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Maldives holidays - the weather in October

pogoda na Maldivah v oktyabre

The Maldives is an archipelago located in the Indian ocean. These places are classified as quiet and pristine resort areas. Here more than thousand coral Islands located on the equator, and only 200 of them to live. The climate on the Islands is tropical and the weather in the Maldives in October is changeable.

What is the weather like in October in the Maldives?

pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni

Closest to him the country of Sri Lanka. The name of the island nation talking. It is translated from the Hindu "Palace" and "the island".

The temperature of the air and water

October – the final month of the season when the fleeting rain showers alternating with bright Sunny days.

The average day temperature is +28 degrees, at night it drops to only +25.

The water also warms up to +28°C. It is favored the night bathing and diving. Fairly strong South-West (monsoon) winds cause sometimes some high waves. However, fans of extreme pleasure in the form of driving on a water Board – Windsurfing.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti klimaticheskogo rezhima

Humidity October , one of the favorites of the year, it reaches an average of 84%, and rainfall usually go every 2 days, rain for a month is more than 200 mm. But they don't bother as in previous months. Showers are fast and have mostly at night.

Even when high temperature air is not so stifling, and the heat is not so exhausting as in summer. And water sometimes feel the influence of light refreshing breezes. The water becomes cleaner due to the fact that storms is much less than in September. Therefore, this time appealing for family holidays with children.

The October holiday

In fact the Maldives is a volcanic mountain, most of which lies under water. On the Islands there are no rivers, lakes, mountains and hills. They are divided into 19 atolls, provinces with a population of about 300 thousand inhabitants. 74 Islands are resorts.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the holidays this month include:

  • Its relative cheapness due to the fact that time is considered off-season. Summer rains, although declined, still pretty frequent, but the heat is not so exhausting;
  • Velvet season (November-February) has not yet arrived, so the prices for tours in October, not the highest.

  • Lovers of secluded and family holidays in that time expanse. Not very many tourists, the water is warm and clean;
  • Available all kinds of entertainment, which consist mainly of water sports. Surfing is one of the most popular sports. The best places for him are the atolls of Lohifushi, Kanifinolhu, Tari village, and Haddummati;

plusy i minusy

To the shortcomings of this period can be attributed to the bright sun, which saves only the shadow and sunscreen. Long boat trips at this time like only a few, the ocean is still quite rough. A trip to the state capital malé for some tiring due to the heat here, daytime temperatures are higher than in the resorts - plus 30 degree.

How to dress?

In October on the archipelago is very warm. The best option in addition to the beach is a light clothing of cotton or linen shirts, skirts, shirts and shorts. Of shoes best suited sandals. This is especially suitable for trekking on the streets of male, consisting of pressed sand.

Of course, we cannot forget a swimsuit, sunglasses, cap or hat. As long Snorkling perform better in a swimsuit worn over a cotton shirt. Because in the sea there stinging jellyfish, and occasionally small rays. Not uncommon even small sharks. Although they are people not bothering.

The Maldives - the stateMuslim, here adopted strict standards of clothing. When visiting the streets of the capital, cultural and religious centers, you should wear closed, modest clothing – long skirts or shorts, shirt or t-shirt with a moderate neckline and shoulders.

What to do this month?

In the Maldives come more often for white-sand beaches. And, of course, the Maldives are waiting for lovers of water sports and thrill-seekers.

Beach vacation

plyazhnye razvlecheniya

The beaches in the Maldives are not continuous, they are interspersed with rapidly growing trees, flowering shrubs. And between these natural green fences are numerous Islands of white, resembling the color of the powdered sugar sand. The water in the shallow water turquoise, deep it is almost purple. On small private beaches here and there are sun loungers, they almost touch the lapping waves.

The length of such "snout" 15-50 meters. They are secluded, crowds of tourists will not find here. It will be a maximum of ten people.

Large white sand on the beaches and in the ocean consists of tiny particles of coral. They are surrounded by thickets of all the Islands, they are natural breakwaters. Everywhere in the water are flocks of multi-colored, not afraid of people, fish. They are so varied in color and so bright that they seem artificial.

The water near the shore is shallow. You should walk at least hundred meters to dive into it completely. Good beaches are literally everywhere – Paradise island, Gan and Kuramathi, North Ari Atoll, Addu Atoll, Ari Atoll, Dhigurah and others.

Excursions and entertainment

In the ancient archipelago of almost no historical values. Entertainment are active and unique:

  1. The journey on the seaplane. With a height with a spectacular view of the Islands amid a vast ocean. Is dominated by three colors – white, green and blue. You can make a mind-blowing set of pictures of this fairytale-like scenery, beauty;
  2. razvlecheniya na gidrosamolete

  3. For those who fear heights, the alternative may be a sea voyage. That and riding on a boat with glass bottom cruises local boat Doni;
  4. Incredibly exciting journey in the fishing village with a picnic on a deserted coral island.

  5. It features fishing far away in the ocean on a Dhoni boat, including night, called "Sanisettes". Instead of a fishing rod is a long fishing line wound on a plastic circle with a large hook;
  6. Also popular diving and Snorkelling, and jet skiing, catamarans, kayaks. Interested in Dolphin watching, etc.
  7. You can also visit the world's only underwater restaurant for 14 visitors. In it, feasting upon the culinary masterpieces of the national cuisine, consisting of different varieties of fish and seafood can simultaneously observe the underwater life of the coral reef;
  8. To the attractions of the capital include the snow-white mosque with a minaret – the highest point of all Islands, a tiny white and blue pattern the presidential Palace, the largest fish market;
  9. ekskursii po Male

  10. For the islanders is of great importance the monument in honor of independencedate celebration on July 26, "hidden" in a symbolic vignette with guess the numbers "2", "6" and "7";
  11. There are more in male , the ancient mosque to the cemetery, where all (up to the tombs) made of coral. Now on the Islands, no one is buried, and lowered the body into the ocean;
  12. On the island of Dhangethi you can visit the major cultural center of the country, and on the island of Arudha – ruins of an ancient Buddhist Chedi.

Holidays and festivals

Most holidays in the Maldives and their associated cultural activities is not in fixed dates. This is because the nature of the Muslim calendar. Sometimes on the October feast of the sacrifice, which accounted for 66 day after Ramadan. It is widely celebrated by all the population, also taking into consideration the state holiday.

At this time in the nation's capital for three days closes banks, shops, offices. Residents go to visit friends, family, giving each other sweets. Preparing festive food, everywhere has a fun, sing songs and read verses traditional slow "raivaru".

For visitors to the country sometimes brings a small inconvenience in the form of delays or restrictions of excursions and shopping during the celebration. However, this is due to the unique atmosphere of General fun.

The Maldives is a fabulous country unforgettableimpressions, colorful and unique nature. Here there is turquoise blue sea, lush green palm trees, velvet blinding white sand and warm, bright sun. Vacation in October in this coral archipelago will be remembered forever.

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