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The rest of Jordan: the weather and temperatures in September in Aqaba

pogoda v Iordanii v sentyabre

Jordan recently became very popular among tourists. People from all over the world come here to admire the expanse of Dead and red sea, visiting ancient cities, and, of course, to bask in the warm sand under the hot Jordanian sun.

Weather in Jordan in September is quite hot, so the rest of the country is ideal for those who vacation fell on the first month of autumn, and eager to swim in the warm sea and to the South, bronze tan.

What is the temperature of air and water in Jordan in September?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale oseni?

The weather plays an important role in the process of holiday planning, especially if we are talking about the autumn months.

September weather in the Kingdom of Jordan is not much different from August. The air temperature is reduced by one to two degrees in connection with the reduction of daylight for two hours and an average of +30-32 degrees during the day. The afternoon sun still shines brightly, and at night the temperature drops to +18 to 22 degrees and there comes a welcome coolness.

Water temperature, as in summer months is +27-29 degrees. Precipitation and cloud cover in September is unlikely.

In Aqaba in September the temperature is changing much faster compared to other regions thanks to a more close presence of the red sea. And day and night air temperature decreases by two or three degrees, no rain.

In the ancient mountain city of Petra in September of the coming tour season in connection with the decay heat. Afternoon temperature in the range of +29 to 30 degrees at night drops to +19-22. This temperature allows you to feel more comfortable than during the summer months.

Features vacation in this period

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Going to the resort in the fall, you should always know in advance what awaits tourists in this period, what to bring and what to prepare for.

The pros and cons

Holidays in September in Jordan has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • The first month of autumn is well suited for a beach holiday. Hot sun, white sand and magical underwater world of the Dead and the red sea – the perfect combination for a summer holiday. The sun's rays do not burn the skin, so you can sunbathe for a long time.
  • Underwater flora and fauna off the coast of this country has become an excellent attraction for diving enthusiasts.

  • But for sightseeing September is not the best time. The heat is still in the air. The temperature is high enough for long walks under the scorching sun, which moreover can lead to heat strokes. Fans of excursions should wait another couple of months, or to go to the mountains to the ruins of the ancient civilization of Petra.

What clothes to bring?

chto iz veshej brat?

A must have bathing suits, flip-flops and sunglasses. Long jeans and sweaters to tourists is not useful, but shorts and t-shirts would be welcome.

But do not forget that this country is Arabic, so before you assemble the suitcase girls, you need to carefully study the region in which she rides, as in some areas women walk in too open clothes outside the hotel is prohibited. Those wishing to climb the mountain should take care of comfortable shoes and clothing.

What to do?

Besides beaches and swimming in the sea Jordan is of interest for lovers of excursions and historical sights.

Beach vacation

One of the main tourist assets of this Arab Kingdom, is the Dead sea. Its healing properties have become famousfar beyond the borders of the country. Hundreds of tourists come here to plunge into the salty healing water.

It is worth remembering that swimming in the Dead sea is not recommended more than three or four times a day, as a large concentration of salt is corrosive to the skin.

otdyh na poberezhe

Throughout the coast for tourists are available to the public beaches.

  1. The most popular beach resort of Jordan is considered to Aqaba on the red sea coast.
  2. The beaches of Amman, famous for the Dead sea.

Excursions and entertainment

Jordan is full of ancient cities and sights, but September is not a tourist month, so little that will be able to see. If there is a huge desire, it is worth to visit the ancient city of Petra, built hundreds of years ago in the narrow canyon of the Siq in the territory of modern Jordan.

Due to the height of almost 1000 m above sea level, the temperature in Peter is much lower, which allows more or less comfortably enjoy the ride.

Jordan is pretty young and increasingly popular tourist destination. The therapeutic properties of the Dead sea and the enchanting beauty of the red tourists are attracted each time more and more. September in Jordan – the perfect month for a beach holiday.

Watch a video about the city of Petra, which you can visit in September: