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Weather in Palma de Mallorca in October

pogoda v Majorke v oktyabre

If you are going to spend long-awaited holiday in Spain on the island of Mallorca, autumn is a great time to enjoy the last Sunny days on the Mediterranean coast. At this time, particularly in October, the beaches are not as crowded but the weather is still pleased with the warm sea and mild climate.

Weather in October in Mallorca

pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni

Although we have October, as the autumn on the island at this time reigns in the midst of the "velvet season".

While tours to Mallorca are gradually declining in price, which is an additional argument to go to this amazing Spanish possession.

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The average temperature of water and air

This month in Majorca is interesting for its unpredictability: warm and Sunny, and sometimes really hot days give way to sharp cold snap and rains. In the early and mid-October, the water in the Mediterranean sea is still quite warm, but by the end of the month swimming want only extreme. The highest temperature of water stored in Santa Ponsa, Cala d'or or Alcudia and equal to about +22°C.

The average temperature in October is on average +22°C, but there may be fluctuations from +15 to +27°C. at Night the temperature usually drops to +15°C, so tourists should bring a sweater and a warm jacket. On the third or fourth week of the month is even colder, the thermometer will show +9-12°C.

In the first half of October, the air often warms up to +24 to 27°C, sometimes the weather spoils the surprises in the form of a temperature of 28-30°C. However, by the end of the month, the temperature necessarily falls to 3-5°C.

The particular weather conditions

In October in Mallorca usually dominated by South-West wind, whose speed is 4-6 m/s, but sometimes follow the North-Eastern squalls, blowing with a speed of 3-8 m/s and bringing with it cold and bad weather.

osobennosti klimaticheskogo rezhima

Precipitation on the island during this period is scarce: no more than 1-2 days per month. But the sky is mostly fully or partially covered with clouds, so expect a large number of Sunny days is not worth it. The rate of Sunny days in October is 8.5 hours and the amount of precipitation does not exceed 30,5 mm. Length of light day is 10-11 hours.

On the coast of the island this month to get to the storm every third or fourth day, and in the Tramuntana mountains such natural disasters happen almost every day.

Lovers of water sports need to be especially careful: tornadoes in Pollensa Bay or other coastal areas of Majorca are not uncommon.

The difference of temperatures and weather conditions visible on the North and the South. For example, in the capital Palma de Mallorca will be a couple of degrees warmer than in the North can Picafort.

October stay safe

October in Mallorca is a kind of border between summer and winter, so this time of year there is always something to do, and nature is very diverse.

How to dress and what to bring?

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj?

Since the October weather on the island is changeable, tourists will have to bring a lot of things in the event of both heat and sudden cooling. Among them:

  • Warm clothing (pants, jeans, sweaters, jackets, warm sweaters, jackets, coats, etc.). The sudden temperature drop will not catch you unawares;
  • Umbrellas and raincoats. Although rainfall is not always the case, but it is necessary to be ready;
  • Swimwear – all water temperature in the sea at least until mid-October is quite comfortable and you can think aboutbathing;
  • Sunscreen creams and balms: in the rare Sunny days without them can be burnt;
  • Vitamins and medications from a cold: changes in temperature risk of catching the virus, and the remoteness of the region from the usual you can cause acclimatization;
  • Books, Newspapers, magazines, favorite movies – in the dreary rainy weather they will allow you to have a great time.

In October to Majorca it is best to bring clothes in sports style, as unstable weather is unlikely to allow you to "walk" spectacular costumes or fancy dresses.

The pros and cons of autumn stay on the island

Stay in October at this beautiful island has its advantages and disadvantages. After reading them, you will be able to make the right decision.

Among the advantages of leisure in this period are worth mentioning:

  1. Nearly empty beaches, where there are no crowds of tourists;
  2. Low prices in cafes, restaurants and retail outlets;
  3. The low cost of flights and accommodation in the hotel;
  4. The lack of exhausting heat.

But, going to travel at this time, remember that your sunbathing at any time can be interrupted by the sharp cold and the pouring rain that sometimes lasts for several days. Also in October, perhaps the emergence of strong waves and large quantities of jellyfish in the sea.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

The island is well - developed infrastructure for tourists, so even in bad weather, guests of the island will not be bored.

Beach vacation

October not the best time to explore the beautiful beaches of Mallorca. The sea is still warm, so swimming, yachting, diving or surfing quite real. However, the deep tan you are unlikely to get, because on one Sunny day, there are several rainy or cloudy.

In addition, most institutions related to the beach infrastructure, by the end of October gradually begin to close.


In addition to traditional visits to the beach, you can diversify your leisure, take the examination of ancient Spanish sites. In order to have cultural rest, you can:

  • Visit the famous Palma Cathedral 1230 year built, famous for its images of toothy fish and amazing altarpiece, the work of the famous artist Gaudi;
  • Take a ride on the vintage railway, the opening date of which is 1912. You will find a fascinating journey through the mountain tunnels to Soller;
  • To explore the caves of Arta, where you will be able to see the famous underground chamber "Hell", "Purgatory" and "Paradise" and a giant – the largest in the world – a stalagmite with a length of 22 m;
  • To visit the ancient estate of La Granja, national parks up to galatzó and Cabrera and the Cape of Formentor;
  • Dance at the tango festival in Palma de Mallorca, where those wishing to give free dance lessons;
  • To taste different varieties of beer on a Spanish analogue of the Oktoberfest, which is held in Palma de Mallorca and Santa Ponsa. At the festival there are various competitions, concerts, etc.

Of all the resorts in Spain, Majorca in October has a very specific weather, but the fans not the usual guests probably will stay here at this time fun.

In this video you can see what is the weather like in Majorca in October: