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What is the weather and temperature in Venice at the beginning, middle and end of October?

pogoda v Venecii v oktyabre

October is the best month in Venice for those who want to catch the outgoing summer. Weather in Venice in October mostly clear and warm, and of Italian romance evokes a pleasant calmness and inspired.

What is the weather like at the beginning, middle and end of October in Venice?

pogodnyj rezhim v pervoj i vtoroj polovine mesyaca

The majority of the weather in Venice in November welcomes tourists warm, clear and dry days (which is normally unusual for this city).

The temperature of the air and water

Beginning of October is a great time to catch already hurrying to leave the summer "by the tail". The air in this month consistently warms up to 23-25°C.

Sometimes it can be more cool days, but the temperature still does not drop below 21 degrees.

However, be prepared for the fact that in mid-month may start the rainy season and continue throughout the second half of October. The wind is getting colder, rains more frequent, and the day temperature will drop to 11-12°C. at Night the temperature did become truly fall and not rise above 7 degrees.

The water temperature in the Adriatic sea in comparison with September reduced by as much as 5 degrees and is +14°C.

Other weather conditions

inye prirodnye usloviya

As already mentioned, the first half of the month will be quite comfortable for relaxing, long walks and architectural studies of the streets. But if you had a chance to get to Venice in the second half of October, then be prepared to meet a rainy season. On average, 11 out of 15 days in Venice are rainy, and the more it rains, the more you dampen the city.

The cold wind and high humidity can cause common colds, so you should carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" of this trip.

Venetian autumn

Autumn in Italy, what could be more romantic, and especially in such a historic and beautiful place like Venice. But here you need to be careful and consider all the pros and cons of this holiday.

Should I go?

The advantages of the October holiday in Venice:

  • One of the advantages, which can be called "off-season" - the city itself. Beautiful architecture, interesting history;
  • It is a city of bridges and Islands connected by these bridges. You will not see anywhere else.

  • Hotel prices are somewhat lower than in the most "hot" time, choice of seats available too, a few more;
  • Weather in October is acceptable for long walks. As there is no heat, no humidity feels so suffocating as noticeable in the summer.

nuzhno li ehat?

Cons still more:

  1. Damp. One of the main and undeniable minuses. The city is on the water, and in the fall it is also supported by rains and floods. Therefore, people with poor health will be difficult;
  2. The influx of tourists. In October it is still the actual problem. What is a lot of Russian tourists. So if you are planning to escape to the edge of the world from the native language, then Venice in October is not the best option;
  3. Language barrier. Despite the fact that Venice is a major center for tourist visits, there is almost impossible to find staff who spoke English. You even Russian speech from a seller in some shop hear more often than English in a regular store of Souvenirs;
  4. Transport. Note that in the Old Venice there is practically no public transport and vehicles in General. So have to navigate only on foot;
  5. Local sellers, as well as restaurants, cafes and any services will tryto Rob the tourists to the skin. The tourist version of the local economy is not very friendly, so be careful.

What things to bring?

It all depends on what part of the month you decide to visit the city. In the first half of the month, you needn't bother a lot of things. Be the fact that normally wear at home during the so-called "Golden autumn". And most importantly, take an umbrella.

If you are going to Venice in the second half of the month, there's have to be prepared for sudden rains and cold weather. Rubber boots in the suitcase will come in handy.

What to do at this time?

Venice in his unusual town. Life here is the same that in April, in August, in September, in October.

Your travel plan is unlikely to differ from, for example, in February or may.


ekskursionnaya programma

As for the specific tour plan, Venice is not a city that can provide every corner of the city in its own interest. It all depends on you, your desires and possibilities.

  • To begin to get acquainted with the city, for example, inspection of the famous Campanella. This tower height is greater than 105 meters since ancient times is a lighthouse and simultaneously a bell tower. You can climb it and see the city from a bird's eye view. With one shot you will kill two birds;
  • If you are afraid of flying or heights, you should definitely take a helicopter tour. In 10 minutes you will be able to fly around all of Venice and see the city at a glance. You will receive a lot of impressions, but at the same time and see the city in all its glory;
  • You cannot visit Venice and not take a swim in a gondola. This famous Venetian transport is a hallmark of the city, so at least once in life you have to swim on this unusual boat.

Holidays and festivals

If you are lucky enough to get to Venice in early October, try to get to the island of Sant'erasmo is the largest island of Venice, which was famous for its vineyards and gardens. On this island the first Sunday of October, conduct a wine festival Festa del mosto.

If you are an avid athlete, then you will be interesting Venice marathon, held in Venice on October 27. It involved about thousand runners.

For those who are far from sports or drinking wine, are in stock "European heritage Days". These days almost all the museums in Venice are free. You will be able to visit the most famous of them and enjoy cultural activities in full.

In this video you can see not only the architecture of Venice, but the weather conditions in October: