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Holidays in Turkey: weather, water temperatures at the beginning and the end of October in side

pogoda v Side v oktyabre

Side is a popular resort located in Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. It is surrounded by numerous pretty beaches, modern tourist complexes on the first line, as well as unique historical attractions.

What is the weather like in October in side?

Kakoj oktyabr v Side?

October – the last resort a month in Turkey, so lovers of sunbathing there is a great opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday, received the coveted tan.

The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and at the end of the month

October side great for relaxing, especially the first half of the month, when there is clear weather, and the temperature is pleasing indicators in 25 degrees. During this period the water temperature warms up to +20°C, but to be comfortable in the sea just before lunch, because in the second half of the day clearly felt the coolness.

In one day you can spend time on the beach and sunbathe, and on the other, wrapped in warm clothes, go on a tour.

In the second half of October in side the weather is variability and extreme temperature changes. Should prepare for the fact that the sky often will be tightened by clouds, and the number of rainy days significantly increase in comparison with the first half of the month. The daytime temperature falls to around +20°C at night to +13-15°C.

During this period the sea is very cool, its temperature falls to 18 degrees. If you really want to swim, but the weather is not permitting, it is possible to book a hotel with an indoor pool and a heated and find suitable one for you will help form of search of numbers. Specify the host city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

The particular weather conditions

Pogodnye usloviya osenu

Mid-autumn in side characteristic pleasant weather, which worsened markedly towards the end of the month. If in the first half of the resort delights its guests with a warm sunshine, the second may be disappointed by sudden showers. It rains mainly at night and evening fog.

Due to such conditions, October gives the opportunity to extend the summer. They are ideal for those who prefer to attend excursionsto explore the sights of Turkey's Mediterranean coast, and occasionally to stay on the beach on Sunny days.


Side has many advantages that make tourists choose this resort for vacation in October.


This resort combines all the charm of an excellent vacation. Tourists come here with children, youth and couples, most of whom choose this resort in October.

In the summer the unbearable heat (40°C) does not allow to fully enjoy all the marvels of Turkish "pearls" of the Mediterranean coast, at that time, as the Oct allows to diversify vacation in the resort.

All these advantages contributes to the changeable weather.

Vacationers in side this month is the perfect mix of favorable weather conditions and attractive prices. In October, significantly decreases the cost of booking hotel rooms and tours, and excursions, allowing you to save some money, received from her the most pleasure. The end of the month will still work the clubs, to get bazaars and host various entertainment events.

What clothes to bring?

For a comfortable stay in side suitable light clothing: shorts, dresses and t-shirt. Also you should bring a bathing suit, a windbreaker and a warm sweater, especially if holidaymakers arechildren.

And at night side gets cold (by the standards of this resort). The thermometer drops to the level of +15°C. In such conditions, warm clothing and closed will not be superfluous, because along with cold weather comes a strong wind.

What to do?

CHem zanyatsya v puteshestvii?

The main reason why many tourists visit side beach vacation and a large number of water sports. The resort is famous for its pristine sandy beaches, of which there are two: Eastern and Western. The most popular is considered the first option because it is considered safe, thanks to the shallow sea.

At West beach you can indulge in a variety of sports:

  • Take a ride on the yacht or jet ski;
  • To engage in diving or snorkeling;
  • Go on a boat for a tour.

If you want to avoid the crowds to spend time in solitude, just enough to move away from the crowd where a beautiful and quiet turtle beach.

Fans of cultural and historical sights will have a nice trip in the nearby town of Manavgat, allowing to plunge into the ancient world. Here you can see ancient ruins, the ancient ruined amphitheaters, temples and palaces that once belonged to the greatest people of Greece. In ancient times side was inhabited by Greeks, which left a lot of memorable places.

Other popular tours in side:

  1. The Amphitheatre Of Aspendos;
  2. Waterfall Kurshunlu;
  3. Ancient ruins of Perge;
  4. Cave Altinbesik.

Also in side is very popular form of entertainment is considered to be jeep safaris, shopping in local markets and a visit to the famous Turkish clubs.

Side recognized as one of the best Turkish resorts, because the rest here in autumn is beautiful as regarding weather conditions and, thanks to the ideal ratio price-quality.

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