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Holiday in Mexico: weather in Cancun in October

pogoda v Meksike v oktyabre

Mexico – exotic destination with everything necessary for an unforgettable stay. The coast is decorated with beautiful beaches with white sand and turquoise water.

For fans of tour programs provided exciting routes through the ancient monuments of culture and history. Weather in Mexico in October, promotes proper rest after heavy rains.

What is the weather like in October in Mexico?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni?

Many tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the expanses of Mexico, escaping to the country at any time of the year and even in October.

Despite the fact that the weather in this month is a little predictable, towards the end it becomes available for rest and relaxation.

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The average temperature of air and water

October in Mexico is the last month of the wet season, and that means that the weather begins to improve, and the number of cloudy days is reduced to a minimum. If at the beginning of the month on the coast you can catch the hurricanes along with high temperature, then in the last couple of weeks is getting much nicer and fresher.

In the popular tourist resorts of the temperature the following:

  • Mexico city – the day 20°C night 12°C;
  • Cancun – day +30°C, at +25°C;
  • Playa-del-Carmen – day +30°C, at +25°C;
  • Riviera Maya day +30°C, at +25°C;
  • Acapulco – day +31°C, night 24°C;
  • Veracruz – day +29°C, at +23°C;
  • Chetumal – day +30°C, night 24°C.

The water in the Caribbean warms up to +33 degrees, and on the coast of the Pacific ocean by 2-3 degrees cooler. But in this period, tourists are advised to opt for the second option, because this part of the country is less exposed to the weather.

The particular weather conditions

temperaturnye osobennosti

Most noticeable low season in the South-East of Mexico. In this part of the country is the high humiditydue to which it becomes very difficult to breathe. Such conditions are less suited to those who are difficult to tolerate acclimatization.

But in the second half of the month becomes a little easier when the tropical rains leave the coast, along with strong winds.

A little easier to be on the North and North-West of the country - in California. In these regions there is a cool and dry weather, but the rest is not very comfortable, because the temperature sufficiently lowand at night and at all cold. Often in such circumstances, you need to take a sweater with long sleeves.

Autumn vacation

Due to the fact that Mexico has a pretty impressive territory, the climatic conditions in different parts of the country differ. This allows you to choose a resort vacation, where even in low season there is beautiful weather.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

The beaches of Mexico are ready to receive guests at any time of the year, and October is no exception. In moments, when it rains, you have a great time by the pool at the hotel or visit one of the local restaurants. Also, a lot of interesting museums with a rich collection of unique exhibits.

Especially like tourists vacation in Mexico in the second half of October. During this period, the prices of travel are still available, but the weather is getting better and vacationers expect excellent conditions for a pleasant cost. Along with this everywhere fairs and festivals, colorful events that will be remembered for a long time.

From minuses it is noted quite unpredictableweather. Torrential rain can start suddenly and also suddenly end. In addition, the temperature at night sometimes falls to the level of +17 degrees, so on the street may seem cool.

How to dress?

For a comfortable stay is to bring light summer clothes:

  1. dresses;
  2. t-shirt;
  3. shorts.

Also do not forget about the swimwear, hat and sunglasses.

If you plan different trips, it will be useful and comfortable shoes. So at night it was nice to be on the street, you can take a light sweater. Cool weather is especially pronounced in the second half of the month.

What to do in the country in this period?

Mexico is rich in a variety of activities and events. The rest of the country promises to be interesting and rich.

Beach vacation

otdyh na poberezhe

In October it is worth to opt for such popular tourist resorts:

  • Acapulco;
  • Playa del Carmen;
  • Monterrey.

In this part of Mexico are hot, but not stifling weather. At the end of the month the temperature stabiliziruemost, on the coast feel dry and comfortable to stay, especially for the wet season.

Many favorite tourist resort of Cancun, on the contrary, exposed to hazardous climatic conditions. Even if the rain will recede and will be a Sunny day, strong wind will not allow you to be on the coast. It provokes high waves, dangerous for tourists and especially for children.

Entertainment and excursions

In October you should give your preference to long-excursion programs – in hot weather conditions and humidity can cause damage to health. During this period, it is better to choose museumsby staging educational program, or to go to Mexico city , the capital of the country.

In this part of Mexico there is a lot of valuable sites from different eras, for example:

  1. Cathedral;
  2. Palace of fine arts;
  3. Latin American Tower;
  4. The Palace Of The Inquisition.

The temperature allows you spend a long time on the street.

Compared to other resorts in October in Mexico city is quite pleasant and even cool.

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Holidays and festivals

In October across the country to celebrate significant events, one of which is the Festival of clowns. In this event from all over come 1.5 thousand representatives of this unusual profession and for four days they raise the mood of those around them, showing scenes and arranging workshops.

Watch video about what places to visit in Mexico in October: