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Weather in Sharm El-Sheikh: what is the temperature of the water at the end of October?

pogoda v SHarm-el-SHejhe v oktyabre

In our latitudes, October marks a real the middle of autumn with all the consequences: cold, damp and slush. But you can always fly away from them in the Egyptian summer, because the weather in Sharm El-Sheikh in October is still hot.

The resort season here lasts the whole year, so you will be able not only to visit the fascinating excursions, but enough to swim in the sea and sunbathe under the warm rays of the southern sun.

What is the weather like in October in Sharm El-Sheikh?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v SHarme v seredine oseni?

Before buying a ticket on a plane to Egypt, the journey is thoroughly prepared.

The key issue in training camp will be Sunny, depends on the amount and composition of Luggage, and plan trips.

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The average temperature of air and water

The average temperature in October at the resort in the afternoon is +33,8°C, and at night - +24,8°C. Maximum, the thermometer in this month rises to +35-36°C during the day and the minimum night temperature is +20-22°C. Generally, at the beginning of October in Sharm El-Sheikh enough hot weather - +32-34°C (night - +23-25°C). At the end of the month the temperature drops only slightly, to +30-32°C during the day, while the night still making the same +20-22°C.

Almost all of October in the city of sunshine: cloudy days are issued very rarely. The average number of Sunny hours per day is 11.1.

Water temperature in the Red sea near Sharm El-Sheikh is an enviable stability for the entire month. Its average rate is +28°C (maximum and minimum recorded temperature is equal to +28,4°C and +27,5 respectively). In the beginning of the month, the thermometer, immersed in water, will stop at the level of 27.5-28°C by the end of the month, this figure can drop to only a couple of degrees.

The particular weather conditions

specifika klimaticheskogo rezhima

Sharm El-Sheikh in October pamper tourists surprisingly dry weather: average rainfall is only 6.9 mm, so it is possible that during the holiday you never will get caught in the rain. Even if it may take a short rainstorm, puddles dry out in just a couple of minutes you won't even have time to get his feet wet.

Hurricanes also should not wait: the wind speed is on average equal to 2.8 m/s, so you can not be afraid that your head will blow off a hat or air flow is upside-down umbrella on the beach.

The October holiday

If you do not get to take a vacation in the summer, feel free to take it in October and go in the mysterious Egypt: a trip to Sharm El Sheikh will be remembered for a long time how the beautiful weather and seen many sights.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

To the benefits of a relaxing and luxurious holiday in October include:

  • The opportunity to swim in the sea every day due to the high temperature of air and water;
  • Clean sandy beaches, ideal for families with children;
  • The almost complete absence of wind and rain;
  • Half-empty hotels by the end of the month as the tourist season ends.

A significant disadvantage of the October trip is only sometimes too high temperatures and low humidity.

People with diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to tolerate such a climate is difficult.

How to dress?

Just in case you should bring a lightweight jacket, umbrella and rain gear, but most likely, they will lie in your suitcase unclaimed. Mainly to pack in the Luggage isswimwear, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, easy dresses or rompers, skirts.

Be sure to bring something for sun protectioncream with UV filters, a hat with a large brim, sunglasses, a Cape or a light blouse with long sleeves. After all, the sun in October can be quite hot.

What to do in Sharm this month?

Planning ahead – the key to a successful and memorable trip, so it pays to think carefully about what you will do during the trip.

Entertainment and excursions

chem zanyatsya?

If you're tired of sitting on the beach, to dispel the boredom in Sharm El Sheikh easy. In his spare time you can:

  1. Go on a fascinating journey into the desert with an organized group;
  2. To schedule a trip to the ancient citieslocated far from the coast: Cairo, Giza, Alexandria or the Nile cruise;
  3. Visit local attractions: the mountain of Moses, a natural Park, the monastery of St. Helena, the coloured canyon, the glass bottom boat (tour to better plan this morning, as the day-time heat may be too tedious);
  4. Walk the streets of old Sharm El-Sheikh with its original Oriental architecture, picturesque Egyptian market;
  5. Purchase a ticket to the water Park or on an exciting show at the Dolphinarium.

Beach vacation

October is the perfect month for relaxing on the beach where you can spend a whole day. In addition to sailing in a fairly calm sea and sunbathing on the loungers, the resort offers fishing and water sports like diving or surfing.

The underwater world of the red sea is very diverse, therefore, immersed tube into its depths, tourists can see the famous coral reefs and flocks of passing by exotic fish.

Holidays and festivals

In October the temple of Abu Simbel takes place the famous "festival of the Sun", dedicated to the ascension to the throne of the Pharaoh Ramesses II.

On this day the sun's ray touches the statue of the ruler installed in the temple, and the statue of his antagonist Ptah – the God of darkness – sinking into even deeper darkness.

On 23 October, the Egyptians celebrated the national day of liberation from the aggression of Britain, France and Israel mass celebrations and processions. Also this month settled a race on boats.

In the following video you will see what the weather is in October in Sharm El-Sheikh in very rare cases: