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Stay in Tunisia: what's the weather like, temperature of water and fruit in October?

pogoda v Tunise v oktyabre

When in the Nordic countries autumn season ends in Tunisia is just beginning with a great time for relaxing and exciting tourism. In October, the country provides the opportunity for swimming, but you do not suffer excessive heat and stuffiness. Imagine as if from the bright and warm summer to squeeze the most gentle and pleasant elixir, and you will understand what is Tunisia in October.

What is the temperature of air and water?

Temperatura vozduha v techenie mesyaca

Depending on the region, the October weather in Tunisia varies. Therefore, it is important to consider the weather in this country, not only overall, but also separately for each region.

Of course, during this period, the weather is changeable, but the whole is more than the optimum for tourism.

During the day the air warms up to 23-25 degrees Celsius, but by the end of October the temperature gradually decreases. The water in the day time warms up over 20 degrees but a little cooler in the mornings and evenings.

  • The Island Of Djerba. On the island of clear weather has been observed over 25 days of October, that is a big part of this period, almost no rain. The average daytime temperature is about 28 and evening about 25 degrees. In General, it's warmer than the rest of the territory of Tunisia and swim to the Oct.
  • Monastir. In Monastir, the air temperature is around 23 degrees or more at the beginning of October and gradually decreasing to November. While closer to winter there is a greater amount of rain and water is not optimal for swimming.
  • Suss. On the territory of Sousse daytime temperatures in October are pleased and averages about 24-25 degrees Celsius and hardly decreases until November, and the water warms up in the afternoon to 24 degrees. Moreover, is fixed periodically and daytime air temperature over 30 degrees, and in the evening decreased only slightly, up to a maximum of 19 degrees. The highest number of days clear, cloudy weather happens in only 5-7 days in October.

Warm and pleasant are the weather conditions in Tunisia in October. Not too hot, occasionally Sunny weather gives way to the refreshing rains. In some regions November is getting colder.

What clothes to bring?

Kak odevatsya?

In General, the October, Tunisia is warm and you can take mostly only summer and beachwear. As a Supplement can be useful for some items of clothing for rainy and a little cloudy weather. However, a lot of warm clothes you don't need, because in the evenings it's warm.

In Djerba the rains in October are virtually absent, but for Sousse October is the rainiest period of the year.

What fruits grow in that time?

In October, delight in the abundance of the gifts date palm oases. Therefore, in this period of the year you can eat plenty of great dates. Do you know how valuable are the dates?

Previously, they could be used like money for exchange in trade, the most valuable are the gold dates, but others are a useful product for the body and have many great qualities.

In General, dates are interesting and useful, and October in Tunisia is the best time to eat plenty of these fruits for the whole year. Dates have enjoyed the honor of the prophet Muhammad, various saints, and highly valued in medicine as a useful component of the diet.

In addition, in October you can purchase gorgeous fresh markets:

  1. Citrus – lemons, limes, clementines and oranges, including Malta;
  2. Hendi;
  3. Melon;
  4. Watermelons;
  5. Pear;
  6. Apples;
  7. Grapes;
  8. Peaches.

If you want to buy quality fruits, it is not necessary to use the services of beach traders andsupermarkets. Better find out where I go for groceries, residents of the city, and go there.

In addition, there is always the possibility to buy a variety of dried fruits and nuts. As a rule, they are much tastier than those you can purchase in their own country.

Where better to relax in Tunisia in October?

gde komfortnee otdyh?

The reduced number of tourists can enjoy your vacation and sightseeing attractions. In addition, the cost of permits in Tunisia and a variety of tourist services in Tunisia substantially reduced.

In October, in Tunisia it is best to go to those who are not the best way to tolerate high heat and humidity. Here it is optimal to come in the October period on holiday with children, because for a young body are suitable these are the weather conditions that do not create additional overloads for the younger child.

It is best to choose according to your preference, depending on which program you are planning. If you want a bigger beach, it is best to choose the island of Djerba, if you want to touch history and learn something new for fun, then choose the most convenient for this city, though each of them has the necessary number of excursion sites.

Why tourists choose Tunisia? Answers will find in this video:

What to do?

Of the most relevant classes for the October Tunisia should visit discos and thalassotherapy centres, because there is a significantly reduced number of clients, so you can get:

  • Best price of leisure;
  • Comfort and emancipation;
  • Helpful staff for which you become a valuable customer.

If you do not know what to do and how to spend some amount of time, go to improve their health the most useful sea mud.

By the way, is the Tunisian thalassotherapy is highly regarded throughout the world. Local centres offer a huge number of Wellness programs, ranging from cosmetology to courses for getting rid of Smoking.

Beach vacation

October is the ideal period of the sun, you can almost the whole day to bask in the warm rays, not to use the cream (or get a soft cream) and get a nice uniform tan.

The day the water is almost always warm and suitable for swimming, and freeze starts only closer to November. From early morning water may not completely warm up, but this fact is useful in some respects, a little cheer is always useful for a day of rich variety of sightseeing and entertainment.

Note a rather substantial variability of the weather in Tunisia in October. In particular, the closer to November, the more it begins to rains and cold winds. So if you want to capture a bit of beach rest, it is best to visit Tunisia in late September - early October, when there lasts great warm African autumn.

Entertainment and excursions

Ekskursiya po Sahare

An interesting option is a visit to the Sahara, where the summer is extremely hot and a long journey is practically not possible. To feel the atmosphere of the desert, is enough and a small 1-2 day tours. If you want to feel like an ancient caravan, you can ride the camels of the desert and go to the Sahara for 1-2 weeks.

A long journey in the desert usually starts from Duty and in this city and you must purchase these tours.

The abundance of the exotic East and many new experiences will give you positive emotions and unforgettable experience.

In addition, it should be noted tour:

  • The monuments of Carthage;
  • The city of Sidi Bou said;
  • In Roman Dugga;
  • The lake Shott El JERID;
  • In the national parks.

Popular in Tunisia and ecotourism, which allows you to better know the nature of this country to explore exotic flora and fauna.

Holidays and festivals

Every odd year, Carthage offers a unique international film festival, where they bring pictures of Directors from:

  1. href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/azia/indiya/respublika-dostoprimechatelnosti-2/">India;
  2. China;
  3. Europe;
  4. The Middle East;
  5. Latin America.

Also, each year they hold an international festival of classical music in the unique atmosphere of the ancient Acropolis.

It should be noted a variety of traditional festivals dedicated to the collection of vegetables and fruits.

If you plan on visiting a variety of attractions and festivals, it is possible to select any part of October to visit Tunisia. Anyway, October is quite warm and is a great option for tourism and recreation in Tunisia.