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Seoul in late October: weather, temperature, how and in what clothes to wear?

pogoda v Seule v oktyabre

Autumn in Seoul with a warm weather - not hot and not cool, it is comfortable for the full stay. In October, Seoul weather is a little cooler than in September, but the air is not as in autumn warm.

What is the weather like in October in Seoul?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni?

October in Seoul, as a rule, clear and warm – cloudy and Sunny days alternate each other. But day and daily temperatures of air differ significantly.

The temperature of the air and water

The average temperature in October in Seoul is +19-21 degrees Celsius.

In some years, the day temperature rises to +26 degrees.

In the beginning of the month , the air is heated to 21 C by day and +13-15 degrees at night. At the end of the month, the air starts to cool and the daily parameter is equal to +16-18 degrees, and night - +5-8 degrees.

The average water temperature in October is 19 degrees. At the beginning of the figure is equal to +20-21 degrees, and by the end of the month the water is cooled to +15-17 degrees.

Other weather conditions

drugie prirodnye yavleniya

This time of year the winds in Seoul is not very strong – the average speed is 2-4 m/s. the rainy Season in South Korea ended in July, so the number of drop-down for October precipitation is minimal – on the order of 30-40 mm.

As the number of clear, Sunny days, they significantly outnumber the cloudy.

October holidays in the capital of South Korea

The October holiday in Seoul will be without troubles and disappointments, if you know what to expect from South Korea in the fall.

The pros and cons

argumenty za i protiv

It is difficult to choose the country in which should go is in the autumn time of year to get the maximum amount of positive emotions and remember the trip with pleasure. It is necessary to consider the pros and cons of this holiday.

The dignity of the October holiday in Seoul:

  • comfortable temperature for rest and walks, the predominance of Sunny days;
  • discounts, though small, on tours and tickets plane;
  • the possibility of active rest and visiting mountain areas;
  • the holding of sports events and holidays;
  • a good time for shopping in October are good discounts on products and clothes.

The shortcomings of the October holiday in Seoul:

  1. cool nights, so the main movement it is better to make in the first half of the day;
  2. the difficulty of a beach holiday;
  3. exorbitant price for fresh berries and fruits;
  4. a large number of tourists.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, each person should decide for themselves, whether it suits this situation.

Kind of clothes worn at that time?

Going in October on vacation in Seoul, you need to take care of how to dress. At this time you need to take some warm clothing, including a jacket and closed shoes. If you have the chance to make a trip to the mountains, you need to choose the pair of shoes with a good grip with the road surface.

What to do in the city in the middle of autumn?

In October, the Seoul aimed to become acquainted with natural and historical sights, but a beach holiday is still on the sidelines.

The second monthautumn in the South Korean capital is also rich in events and festivals.

chem zanyatsya?

Beach vacation - can you swim?

In October, local residents do not swim – it is believed that water too cool for swimming. But many tourists do not stop. Swimming in October is possible, but not for all people this is comfortable, so the beaches are almost empty.

What to see and do?

In Seoul in October you can just stroll the streets and enjoy the views of the trees at this time of year are painted in fanciful shades. Also popular are trips to the mountains – the scenery here is untouched by human hand and have the possibility of active rest.

Shopping is an integral part of the stay in Seoul. Particularly popular shopping district Myeongdong – here the shops and stalls filled every square meter. The cost of clothing, cosmetics, perfumes and some medications 20-40% lower than in Russia.

As for attractionsin Seoul a large number of temples and palaces, and skyscrapers. 8 kilometers from Seoul is the so-called Folk villagewhere you can immerse yourself in Korean culture and to observe the effect of national rituals of the wedding ceremony, burial and other.

Every self-respecting tourist in Seoul should try to become the disciple of a tea master, to throw a coin in the"lunar rainbow" on the bridge and spend some time in the company of monks.

Holidays and festivals

In October held many events: dance Festival, eating contest, an international exhibition for tourists as well as Festival shopping (in these times, there are unbelievable discounts on all products) and others. Also in Seoul hosts many sporting events and competitions.

October 3 marks the Celebration of the founding of the state – the day on top of the mountain held a special ceremony.

Look at Korean Oct you can in this video: