely not to be, but in October in the Costa Brava Sunny days still dominates cloudy and rainy, and the coast remains the ideal place for swimming.

Advantages and disadvantages

Autumn is the perfect time of year to plan a variety of excursions, which in the summer months seem to be difficult and painful due to the unbearable heat and scorching sun.

In addition, the number of tourists greatly reduced, the resort becomes more calm, quiet and ideal for relaxing family holidays.

The mild temperature allows you to feel comfortable both in the city and on the beach and good for families with small children.

What clothes to bring?

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As on the coast in October when the weather is nice you can sunbathe and swim, it is worth to take a swimsuit and towel.

Evening and night can be chilly, so you should take care of appropriate clothing:

  • t-shirts with long sleeve;
  • long pants;
  • jerseys.

In comparison with other resorts of Spain on the Costa Brava a little rain, but the rain is still there, so do not forget about umbrellas and raincoats.

What to do in the region at this time?

On the Costa Brava very much comfortable beach resorts and entertainment.

Beach vacation

As the resort Costa Brava, in the first place, is the beach, and the October weather still allows you to enjoy the Mediterranean waters, it's worth visiting the beaches, especially on the sea coast with a length of almost two hundred kilometers, a huge number of them for any taste:

  1. One of the most picturesque is considered Caballera Bay (Port de La Selva). Its rocky shore and the blue, crystal clear waterfascinate with its unearthly beauty. And the amazing underwater world attracts lovers of snorkeling (swimming with mask and fins deep under the water surface);
  2. The sandy beach of San Pere Pescador, one of the largest on the coast, ideal for both active and passive recreation. Due to its length (40 km) it allows you to comfortably accommodate all the tourists a comfortable distance;
  3. In the heart of the beach is a natural Park, and on windy days there are going to kitesurfing.

  4. For history lovers, the perfect beach of es Castell (palamós) because next to it are the ancient ruins of a settlement of the Iberians, who lived on the coast long before the beginning of a new era.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

In less suitable for a beach holiday days, you can plan sightseeing trips. The resort offers hundreds of different tours and activities to suit every age and wallet. Moderately warm weather is perfect for exploring the coast.

Costa Brava is full of entertainment and natural parks. One of the biggest, famous and frequently visited is the complex of attractions Port Aventura, located in Salou.

The Park is divided into several areas dedicated to a specific historical civilization, allowing guests not only to the desired portion of adrenaline, but also to visit different parts of the world, immerse yourself in their unique atmosphere.

Lovers of history and culture should visit such ancient cities as:

Ancient monasteries, amphitheatres, forums, aqueducts takes tourists to the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans, will allow you to get acquainted with the life and culture of the people of the Mediterraneanthat will leave a lasting impression.

Also in October, a festival of Tria de Mulats (young horses) held in the city Ripoles.

See a video review of the beautiful Spanish Costa Brava: