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Rest and treatment in Hungary: the weather at lake hévíz in early October

pogoda v Vengrii v oktyabre

Hungary is famous for its warm and long autumn. But compared to September, when summer is in no hurry to take positions, the weather in Hungary in October are more similar to autumn leaf fall starts, and all around, enveloping the clear autumn haze.

What is the weather in Hungary in October?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine oseni?

Temperate continental climate, due to the presence of Hungary surrounded by massive mountain ranges – the Alps and the Carpathians, does not allow the cold winds to penetrate into its territory until the winter.

The air temperature at the beginning and the end of the month

In the South of the country, in cities and towns such as harkány and kecskemét, the air temperature in October reaches +17 degrees in the daytime and +10 at night.

This weather lasts until mid-October, gradually decreasing by the end of the month.

On the Western and South-Western resorts bük, Tapolca, hévíz and sárvár temperature not lower than +14 and day +8 for the night. And the temperature of the thermal lake hévíz, located in the eponymous resort is very high – up to 30 degrees.

In the Hungarian capital Budapest and in the Eastern city of hajdúszoboszló and Debrecen, the day temperature is +15, and night - 8 degrees of heat. This weather lasts until the beginning of November, and then start the long rains.

In the North of the country, in the cities of Eger and Miskolc in the North-Western city of Gyor, the air warms up to +14 degrees, night temperatures fall to 7 degrees above zero with a tendency to decrease.

temperaturnye pokazateli v nachale i konce mesyaca

Tourists prefer holiday resorts of lake Balaton – Tihany, Badacsonytomaj, siófok, Keszthely. Daytime temperature here is 16 degrees, and the lake Balaton cools slowly, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy holiday.

Other weather conditions

October is quite windy month: the average speed of the air flow reaches 12 m/s. Relative humidity averaged about 60%. In October, an average of 8-9 days of sunshine.

The intensity of rainfall in different parts of the country differs and ranges from 25 to 45 mm.

Features autumn holiday

osennij otpusk

Mid-autumn is well suited for singles and for families. The summer heat has receded, you can take time to explore the sights or enjoy the unique thermal springs.

Should I go: pros and cons

Autumn in Hungary is the perfect romantic time for a pleasant trip, not arachosia hot weather or a large number of people.

Autumn vacation in Hungary has a number of advantages:

  • beautiful scenery and a light mist - October in Hungary does not leave anyone indifferent;
  • summer and September – peak tourist activity. In October, as visitors to the country expect half-empty museums and spacious streets, fast service in the cafe;
  • reduced prices on tickets and tours.

The holiday season here lasts until early November, so October is a great month for a beach holiday. Fishing enthusiasts are waiting for the lake Balaton – a treasure trove of unique fish.

The downside of staying in October is considered a difficult and changeable weather, which can spoil the thrills.

How to dress?

For travel Packed in a suitcase, jacket, coat, woolen warm clothes, raincoat. For a beach holiday at lake Balaton, the Danube river and thermal waters are useful clothing for swimming.

For boat trips dress warmly, not forgettinghat. Shoes should be comfortable shoes or boots. It is advisable to take, and rubber boots.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya v etot period?

The high season in October coming to an end, but Hungary is able to surprise at any time of the year.


Hungary's capital Budapest is rich in a large number of architectural masterpieces.

In local palaces, museums, temples throughout the year there are interesting excursions.

  1. The Hungarian Parliament building is one of the most remarkable in the capital. Tours are conducted in Russian.
  2. Vintage Vajdahunyad Castle, which today houses the Museum of agriculture, allows during the tour to taste the famous Hungarian wines.
  3. Many attractions are collected in the Buda side. Here in the Buda castle there are museums, galleries, unique library.
  4. Fortress in the town of visegrád is famous for its famous prisoner – count Dracula. There are guided tours for everyone in October, hosts exhibitions.
  5. Town Chapron is a real treasure of Hungarian architecture: historic homes, museums and ancient churches fill your heart with peace and comfort.

Entertainment and treatment

To combine with the pleasant with the useful help of the local thermal springs,sanatoria in the cities of Debrecen, hajdúszoboszló, Budapest and, above all, the famous lake hévíz is offered treatment.

The water in the lake hévíz has healing properties, helping with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, abnormalities in hormonal levels and improves blood circulation.

razvlekatelnye i lechebnye programmy

In October continues beach season – the South coast of lake Balaton is suitable for families with children, and the national parks of Miskolc and Debrecen will entice inimitable landscapes and unique nature.

Fans of shopping also will not be bored. One of the main fairs of the country – the Central market in the capital. Little travelers just have to visit the zoo in Miskolc, Budapest and Szeged.


  • In October, the Budapest holds a Gastronomic festival of palinka and sausage. In the Buda castle, opens a huge market, where everyone can taste and buy the best Hungarian national dishes to the accompaniment of folk groups and large-scale competition program.
  • 23 October – the memorial Day of the Hungarian uprising. On this day across the country held rallies and celebrations.
  • 31 Oct Hungarians celebrate Halloween. Everywhere are themed parties, but on the street you can meet the vampire or the werewolf.

Walk over October Budapest in this video: