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Weather in Holland and Amsterdam: how to dress at the end of September?

pogoda v Amsterdame v sentyabre

Despite the fact that the ninth month is considered a full early autumn, the weather in Amsterdam in September pleases tourists with warm and Sunny days.

You will have time to walk around and enjoy the fun, sit in a cozy cafe, and get a lot of positive impressions.

What is the weather like in September in Amsterdam?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v nachale oseni?

Weather in the Netherlands in the autumn is quite volatile. What awaits tourists in September in Amsterdam?

The air temperature

The beginning of the month will delight all vacationers really warm weather. The temperature here rarely drops below +22°C.

In the first half of September time, you are unlikely to find the Amsterdam rain and fog.

But at the end of September the rains will become more frequent guests. The thermometer often is assigned with a mark of +17°C. Night, of course, at that time already evoke thoughts of autumn: the thermometer does not rise above +10°C.

However, the weather in the Netherlands is changeable, so you need to prepare for all possible climate change.

Other weather conditions

inye klimaticheskie usloviya

The first half of September, as already mentioned, will delight all travelers a warm and dry weather. Rains at this time are rare. But in the second half of the month should think about umbrellas and raincoats, rainfall for the month is 82 mm.

The hallmark of Holland are the fogs, so this time of year you get to know them pretty close. The duration of the light of day in September - 13 h

Rest in early autumn

Any trip should be well planned.

You need to weigh all advantages and disadvantages, to choose a route, prepare the Luggage.

Should I go?

sleduet li priezzhat?

From the pros September trip to Amsterdam are the following:

  • the first half of the month warm and dry, so it's the perfect time for a comfortable stay in the Northern capital;
  • the tourist influx is much abated this month to breathe in the streets will certainly be easier;
  • prices for accommodation and tours in September are falling, so you have all chances to book a room in a nice hotel and treat yourself to all kinds of shopping, not squandered his entire fortune;
  • autumn is a time of festivals and celebrations in Amsterdam, so fans of active rest will be something to see.

The downside is that the second half of the month is the beginning of the rains, fogs and winds. People with weak health will be hard. There is a risk instead of magnets to bring home a cold.

How to dress?

Despite the fact that September most of the time pleasing all the residents and guests of Amsterdam, the warm days, yet this month's insidious, so your suitcase must be:

  1. raincoat;
  2. waterproof outerwear;
  3. waterproof shoes;
  4. umbrella;
  5. warm clothes.

What to do at this time?

Any vacation must be planned: excursions, entertainment, where to go, what to see, how everywhere? Will talk about the main events in Amsterdam in September.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

September is the time when all the most famous sights of the Netherlands and Amsterdam have become more affordable in comparison with summer time.

For example, if you wantto truly appreciate the beauty of the Amsterdam streets to see the city through the eyes of others, we suggest that you Cycling.

You can even say that in Amsterdam, moving on bicycles rather is a necessity, since Parking in this city is obscenely expensive.

Different Amsterdam is also called "Northern Venice", and for good reason: the city is literally cut up by numerous channels, which actively move pleasure boats and boats. You should definitely rent one of these tools, and to go on a tour on the canals of the city. The atmosphere of the city from this angle for sure you will win.

If you prefer a large-scale sightseeing, we invite you to climb the tower of the Westerkerk. Here you can see the whole city at a glance and enjoy "necklace of Amsterdam" channels, which by their arrangement form a form.

If you are interested in history or you're Sheldon Cooper, you should definitely visit Haarlem. Here you will see the first railroad, which was built in Holland in 1839. This road became the connecting link of Haarlem and Amsterdam. Here you will find a lot of interesting things and get a lot of impressions.

And, of course, when you hear about Amsterdam, just imagine the night life of this amazing city. Night clubs, bars, restaurants and other interesting places - all this you will find in abundance. Most importantly, choose wisely and be careful.

Holidays and festivals

  • The beginning of autumn in Amsterdam marks the opening of the festival of alternative art , Nuit Blanche. Here you can appreciate the unconventional approach to the artistic side of life and see the world in new ways.
  • For those who are attracted to science, too, there is something interesting. In September, Amsterdam will be the science festival Discovery. This event will be interesting for both children. Here you tell and show how exciting, interesting and informative can be a science.
  • Festival West ival will delight its visitors with new movies, shows photos, wonderful music and delicious food.
  • For those who prefer the theater, Amsterdam is as much for two of the festival, Dutch Theatre Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival. During the celebration the whole town is literally transformered into a huge stage on which are played both classic and more avant-garde pieces.

See in this videowhat the weather can be in Amsterdam in September: