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Weather and recreation in October in Morocco

pogoda v oktyabre v Marokko

Morocco is one of those countries where it is especially nice to relax in the fall. During this period in its territory the unbearable heat subsides, and the water in the ocean is still suitable for swimming. Due to these conditions, many tourists choose this destination for vacation in autumn.

What is the weather like in October in Morocco?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni?

While in European countries there is a chilly autumn in Morocco is a wonderful environment give the opportunity to arrange a little rest.

The temperature of the air and water

While the mountains covered with the snow caps on the Mediterranean coast tourists all attracted to enjoying the beaches and resorts of the Atlantic ocean – the sights, but in General everywhere have seen the most favourable conditions for rest.

Morocco occupies quite a large area – the country stretches into several climatic zones, so the weather in different parts may differ slightly.

On average, across the country the day temperature happy campers mark +23-25°C, which is especially nice for those who can't stand extreme heat, typical for this region in summer. At night it becomes much cooler, the thermometer drops to +15-17 degrees, and in some regions – up to +13°C.

Ocean water grows cold over time. If at the beginning of October the temperature is around 22 degrees, by the end of the month it becomes unsuitable for swimming, as its temperature is reduced to +18°C. On the other things on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, here water is ideal for swimming, attracting tourists with a temperature of 24 degrees.

In contrast to September, October to Morocco becomes a little more rain, but the rains are short-lived, and after a couple of hours from them no trace remains. The wind in resort towns is hardly noticeable, only in the mountain areas.

The differences of weather conditions in different cities

To choose a resort for your vacation in Morocco, the stay on which it would be comfortable enough, it is important to consider the difference in weather conditions. While in the South of the country have variations in the weather day and night temperature have a noticeable difference, in its Central part is quite humid, and in the West presented the best conditions for beach and excursion tourism.

otlichitelnye cherty v gorodah

The most pleasant autumn climate in the resort of Casablanca – in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +26°C, and at night cools down to 17 degrees, the sea water temperature is +19°C.

A little cooler in Agadir , the most popular resort of Morocco – the day temperature reaches +24°C, and at night the air cools down to 15 degrees. The temperature of the water at this resort is a bit warmer – 21 degrees.

At other resorts Morocco in October there is such weather:

  • Rabat – +29°C day, 17°C night, the water temperature 22 degrees;
  • Tangier – +26°C during the day +16°C at night, the water temperature 20 degrees;
  • Fes – +24°C during the day +12°C at night;
  • Marrakech – day +26°C, night 15°C;
  • Mohammedia – day +28°C, at night +17°C, water 21 degrees;
  • El Jadida – day +28 °C, night 16°C, water 22 degrees.

Due to such conditions, tourists traveling to Morocco in October to rest, can not worry about acclimatization – it will pass very quickly.

The October holiday

Trip to Morocco October brought about many advantages and opportunities for an unforgettable vacation.

The pros and cons

October is definitely one of the best months for holidays in the resorts of Morocco. Nice weather, almost no rain and the sea, condusive to bathing, accompany this period. Such conditions allow to diversify leisure, relaxing on the beaches of the country or visiting a fascinating tour.

Other positive aspects of the holiday in Morocco in thismonth:

  1. The lack of mosquitoes and other insects;
  2. Price reduction for booking of accommodation;
  3. Large selection of water sports;
  4. The abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Even if in Morocco the weather turned bad, there is always the opportunity to spend time in the hotel have a heated pool.

Of the minuses is worth noting that, despite the closure of the tourist season in Morocco this month sent thousands of surfers from Spain and France, so it's best to pre-book tickets and accommodation.

What clothes to take?

kak odevatsya?

If in the daytime the October weather in Morocco brings warmth, the night becomes quite cold. For this reason, for a comfortable stay in the country should bring light summer clothes, but also something that will be warm to be outside in the dark.

Where better to relax this month?

Best resorts for holidays in the autumn are:

  • Casablanca;
  • El Jadida;
  • Mohammedia.

But often tourists are guided by their own preferences. For example, the best tan you can get to the southern resorts of the country, but there will not work here because of the cool water in the ocean. If the purpose of the trip to the beach, swimming and surfing, it is better to stay in the resorts of the West coast.

What to do?

In Morocco, always a great selection of entertainment for every taste, from traditional beach holidays on the coast to consummate tasting Arabic dishes and also visit the colorful markets of the country.

Beach vacation

In October in Morocco are observed in the highest wave, is peculiar to this region, so many vacationers flock to the beaches to get pleasure from outdoor activities: surfing, Windsurfing and kitesurfing.

To join the fans of active sports on the water, you should choose the beaches of Mahdia and the Anchor point or the ones that stretched out from Safi to the North.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursii i razvlekatelnye programmy

Morocco is a country that is perfect not only for a beach holiday but also for visiting the attractions, which is rich in this Kingdom. There is no less iconic places than in Egypt or in Turkey, and to begin the acquaintance with this country, enough to walk through its old narrow streets, colourful houses and ancient mosques.

Among the main attractions of Morocco is worth noting:

  • A trip on jeep Safari;
  • A trip to the country of the Berbers Tassili;
  • Camel riding.

To get acquainted with the most ancient attractions worth visiting Fes, Rabat, Marrakech and Meknes. In these cities, some of which served as capitals of the country, there are a lot of interesting artifacts, palaces, fortresses, squares and museums.

Fans of shopping can head to FEZ, where there is a huge number of ancient workshops in which make an amazingly beautiful leather and copper. The secrets of this art is transmitted from generation to generation.

Holidays and festivals

Autumn in Morocco is witnessing many interesting events, among which worth mentioning the harvest festival dates. This day is marked by festivities in Erfoud and treats.

In the Tisza at that time a horse-riding festival, during which you can see how the former nomads in national costumes pretty handy with purebred Arabian horses.

The Kingdom of Morocco in October, perfect for any type of holiday, it has a lot of positive reviews from tourists.

See this video, what a beauty will meet you in Morocco in October: