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Holidays in the UAE: what is the weather and water temperatures in the Emirates in October?

pogoda v OAE v oktyabre

United Arab Emirates is not only the country where it is always warm and Sunny, but also a perfect destination for tourism, which travelers have always been associated with luxury and prestige. Thanks to the excellent weather conditions, it is equally nice to relax at any time of year, and level of service always remains high.

What is the weather like in October in the UAE?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v Emiratah?

For UAE characterized by a dry subtropical climate with long and hot summers, mild and short winters.

Weather conditions throughout the year are considered favourable for rest, despite the extremely high temperature.

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The temperature of the air and water

While in European countries comes a real autumn with cloudy days and cool weather, the resorts of the UAE comes the perfect time to relax. The hot summer gives way to comfortable conditions and the beginning of the tourist season. This period is equally nice to relax on the beach, tourism, as well as those who can not imagine rest without active entertainment, excursions, shopping.

The air temperature in different regions of the UAE is slightly different, but overall it is perfect for a comfortable stay on the street. Day the thermometer rises to +35 degrees, and at night drops to +21°C. Rainfall during this period is not foreseeable, the rains come only in the winter months.

The water on the coast of Oman and the Persian gulfs in the morning warms up to +27 degrees, so many tourists prefer to go to the beach in the early hours. The only problem that can interfere with rest – fog that occurs here in the morning.

A distinctive and pleasant feature of Oct – a slow lowering of the humidity. If at the beginning of the month, the humidity is 60%, then by the end of October, these figures are reduced and it becomes comfortable to breathe.

Weather features in cities

temperaturnye osobennosti v gorodah

The UAE occupies a large area, for this reason weather conditions in October in different regions of the country are slightly different. On the West coast is the most hot time. At resorts such as RAS al-Khaimah, Ajman and Sharjah, the temperature in the daytime rises to a temperature of +36 degrees, and at night drops to +21°C. the Persian Gulf surrounding these resorts, warms up to +28 degrees.

A few degrees cooler in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, also located on the Western coast of the UAE. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +34 degrees, and at night cooled to +21°C.

The water temperature is suitable for swimming, the Bay warms up to a comfortable temperature, amounting to +27°C.

The comfortable and cool weather by the standards of the UAE is on the East coast, at resorts such as Fujairah. Day the thermometer rises to 27 degrees, and at night on the coast of the Gulf of Oman becomes cooler 24 degrees. Water temperature in this period is +24°C.


In the UAE in October, quite a large selection of holiday, and the abundance of various resorts where you can equally relax in a family circle or friends or in a romantic setting, will allow you to spend a few unforgettable days of sun in one of the best countries of the East.

The pros and cons

Vacation in UAE in October – this is a great opportunity to change the situation, to take warm jackets and hats, replacing them on light clothing. This trip will allow us to extend summer for a few days. The main advantage of the rest of this favorable period is an opportunity not to depend on weather conditions.

Many of the guests in the Emirates complain that in summer season the heat can not save even conditioners at a time like autumn could notonly to diversify your vacation, but also to sleep at night to feel morning sick, but rested.

For those who are going on holiday in the UAE for the first time, offering plenty of entertainment and opportunities for a memorable stay. In the morning you can go to the beaches to get a safe tan and to soak in the warm waters of the Gulf. Beaches are always available and active entertainment, the most popular being scuba diving. The underwater world of the bays are very diverse. Here you can admire the unique flora and fauna, swim with sharks and even whales.

In the afternoon the tourists have the opportunity to choose one of the numerous excursion programsthat enables you to explore the beauty and wonders of the region. Thanks to hot weather, vacationers can afford a familiarity with a variety of sightseeing, desert safaris by jeep and visit the museums and shopping.

Before sunset, when the heat begins to subside, you can continue relaxing by the pool or in one of the cafes, enjoying a delicious and hearty Eastern cuisine, with dishes of meat and a hookah and beautiful Arab dancers.

The only negative of the trip in October – high prices for holidays during the tourist season.

This period starts the beginning of the high season, so you should be prepared to spend a decent amount on the trip.

How to dress?

kak odetsya osenu?

Going on vacation in UAE, you can forget about warm clothes and hats, also should not take an umbrella. To stay in the country useful to light things. Do not forget about the scorching sun, typical dining time. Not to get sunstroke, should be Packed in a suitcase, a hat and clothing made of natural fabrics with long sleeves.

What to do?

If in summer it is recommended to relax in Fujairah, due to the fact that the heat here is not very noticeable, in October it is better to choose resorts of the West coast.

In this region, not only the pleasant climate, but much more entertainment.

How to have fun and what to see?

For those who want to diversify their holidays in October in the Emirates there is plenty of opportunities. In this period tourists can Wellness and healing mineral springs, discounts and sales in Megamall Dubai and a trip to the aviation club, where for a short time to master the skills of piloting.

Among the most popular activities in the Emirates in October:

  • Ski resort "Ski Dubai" in Dubai;
  • Indoor Dolphinarium with air conditioning in Abu Dhabi;
  • Water Park "ice Land" in RAS-al-Khaimah;
  • Water Park "Wadi Adventure" in Abu Dhabi;
  • The largest zoo of the country to al ain.

The most interesting places gathered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, also in these cities have long and beautiful promenades to walk which is especially nice in October.

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Beach vacation

plyazhnaya polosa

As the water temperature in October is ideal for beach holidays, do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the bright sunshine and long sandy beaches. Bathing in shallow turquoise water will help to cool you off in hot weather, but you must do it before 10 am or after 16:00.

The most popular beaches on the West coast:

  1. Bahrain Island in Abu Dhabi;
  2. Jumeira Beach Park in Dubai.

Most beaches in the resorts of the UAE belongs to the hotels, and each of the coastal zones is accompanied by a high service, infrastructure and sports grounds.

On the beaches offers a wide range of water sports and entertainment:

  • Surfing;
  • Diving;
  • Kiting;
  • Water parks.

Holidays and festivals

Life in the Emirates is always full, and October is no exception. This month across the country hosts many fairs, festivals and celebrations.

In the middle of autumn start bright event:

  • Festival of Cinema in Abu Dhabi;
  • Camel racing in RAS al Khaimah;
  • Culinary festival in Abu Dhabi;
  • The event "fashion World" in Abu Dhabi.

Regardless of the choice, any trip outside of the hotel will leave only positive impressions.

Emirates is an incredibly hospitable country, where there is everything for a memorable stay, especially in autumn. Here offers entertainment and historic attractionsscattered throughout the region.

We encourage you to watch a video about the weather in Dubai in October:

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