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Crimea in October: what's the weather like, fruits, where to go and can I swim?

pogoda v oktyabre v Krymu

Everybody has their little Paradise on earth. For many, this Paradise has become Crimea. It is an extraordinary place, which manages to fall in love with the first time. Once you come to rest in the Crimea, and then go back there again and again. Any time of the year in the Crimea is well on its own. There are fans to relax there in the hot summer, and there are those who welcomed the new year on the slopes of AI-Petri.

What is the weather like in October?

Temperaturnyj rezhim vozduha i vody

What to expect from the weather, if you go to the Crimea in October?


In the Crimea generally there are three types of climate depending on the long distance from the sea:

  1. Steppe temperate continental;
  2. Mountain forest temperate continental;
  3. South coastal Submediterranean subkontinentalen.

A more detailed classification of climatic zones of the Crimea has 20 varieties.

But there are, of course, and the General weather characteristics of the region is hot summer and windy winter. The Peninsula is a fairly dry climate, but in the fall, precipitation increases and it can rain several days in a row.

The temperature of the air and water

The air temperature will naturally depend on where you go. In early October, on the southern coast of the Crimea the temperature at noon can reach +30 degrees. The average temperature on the coast during this period will vary up to +18 to +25 degrees, feeling in this kind of weather very comfortable.

Venturing into mainland, the average temperature will, of course, somewhat lower.

In the beginning of the month and the sea gives up its heat , so the temperature is much higher than at the end of October when temperature may fall even up to 9-11 degrees above 0.

The sea water temperature in October is +20-22 degrees, but by the end of the month it will begin to decline.

The particular weather conditions

Crimean weather is known for its windiness and this should be ready. Strong winds are especially noticeable in winter and transition season. Fall is the wind, you can still catch the heavy rains. But this will not spoil the impression of the stunning sights of the Crimea.


oktyabrskij otdyh

Rest in the Crimea is possible year-round due to the fact that in any period the Peninsula ready to greet visitors to the different tourist programs.


Vacation in the autumn is not so sad as it may seem. You even get a whole list of advantages to vacationers on the summer sea:

  • In the middle of autumn already , there are so many tourists, like in July. If you don't like noise and crowd – this is your option;
  • The sea and the mountains in this period of time will belong almost exclusively to you.

  • Of course, this price. In October , housing prices will be lower year by almost two times. Lower the price of activities and products;
  • Already there is no the exhausting heatthat many find hard to bear. The temperature is comfortable;
  • Starts mushroom season. Why not go on a "quiet hunt"?;
  • Finally gets the grapes, and ripens the wine;
  • You can see a special autumn Crimea.

How to dress?

It is worth remembering that October is still the offseason, and to the standard set vacationer will need to add a few sets of clothes:

  1. Closed shoes forHiking in the mountains and forests;
  2. Jacket in case of cold;
  3. Sports suit;
  4. Raincoat or umbrella.

What fruits grow in this month?

Kakie vidy fruktov rastut v etot period?

Autumn – the harvest time.

In this time in Crimea kept up many fruits, you have the opportunity to try them literally "from the Bush".

First and foremost is, of course, grapes. Hundreds of varieties are grown in the many vineyards of the Crimea. In October you can try the Crimean figs – sweet and juicy. Keep up with plum and cherry-plum, this fruit is simply huge and very sweet. And, of course, the Crimean apples – an indispensable attribute of the holiday table.

Where better to go?

If I had to choose where to go in Crimea, there are two radically different options:

  • If you're a fan of beach holidays and October was hot, the ride on the South coast of Crimea. In October, there's still summer and you can swim and sunbathe;
  • The second option is to visit the continental Crimea with excitement and fun.

For a beach holiday in the fall choose Big Yalta. Sea and air retains heat longer. The water in the bays also cools long so you can go, for example, in Balaclava.

The warmest place in Crimea

Samoe teploe mesto - Mishor

The warmest place in the Crimea is a place Miskhor, included in the so-called Big Yalta. The annual average temperature is 14 degrees. Here is the famous ski lift on mount AI-Petri. And nearby is the luxurious castle of count Vorontsov.

What to do?

In the Crimea there is a lesson on different tastes, ages and budgets, even if the Peninsula was covered with an autumn bad weather.

What to visit?

Sights of Crimea to have a better look just in cool weather. Go to where you can't get out in the summer:

  • In Bakhchisarai , visit, finally, the legendary fountain;
  • Walk in Simferopol. The capital of Crimea unfairly pay little attention to its tourists;
  • Go to Sevastopol - "the city of Russian sailors". This place will fill you with pride for their country;
  • Arrange a trip to the mountains for the day;
  • Be sure to visit at least a few of the castles of the Crimea. It is not only beautiful but also very informative. In the Livadia Palace will tell you about summer holiday of the Royal family, and about the legendary Yalta conference;
  • Crimea – hundreds of Orthodox churches;
  • Why not get out and visit museums, they are also abound. Being in Feodosiya – go to the Museum of Aivazovsky and green.

Can I swim in that time?

In early October, the weather still allows you to swim, so you can arrange a tour of the beaches of the Crimea. You will see them from an unusual perspective, without the thousands of tanned bodies.

Visit the beach of the New world – he is considered one of the most beautiful. If weather permits – go to the West coast, enjoy the soft sand and smooth entry into the sea.

Excursions and entertainment

Ekskursii na Kara-Dag

In the fall you have more time on the various excursions and entertainment.

If you are a lover of club life, choose places such as Yalta, Sudak or Koktebel.

In Yalta night life all year round.

Of the most popular tours you can choose:

  1. Excursion to Kara-Dag. It will take almost the whole day, but a visit to this reserve is worth it;
  2. Very popular tours to the wineries of the Crimea (Novy Svet, Inkerman, Sevastopol, etc.);
  3. In the Crimea several cable Railwaysleading to the various mountain peaks. In the end you will have a stunning look.

Crimea has a history of millennia. Throughout you can see the remains of ancient settlements.

Festivals and celebrations

In October, when the hottest tourist time was over, the inhabitants of the Crimea and their guests immersed in the atmosphere of the holidays and themed festivals held annually on the Peninsula.

  • For fans of this feminine beauty will be an interesting beauty contest "Miss Crimea", which traditionally gather the most beautiful Crimean women;
  • Wine festival in Balaklava. This feast reminds us of the traditional French "Beaujolais Festival" dedicated to young wine. Of course, we are all much more fun and tastier! Here you can taste the best winesOf Crimea;
  • Beer festival "Oktober Fest". Why travel to distant and already cold at this time of the year, Germany? Here, in Yalta you can also join the beer festival;
  • In October in Yalta is hosting the festival of bard songs. It has become a long standing tradition is to get together the famous and not-famous performers;
  • Soulful songs, warm atmosphere and incredible scenery await you at the festival of bard songs.

  • Also in the midst of autumn in the Nikitsky Botanical garden of Yalta is "Parade of chrysanthemums". At this time in the garden flourish, hundreds of varieties of chrysanthemums, attracting thousands of visitors and tourists.

Go to the Crimea! Summer, fall – it doesn't matter. He will give you joy and amazing memories!

See in this videowhat the weather is in the Crimea in October: