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Holiday in Sri Lanka in October: weather, temperature, and where better to relax?

pogoda v SHri-Lanke v oktyabre

Sri Lanka is a favorite of many travelers direction, with a lot of advantages. Due to the fact that all year round summer reigns, and there are so many interesting attractions and world-class beaches, you do not want to leave the resort, ever.

What is the weather like in October?

Kakoj temperaturnyj rezhim v oktyabre?

The tourists decided to go to Sri Lanka in October, should know that the weather this month, though controversial, but it certainly won't hurt to have a great time on one of the many resorts in this country.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

Mid-autumn in Sri Lanka relates to the low seasonthat usually faces high humidity, constant rain, and unusual climate. It is important that this weather is typical for each area of the country, and the only downside of staying is the wind that forms towering waves of the ocean.

More "wet" area located in the South-Western part of the island, at that time, as the rest of the resort is more or less dry weather with a few "anti-aircraft" rains.

Such features arise from the high mountain range in the centre of the island, which covers North and West from the South-West monsoon.

In October there is a very comfortable temperature. In the afternoon, the thermometer shows the mark of 29 degrees, and at night – 23 degrees. While typical of the rainy season, the rains come mostly at night and last no more than 15 minutes, as evidenced by the slightly wet sand on the beaches in the morning. Water temperature pleasing performance of +27°C, while in the South the sea warms up to +29°C.

The particular weather conditions

pogodnye usloviya serediny oseni

Due to the fact that the middle of autumn in Sri Lanka applies to the off-season, to vacation here quite nicely. If in the beginning of the month the consequences of heavy rains still visible, since the second half of October, the number of rainy and windy days is significantly less.

What clothes to bring?

Sri Lanka in October is pretty warm for a beach holiday. For this reason, primarily, is to bring your swimsuit, a hat and lightweight summer clothes – t-shirts, shorts and dresses. If on the coast will experience strong winds, there is always the opportunity to go on a tour for which you should bring comfortable shoes.

If you plan to tour the temples, it is important to remember that a visit to religious places in shorts or in clothes with open back is considered disrespectful to local customs.

See this video, what's the weather like in October in Sri Lanka:

What fruits grow in that time?

Tourists come to Ceylon not only in order to enjoy a secluded beach vacation, but also to be pampered with fresh tropical fruitsgrowing here constantly.

In October in Sri Lanka, you can try the seasonal fruits:

  1. Carambola;
  2. Cantaloupe;
  3. Pitahaya;
  4. Sapodilla.

Also year-round on the island available bananas, coconuts, mango and guava, and sometimes you can find durian, papaya and strawberries. Fresh fruits are sold everywhere here. Prices are always available.


Travel to Sri Lanka even during the low season is an interesting and dynamic holiday in one of fairy corners of the planet.

otdyh na Cejlone


The main advantage of tourism in October is, of course, the fact that this month the cost of trips, booking of air tickets and rooms at the href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/azia/shri-lanka/horoshie-plyazhi-oteli/">the hotels is much lower, so you can arrange a holiday for reasonable money – is quite real.

Always warm ocean water and high waves will provide an opportunity to engage in active sports.

Despite the fact that October is not suitable for a complete beach holiday in Ceylon, no one will be able to cancel a fascinating insight into the cultural, historical and natural sights of the country.

Where better to relax in October?

In Sri Lanka many of the finest resorts with magnificent beaches and facilities, but not all are suitable for vacation in October. The increased humidity in the area of the capital Colombo makes it impossible to relax on the popular beaches of Negombo.

The leader on attendance – Hikkaduwa resort, which all year round attracts divers, surfers, snorkeler, young people and couples. The best water activities, many attractions and fun nightlife have made this place the perfect for relaxing.

Positive feedback on the best vacation in Ceylon can hear about the resorts:

  • Unawatuna is a small resort village with lots of affordable housing and calm waters in the ocean;
  • Bentota – a popular place for romantics and fans of secluded rest;
  • Wadduwa resort that has a large amount of outdoor entertainment, including water sports, Golf and excursions.

All the beaches of Ceylon sandy, and many of them are surrounded by coconut trees, coral reefs and colorful fish, which makes the stay even more exquisite.

What to do in the offseason?

Despite the fact that to predict the seasonal weather in Sri Lanka is practically impossible, nothing can spoil the holiday here, even in October.

Beach vacation

plyazhi v SHri-Lanke

The most comfortable weather in Ceylon formed in the East – Trincomalee and Nilaveli. In this region of the ocean behaving a little more relaxed, so a great opportunity to snorkel or sunbathe on the beautiful beaches. To the North-East of the country in October, go for various water sports, and to the South, swim in the lagoon Unawatuna.

Unawatuna beaches of the lagoon are coral Bay, protected from high ocean waves and currents.

Luxury, but rather a small local beaches attract tourists of all stripes. Rest couples with children, young people and romantic couples.

Especially enjoyable holiday observed on the beaches:

  1. Tangalle;
  2. Dikwella;
  3. Koggala.

In case the weather sours, you can choose a hotel with a private pool.

The best beaches, ideal for vacation in October, located on the southern and Western coasts in particular, these include:

  • Bentota beach is a favorite beach of all the newlyweds that prefer it for complete privacy, a wide coastal strip and palm trees;
  • Mirissa is the beach preferred by those who chose independent travel on the island;
  • Tangalle is a perfect place for secluded relaxation, as other campers you meet here is quite rare;
  • Hikkaduwa – the longest beach in Ceylon with many cafés and private gifts.

Once on one of these magnificent beaches, you should not forget that October still has a violent temper. The waves are so strongthat hardly go further than waist-deep.

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Entertainment and excursions

Sri Lanka never never bored – mindless lying on the beach may not be enough time. The resort has a wide range of water sports such as diving, snorkeling, Windsurfing, surfing and parasailing that are available at any time of the year and even in the off-season.

The local underwater world is incredibly interesting. Waters of the Indian ocean attract a diverse coral bottom sea creatures with unusual names, dolphins, whale sharks.

In the watery depths you can also see cliffs, caves and wrecks (among them are tankers, ships, freighters, and even a modern ship).

A very interesting entertainment in Sri Lanka – shopping, through which you can buy world famous Ceylon tea, spices and jewelry. This country is valued for local gold jewelry and precious stones that are mined here for many centuries. These include rubies, sapphires and Topaz.

In cultural-historical terms, Sri Lanka is not worse. Throughout the island are scattered a priceless historical relics of global importance. These include jungle ruins, Buddhist temples, palaces on top of mountains, Royal Botanical gardens and national parks.

All the bestattractions of Ceylon are located in the "cultural triangle" – the territory between Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. Here are the cultural sites inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Holidays and festivals

Festival ognej

In October, in Sri Lanka there are several ancient religious festivals. These include:

  • "Festival of light";
  • "Festival of lights";
  • "VAP.".

These events are not without colorful processions, many Sri Lankan rituals and traditional fireworks.

Travellers visiting Ceylon in October, have a great opportunity to enjoy a good rest, relaxing on the beaches or visiting the traditional attractions of the country.