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Where better to relax - the weather and water temperature in Tenerife in October

pogoda v Tenerife v oktyabre

Vacationers stranded in Spain on the Tenerife island in the middle of the autumn will see that it has paid off and came to this fertile place in the best time. Since the sun is not so hot, but at the same time warm and comfortable.

The temperature of the air and water

Temperaturnyj rezhim vozduha i vody

The main factor that you should consider – the difference between the weather conditions in the North and the South of the island. Although Tenerife is a relatively small climate zone here is different.

For example, in the Northern part air temperature in the month of October on the island during the day is +26°C, and at +19°C. At this time, practically no abrupt changes of weather, so the water temperature in comparison with September of only 1 degree below.

A great time to relax on the beach or a tour of the events.

The southern part of the island has a warmer climate, there is almost no windand the water on the coast a little warmer. Still at this time appear the first signs of autumn - the days are getting shorter, there is a possibility of rain. Though the water is still very warm - around +23 °C, but for those who like to swim a lot, it is better to Lodge in hotels, where the pools are heated.


otdyh na ostrove

October is part of the peak season in the Canaries, and Tenerife well in any part of the island. However, note that the southern part is more touristy, there are many new hotels, and is actively developing the tourist industry.

The Northern part is more authentic, there's a small historic town, many beautiful, but the weather in October is not so stable.

The benefits of recreation

Decreases the flow of tourists and in many locations are much quieter. If you combine this fact with blagodarnostyu inhabitants of Tenerife, you get a great steady rest.

We should not fear boredom. If you are young and want to party to the music in clubs and bars, you'll be able to find many companies with similar interests.

What clothes to bring?

A distinctive feature of the October Tenerife is that there is no significant difference between night and day temperatures. If the day is about 22 degrees and the heat, the night temperature can drop to 16 degrees. Agree, not so cold.

Cloudy days in October, very little (3-4) and slightly more cloudy days, although it's not about full of clouds, and variable.

So even some parkas or raincoats here is not so relevant. Better to take with you for the most part, warm clothes with a small amount of something like warm sweaters or suits, pants, maybe a couple of warm shoes, in General, autumn and summer with a bias towards the fly. And, of course, take beach equipment.

Where better to relax?

gde turistam budet luchshe otdyhat?

Before choosing a particular vacation spot on the island you need to decide how you want to spend time.

If you enjoy family vacation with a child, and you most of the time wish to stay on the beach, you'll like this resort in the South of Tenerife - Las Americas.

In case you are in Tenerife with the aim to get acquainted with the culture and history of the island, and want to see all of the landmarks with the city, choose to visit Puerto de La Cruz.

And for thrill-seekers and fans of water entertainment and water sports is perfect El Medano.

In any case, always out of his seat to go to the other resort by bus, because the island of Tenerife is not great.

What to do?

Range of activities in Tenerife more than a variety, there are plenty of options for active leisure and relaxing shopping, or a relaxing retreat on the beach.


The island has a truly gorgeous and uniquenature.

All the sandy beaches of the island, as the island was created by volcanic activities, the sand painted dark shades.

Plyazhi s chernym peskom

For those who prefer lighter shades on the island there are beaches where the sand is white, and was specially brought from the Sahara, but they are much smaller.

In the serene days of October, you will always great fun at the beaches. While there are many options for entertainmentsuch as:

  • Diving;
  • Parasailing;
  • Skating to "banana";
  • Walks on yachts and boats;
  • The jet skis.

Entertainment and excursions

Each camper must be thoroughly planned schedule of your stay, and if suddenly will fall out cloudy, and perhaps rainy day, you should be able to hold any of your tour arrangements, or anything interesting. And then the day that could be wasted, is folded into a piggy Bank time well spent.

The rest of the island can vary, taking up various sports. For example, to tickle nerves, and scuba dive, play Golf, or swim on a Board with a sail and without.

Also quite interesting the shopping on the island. Souvenirs from the island of Tenerife not be called traditional, it is very peculiar:

  • Lace;
  • Jewelry chrysolite;
  • Palm honey;
  • The sweetness of the agave.

According to the tourists with the experience of shopping better to go to the Northern part of the island.

Ekskursii po Tenerife

Most owners of shops in the southern part are Indians, which is very specific trade. Here a traveler can purchase a fake at a high price.

The indigenous people for shopping give preference to the capital of Tenerife Santa Cruzas there are great shopping centers. The road from North to South will cost around 22 euros, but for shoppers it is worth it.

Tourists should be treated skeptically to invitations for a scenic ride around the island.

The cost of the excursion is about 100 euros for such a high price you plan to visit almost all the attractions.

In reality, such a trip represents:

  1. Permanent Parking close to specific souvenir shops (with extremely inflated prices for goods);
  2. Just a few stops at some really interesting places;
  3. Good dinner;
  4. A little bit of entertainment.

At the time this lasts approximately to five o'clock in the evening.

The best way to explore the island is to self drive car, rent. For the same money it is possible to take the whole 3 days, to visit the vending places to go in nice shops. And in order not to get lost on the island, it is better not to save and to take more of Russian-speaking Navigator.

razvlekatelnyj shopping

Holidays and festivals

At this time the island comes during a variety of holidays and festivals and to those who loves to participate in fun and cultural events came to Tenerife at the right time.

  • In October in Santa Cruz, celebrate the discovery of America by Columbus.
  • In Adeje 15 Oct celebrate the day of St. Ursula, a magnificent feast with a variety of performances (music, riders) and religious processions.
  • Also at this time there is opening of Opera season.
  • Take place in the capital magic festival at the Teatro guimera, and you can be part of this action.

Moreover, in all localities of Tenerife hosts various celebrations and festivals.

See an interesting video about the island of Tenerife: