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Rest in Divnomorsk: nudist beaches, the Park of the "Roman Empire" - photo

otdyh v Divnomorske

The settlement with the beautiful name Divnomorskoye is located in the Krasnodar region near Gelendzhik and is a popular place for summer rest of Russians. A pleasant climate, warm sea, the necessary infrastructure the rest in Divnomorsk unforgettable.

Weather in Divnomorskoye


High season in Divnomorskoye is July and August. It was during these months is the most pleasant weather and the water well heated. In June, the air temperature freezes at around 28-30 degrees, and the sea is warming to 23°C.

At this time in the sea is possible to swim, although it is not as warm as in August.

In the mid-and late summer the temperature stops at around 30°C, and the sea is much warmer, and warms up to 28°C. In these months comes the biggest flow of tourists, the beaches fill with people. On the market there are fresh fruits. The rate is the highest.

Many people prefer to relax in Divnomorskoe in September. The weather is still comfortable for swimming, the sea is warm, but the people have much less. No sultry heat, the evenings become cooler.

The temperature at this time is twenty-four degrees, and the water is heated to twenty-one degrees. Prices for accommodation are reduced and the shelves are still filled with juicy fruit.

Winter in Divnomorskoye with a mild climate, snow is virtually nonexistent.

Beach vacation - photos

dosug na poberezhe

Most vacationers come in Divnomorskoye for a beach holiday, bathing in the warm sea and bronze tan. There are no special attractions and such a scheme is the main stay.

Cozy beaches in different categories stretches the entire length of the coast settlements.

The best pebble and sandy beaches

The most popular is the Central beach. Mainly territories along the seafront strewn with pebbles. The relaxation area is separated by beautifully carved railings.

luchshij kamenistyj plyazh

There is everything necessary for a comfortable beach holiday, well-developed infrastructure. There are booths where you can change, there are sun loungers. This beach is always full of people, sounds of children's laughter, the resting couple, and have fun and the elderly.

Near the Central beach beaches belonging to the resort. They are open to everyone. The area consists of sand and pebbles. Here are piers with smooth concrete surfaces, stone steps and stairs from metal.

Guests can use the cabanas for a change of clothes, extra visits to the toilet and rent sun loungers. Smoking vacationers allocated a special area. On the beaches there are the loudspeakers, which comes from a cheerful and pleasant music. Sometimes the announcer says the water temperature and weather.

Relaxing is without a large number of people will approach the beach of the sanatorium "Fakel". Travelers are less, but the infrastructure at the highest level. The territory is cleaned regularly. Equipped with:

  • shower;
  • store;
  • medical facility for first aid.

Guests have access to the standard services: rent paid sunbeds, pedal boats and other devices for entertainment.

Here you can play volleyball, swim masks and marvel at the beautiful fish.

Wild and nudist zone

Widely known in Divnomorskoye wild Nude beach. It is right off the beach of sanatorium "Fakel". A nudist beach isbeautiful place: on the one hand it is closed from the rest of a huge rock, reaching twenty meters in height.

Here is a tent camp, meet nudists of different ages: young, old, children. Some guests stay here for permanent residence for several months.

neoborudovannye zony

Fans of unity with nature and the small number of people have a rest on wild beachesstretching from the resort of "Blue lagoon" to Dzhanhot. There are no comfortable sandy or pebbly entrance to the sea, instead, lay large stones. But it is here you can forget about the hustle and bustle and connect with nature.

Entertainment village

Divnomorskoye offers vacationers a variety of water activities and an extensive list of fun and amazing places. Avid anglers will be able to practice your favorite hobby, and divers offer diving in the abyss.


Divnomorskoye is a fifteen minute drive from Noumea, so tourists can visit all the sightseeing tours of this city.

  1. Popular jeeping on Psarskie waterfalls. Here tourists will see the monuments of the Neolithic dolmens and meet spring "Natasha".
  2. Lots of fun will bring the tour to the White cliffs, which lasts three hours. A magnificent overview of the Bay, cliffs and mountains covered with boxwood and juniper. Vacationers swim directly near the rocks for hours.
  3. Very popular excursion for Quad Biking, which takes place at the amazing natural places Divnomorskoye and mountain areas of Gelendzhik. The routes designed by the organizers, will appeal to lovers of adrenaline and calm travelers.

Leisure on the waterfront of the resort

razvlecheniya na naberezhnoj

On the waterfront near the Central beach there is a huge amount of entertainment, you can:

  • take a ride on a catamaran;
  • have fun on the banana;
  • rent a jet ski and paragliding.

The beautiful architecture of the place, the soft light of evening lights and sunset beckon lovers who walk along the sea.

There are constantly musicians play. For children, trampolines, slides, rental cars. Entertain young children, the artists, dressed in living dolls.

On the promenade eat out will find a good café. Cafe "Kuban kitchen" offers salads, snacks and hot meals at reasonable prices. The tables are on the street, so guests can enjoy the fresh sea air. Ukrainian dishes can be enjoyed in the cafe "Kurin'ka". Russian menu offer the diner in "Le Corsaire".


rybnaya lovlya

From Blue abyss set up a truly deep-sea fishing, which can go anyone. Lasts fishing for about three hours. The organizers will provide fishing rods, bait, and all fixtures. They offer the guests the details of this class and give sensible advice.

Visitors will know what kind of fish you shouldn't touch at all, and how best to remove the fish from the hook so as not to damage the hand. Organizers warn about the toxicity threat of the black crown. During the trip, guests get enormous pleasure and a great catch from which you can prepare a delicious dinner.

Vacationers can enjoy fishing alone from shore. Convenient coast provides all the features for comfortable fishing. In simple tackle, you can catch this ruff.


In Divnomorskoye is a real Paradise for those who love to dive and admire the underwater beauty. In this village are real diving schools for beginners and dive centers for those who already have extensive experience in diving.

Professionals will appreciate the diving center called "the Source", awarded five stars. Here you can learn the art of diving to beginners. Employees of the club are taught to dive for about fifteen years, observing all international standards. For example, the initial course consists of:

  1. the theoretical part;
  2. practice skills in the pool;
  3. four dives in open water.

The visitor will learn to choose equipment, to care for him, to take on and off.

Experienced instructors will help to learn different techniques of diving and studying the pattern of behavior during emergency situations.

Where to go with kids?

chto posetit s detmi?

Children in Divnomorskoye are provided,for them, invented a lot of entertainment on the seafront and outside the settlement.

Water Park

In the center of the promenade Divnomorskoye is a small water Park called "Poseidon". It is suitable for adults and children five years of age. Basically the club is designed for children.

Here there are spiral slides, one suitable for very young children, and the second, more drastic and serious, built for Teens and adults. Slides have a seven-meter and nine-meter length.

The water Park has two pools, one shallow and small – for younger children, and the second large and deep for adults. Equipped areas with sun loungers, where can relax parents, while children have fun on the roller coaster.

Next to the slides are on duty instructors and lifeguards, who are continually on guard safety.

The view from the water Park opens to the Black sea, so holiday feeling become more vivid and complete.

The water Park is ideal for children. Parents need not worry that children will want to experience the dangerous and steep hill, such as in no school. Simple and convenient rides rule out injury. Here children plenty knurled with slides and acupulse, having received a sea of positive emotions.


Vacationers in Divnomorskoye can go with the kids in the Gelendzhik Dolphinarium, located on Lunacharskogo street. It is the oldest such institution and is widely known in the country. Regularly they show show featuring bottlenose dolphins, walruses, sea lions and lions. Animals perform amazing stunts:

  • playing in the balls;
  • jump through hoops;
  • draw and painting brushes.

predstavlenie v delfinarii

The show lasts exactly one hour. Following the presentation visitors can swim with the animals and take photos for memory. The room is equipped with four seats, so availability of tickets will not.

The school is open all year round, but on Mondays the artists and staff output.

Park "the Roman Empire"

At the turn to Divnomorskoye, while the trip from Noumea lies an interesting Park called "Roman Empire". Here recreated the atmosphere of the military camps of the ancient Romans, who were organized in the first and second centuries of our era.

The Park is divided into several zones. Children will be able to see the ancient fighting tools, machines, and also to see a real live foreigners who do familiar to the ancient Romans: sharpen your swords, rest tables, train at the poles. Recreated interiors:

  1. summer kitchen;
  2. dining room;
  3. prison;
  4. pantry room.

In the Armory presents iron and leather armor, the equipment of Roman soldiers and weapons.

In a separate area located "Gladiator School". Here guests can enjoy gladiatorial lunch consisting of porridge with beef. Built arena for gladiatorial combat. Visitors can make an unlimited number of photos, to capture the kids next to the costumed actors.

Program tour lasts an hour and a half, all the while, guests can move freely in the Park. For adults and children are offered games and contests.

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