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Holidays in Sicily: weather and temperature in October

pogoda na Sicilii v oktyabre

A trip to Sicily is an unforgettable acquaintance with the diversity of Italian culture, the rich history of this country, its traditions, and holidays on the most beautiful beaches on the banks of the gorgeous Mediterranean sea. Weather in Sicily in October allows you to spend a wonderful vacation.

What is the weather like in October in Sicily?

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine oseni

A visit to the island is important at any time of the year is its location and climate allow to rest as sultry in summerand autumn when the heat subsides here, and in Sicily comes the velvet season.

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The average temperature of air and water

Sicily has a fairly large area and diverse topography, for this reason, in different parts of the island in October , you may experience slightly different weather.

On the picturesque coast of Sicily is pleasant and warm weather, and the summer heat has not disappeared. The holiday season here lasts until mid-October, as the temperature of the sea reaches +26°C, and in particularly clear days to +30 degrees.

In the second half of the month becomes cool and the thermometer barely reaches +24°C, and the air often becomes cloudy.

At night on the coast there is a change of season – the air temperature cools to 17°C at the beginning of the month and up +14°C by the end of October. The sea warms up to +22°C, but gradually cools down to 20 degrees. Water procedure are solved only brave because this water is not suitable for swimming, but this fact does not prevent like a beach holiday and various other activities available in October.

srednie pokazateli

In mountain regions in early October, already cool enough, and by the end of the month the tops of the mountains covered with snow caps. In this part of the island the temperature during daylight hours reaches 14 degrees, and at night – +7°C. the Closer to November the temperature drops by 4-5 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

In General, the climate of Sicily in October allows tourists to enjoy a vacation on the island, without denying yourself the pleasure of relaxing on the beaches, engage in active sports or traveling through its territory for the purpose of closer acquaintance. The air temperature is not much different from September, but a clear and warm windless days with no rain pleasing almost to the end of the month.

On the coast humidity is not increased, so the rest of October for those who can not tolerate extreme heat or simply has health problems. The same situation is observed in the Central part of the island. Warm temperature in this part is transferred much easier and more comfortable.

The October holiday

A trip to Sicily is always a pleasant event, while in October – is no exception. This time of year here there is favorable weather, allowing you to diversify your vacation.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Stay in Sicily in October, has solid advantages. This month, the flow of tourists decreases, and hence vacationers have the opportunity to spend time at the resort, secluded in the most beautiful parts of the island.

In addition, by the end of the month in Sicily closed the holiday season, so the cost to stay is considerably reduced.

Travelers can book plane tickets, trips and hotel rooms at attractive prices.

How to dress?

Due to the fact that in Sicily in October, the rain only happens 3-4 times per month, and the sky seldom becomes cloudy, rather it is simply overcast, the tourist does not have to take on holiday a lot of things.

In order to spend time on the beaches, you will need a swimsuit, sunscreen anda hat, and to go on exciting excursions light summer clothes. If the vacation is planned for the end of October, you should bring a light sweater, and comfortable shoes.

What to do this month?

Sicily for tourists at any time of the year, so stay on this island brings only pleasure.

Beach vacation

Coast of Sicily, washed by three seas – the Tyrrhenian, the Mediterranean and the Ionian, so tourists have a large choice of places for a beach holiday. In October, for such purposes, ideal seaside in Siracusa and Catania. In these regions the fantastically scenic coastline with beautiful coves and wild cliffs.

plyazhnyj otpusk

Relax in Sicily on the following beaches:

  • Mondello;
  • Cefalu;
  • Isola Bella;
  • Palermo.

Despite the fact that sea water warms up is not to the same extent as in September, yet there are days when it is suitable for swimming. Tourists not only sunbathing, relaxing on the beaches, but also to plunge into the water. The lack of wind and clear skies allow you to feel very comfortable.

Entertainment and excursions

All of Sicily is a Museum under the open sky. Every town on the island is filled with amazing old architecture and various monuments in different years. Among them especially popular Siracusa, Palermo, Taormina and Erice.

Even small villages like Castelmola, delight tourists, and acquaintance with their attractions in this weather will be the most memorable moment during the holidays.

Tour of Sicily will not be complete if not to climb to the top of the volcano Etna. This landmark is a hallmark of the island, and Souvenirs with her image at every step.

Holidays and festivals

It is difficult to imagine Sicily without regular holidays and festivals, thundering on the island in any month. In October, the club hosts themed fair in honor of the collection of farm products. Especially popular Festival of pistachio nuts, during which you can try sweets, sauces, cakes and ice cream with the addition of nuts.

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