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Holidays in Thailand: weather in Phuket in September - should I go?

pogoda na Phukete v sentyabre

Phuket is one of the most popular places to stay in Thailand, he takes tourists all year round. Weather in Phuket in September, meets tourists is not the best way, however, many attracted to the equable climate, comfortable and moderate cost.

Forecast: what the weather in September in Phuket?

kakoj prognoz v nachale oseni?

Will appreciate if the weather? In September, Phuket rightful owner - the rainy season. Meteorological statistics reports that cloudy and rainy days for about two-thirds, and solar one.

The longer your vacation, the more chances to catch the sun on the island.

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The temperature of the air and water

The temperature of the air and water on the island at this time is quite comfortable for people in more Northern latitudes and held on average a day at around 29°C and night - 26°C. the Water in the Andaman sea is heated to 29°C.

Sudden temperature changes don't happen, the temperature graph of the same in the beginning and in the middle, and the end of the month.

Other weather conditions

drugie klimaticheskie usloviya

In September it falls a good fifth of the annual rainfall. But, don't be very worry about this, because the rains in Phuket is tropical, that is abundant, but short, rain rarely goes more than an hour. Boring grey days when raining from morning till evening, there happen not so often. The humidity of the air is 80-86%.

Keep in mind that in such cloudy weather the easiest way to quietly burn. Do not neglect the sunscreen, even if you are not a stroll in the Sunny weather.

At this time aktiviziruyutsya South-West windwhich drives the waves reaching 2 meters. By the way, that is why Phuket in September is very popular among fans of surfing.

If you love to catch a wave, it is best to visit the West coast of the island.

Autumn vacation on the island

otpusk v osennee vremya

To go or not to go to Phuket in September – the choice is individual, depends on what you want from your holiday.

Should I go: pros and cons

Low season on the Islands of Thailand has both pluses and minuses. The benefits, perhaps, more. Compare for yourself and decide what outweighs.


  • Weather. You're lucky with it or not it is impossible to guess, weather alerts, but does not guarantee;
  • A choppy sea. Avid swimmers will have to prepare for what will be able to swim every day. If on the beach, hung out a white flag – you can swim if the red is not worth it to tempt fate;
  • Muddy water. Winds causing sand to the shore, which slightly muddies the water.


  1. A rich selection of fruit, everything is cheap;
  2. Cheap tours, tickets, hotels and excursions;
  3. The absence of crowds of tourists;
  4. Temperate climate with no debilitating heat.

Cons can be considered from another point of view. Some like changeable weather, there is also a fair amount of professional surfing athletes and those who like to watch competitions.

Depending on the needs of tourists, can have their advantages and disadvantages September of Phuket.

How to dress?

chto iz odezhdy brat?

Given the temperature, warm clothing can be left at home. For going to the beach, take a swimsuit andflips flops / sandals for fun - light clothing and comfortable shoes for festive events or outputs "in the light" - elegant suits or dresses.

It is worth putting in a suitcase handy rain cover, a lot of it will not take place and will definitely come in handy.

What kind of fruit at this time?

In the markets of the island in September can you find full abundance, as familiar and exotic fruits. Pineapple, watermelon, melon, banana, coconut, pomelo, guava, papaya, Thai Mandarin, jackfruit, Sapodilla, prickly pear – a true garden of Eden variety. At the same time, prices pleasing to the eye, most fruits are 30-40 baht per kilogram (~50-70 Euro).

What to do this month?

The main purpose why people go to the far South of the country, is the sea. But entertainment should not be forgotten. Autumn Phuket is a good choice.

Beach vacation

All the best beaches and infrastructure are concentrated on the West coast of the island. Each of them is good in its own way.

  • Kata beach is one of the best beaches on the island, it is convenient including for family holidays, has a gentle entrance covered with beautiful white sand. In low season it is an ideal wave for surfing.
  • Karon is one of the biggest and most crowded in the high season. But in September, there is much freer.
  • Patong – the choice of young people who like to have fun.
  • Kamala – magnificent scenery, a small number of restaurants and entertainment venues – the choice of older people and families with children.

On the Western banks prefer to train surfers, they choose the Kata, Bang Tao, and Surin beach. If you are an athlete, it is better not to rush the wave ascended, and decently to rest on the shore.

otdyh na poberezhe

Swimmers in different styles, it is necessary to consider the South coast. For example, places such as Nai Harn, is quite suitable for traditional bathing. Many hotels nearby, but very quiet place.

On Nai Harn beach you can relax with children – the entrance to the sea is gentle and comfortable.

It is best to choose a hotel with a pool, so as not to upset once again from the inability to swim, when you really want.

Many tourists, families with children, interested in the question of where in Phuket there are no waves. In September they will be almost on the East coast of the island, but the entrance in the sea there is sand and rocks, there are constant tide, and the infrastructure is not well developed.

If a vacation is planned on the West coast, you 'll find beaches tri Trang and Nai Yang, there the waves of the smallest size or are absent.


ekskursionnye programmy po dostoprimechatelnostyam

During the absence of rain is the perfect leisure time is to visit attractions. Discover an incredible number, and in the rainy season is greatly reduced. That is worth a visit:

  1. National parks of Khao SOK and Khao Lak. There you can see pineapple plantation, the center for rescue and breeding of turtles, elephant riding, swimming on a bamboo raft, enjoy scenic views, visit the temple of the Suwan the Kitchen, dedicated to the monkey;
  2. Architectural attractions Phuket town - a neighborhood of old buildings, the temple of the Big Buddha, Wat Chalong;
  3. For lovers of flora and fauna - the zoo, the pearl farm, a crocodile farm, Botanical garden, Dolphinarium Nemo, tiger Kingdom, a Park of exotic birds;
  4. Excursions to the Islands. Phuket the surrounding area abound with small picturesque Islands, each has its individual beauty.

Holidays and festivals

Also, no one has canceled the regular program of entertainment offered by local institutions.

Every restaurant or hotel holds parties, often thinking up creative drive.

There are sports activities, for example, on Patong beach to spend time watching the competitions of professionals - Phuket Surfing Contest. In addition, in September are: Vegetarian festival, seafood Festival, Queen's birthday, accompanied by entertainment programs.

Detailed weather forecast for Phuket in September you can watch this video: