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Holidays in Greece: the weather and water temperature in Rhodes in October

pogoda v Rodose v oktyabre

If you want to enjoy a Mediterranean holiday, the island of Rhodes (Greece) can provide you the optimal conditions. In October there is no summer heat, but still warm and nice.

What is the weather in October on the island of Rhodes?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v seredine oseni?

For the inhabitants of the Nordic countries October Rhodes is a almost summer weather.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

No wonder October is the last month in the holiday season.

From the weather we can expect more coolness than heat, especially towards the end of the month.

This is clearly seen on the air temperature. At night and in the evening it drops to a mark of +17, and in the afternoon reaches about +22 – 23 degrees. However, the water temperature of the Mediterranean sea is still warm for swimming, it is 26 degrees in the first half of October, and in the second half - 22 – 23 degrees. Water temperature of the Aegean sea is always a few degrees lower.

The particular weather conditions

The weather can be changeable, Sunny days, interlaced with cloudy days, sometimes heavy rains, and the wind is not refreshing in the summer, and cool and even choppy. October is a good time of year to sunbathe on the island, the sun gently warms, so do not be afraid to scorch in the summer heat. And if the rains are not so often, less can be thunderstorms and strong winds.

All of October is still possible to swim in the sea, but better to do it in the first half of the month, when the water temperature is approximately 26 degrees. By the end of the month the water is cool - not more than 23 degrees. Although the Mediterranean sea is slightly warmer than the Aegean, but this time of year special difference is not noticeable. In any case, the sea there is always something to be happy about:

  • Clean air;
  • Beautiful sky;
  • The waves of the sea;
  • Sunny weather.


In Rhodes, vacation variety, you should choose the resort based on their own goals and preferences. Next, consider about what distinguishes the coast of Rhodes, and what better to choose for your optimum leisure.

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The pros and cons of stay at this time

The first half of October is the right time for Rhodes and the rest of the month as well will delight the sun and not the cold sea. Although October is completing a seasonal time of holidays, it is warm enough to stay.

In October Rhodes ends the tourist season, this is the last month to visit the water parks and other attractions.

Those who love a relaxing holiday, October is fine for quiet home away from home. The entertainment is better to come here early. With the end of the season, fewer and fewer flights for passengers from Russia, became less and ferries between the Islands of Greece. At this time, the rest, not so crowded, which allows you to quietly enjoy the sea and sightseeing.

How to dress and what to bring?

If you are going to relax in Rhodes in October, you need to include both Sunny days and bad weather. Closet should be collected appropriate to keep warm in the evening for a walk or in bad weather, and on a Sunny day to relax on the beach. So take a jacket like a windbreaker, a sweater and warm shoes for the evening, and the day will be useful for a variety of beach accessories, shorts and t-shirts.

What to do?

Rhodes island is characterized by numerous resortslocated along the coast, is a medium-sized island of Greece. If you came here to rest parents with children, the elderly or those who prefer a warm and cozy atmosphere, the best option for them is a quiet beach that is washed by the warm and gentle Mediterranean sea. The West Bank, made friends with href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/egejskoe-more-na-karte/">the Aegean seawill delight those who want to plunge into the refreshing and clear water, and in the evening enjoy the entertainment.

Beach vacation

Lovers of sandy beaches, it will be pleasant to relax on the Eastern shore, you can still lie on the warm sand, sunbathing. And who likes to walk on the small pebbles, massaging of the foot, offering the West coast. East coast, touching the Mediterranean sea, not as windy, but the sea is not so stormy as on the other coast, although the sea in this period, mostly quiet.

plyazhi ostrova

Pools in hotels can be a good alternative to bad weather at sea, the water of which day time to heat up.

The Western and southern coast, characterized by activities such sports as kitesurfing and Windsurfing. On the Eastern shore you can also engage in these activities, and due to the fact that there is no such strong waves, this is the place for beginners.

Excursions and entertainment

Not to try young wines in Rhodes, just October is the season for wine tasting and touring the wine place. Close to the famous valley of the Butterflies, is a plant for the production of wine mistress Anastasia. You can still pay a visit to the factory "CAIR", nearby the capital city of Rhodes. Not to get drunk from wine, you can eat with a hospitable host in the taverns, tasty Greek food.

Many people are happy to go to the water Park, in the month of October, these amusement rides are working. Rhodes is one of the largest water parks in Europe - "Water Park", it is not far from Rhodes town (about 10 kilometers), and from the village of Faliraki is even closer (about 3 kilometers). You can even stay at hotelsthat have their own water parks, one is located in Kiotari, the other 5 kilometres from Lindos, in the Eastern part of the island.

In the Old Rhodes town is a great joy for children and adults, the aquarium. His visit will not leave anyone indifferent. You can see what is hidden from the eyes of the seabed is an abundance of marine life that live in 25 aquariums. It will also be interesting to visit the Museum and take a tour of the research center and hydrobiological station.

What to see?

Of course, you can not miss the ancient sights of Rhodes:

  1. Lindos is the second largest and the largest city of the island;
  2. The casino of Rhodes , the eponymous casino and hotel, which is located in a historic building, Grand Albergo, Dell Rose;
  3. Paradisi - a colourful village in the Northern part. Here is the fortress wall and Diagoras airport;
  4. Seaport gate. Through these gates in ancient times to transport livestock, people and their goods merchants and much more that would help to develop the island;
  5. The Acropolis of Lindos is located on the top of the cliff, where a beautiful marine species.

Western Rhodes is interesting because the village is Petaludes Valley of the Butterflies, it is better to go there in the first half of the day because for visitors in October, the Park is not open the whole day.

The city of Rhodes, surrounded by a magnificent garden, it is called the garden City and serves as the wall of the city, because it is growing along this wall. It's a marvelous decoration of Rhodes, to visit this entertainment from April to October.

In the garden, organized a presentation with sound and light effect in the evening.

See this video, what is the weather in Rhodes in October: